June 2024


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Monday, June 17, 2024

To the editor

Brian DelGrosso: family man, tireless worker and guardian of our personal rights. Brian has the ability to digest regulations and laws and apply the consequences to the regular guy. He is not interested in cutting deals or making a career out of politics. Brian is a small business owner. He knows what it means to juggle payroll, employees and be successful in spite of heavy government regulations and burdensome taxes.

You can tell a lot about a persons character by what they do when they think no-one is watching. I saw Brian in one of these situations recently. Brian was asked to give a speech at an apartment complex that was getting a new playground built by volunteers. Brian was not comfortable with just talking. He came to work. Brian ended up digging holes, mixing concrete and spreading mulch. He ended up with the most strenuous and dirtiest jobs. Brian did not pick those jobs to make a point. What you see is what you get with Brian. There is no public facade, or campaign answer. Brian is a man of honor and integrity and will work hard to defend our God given rights in the state legislature. I am asking you to vote for Brian DelGrosso for house seat 51. We need honorable men like him in politics.

Bob Snyder

Loveland, Colorado

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