June 2024


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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Turner Middle School, Students of the Month of April

TMS April Student of the Month






Kayla Schloemer  – 6th grade

Kayla does a super job being engaged in every classroom discussion. She does a nice job on her writing assignments and all her class projects. Keep up the great work.













Shannyn McEntee – 6th grade

Shannyn is a good friend to all. She has a smile for everyone and sets a great example for others. Her kindness and great attitude are much appreciated at TMS!














Haley Hummel – 7th grade

Haley is an extremely responsible student She always completes exceptional work and has a fantastic attitude. Her positive attitude and participation in class and her excellent work ethic are noticed and appreciated.












Aubrey Wise – 7th grade

Aubrey is often a quiet leader. The consistent positive behavior and respect for others that she demonstrates at TMS makes her shine – Thank you Aubrey!













Ivy Castillo – 8th grade

Ivy has a great work ethic and takes pride in her work. She participates well in her classes and asks good questions.












Jack Thorne – 8th grade

Jack is a very respectful and caring student. He sets a positive example for his peers and shows great leadership qualities. Jack enhances the school climate at Turner Middle School.













Jimmy Fate – Electives

Jimmy goes above and beyond what he is asked to do in class. He is a brilliant student who works very diligently. Jimmy works well with his peers and is a positive leader.













Nick Yuska – Electives

Nick is always on task and puts great effort into his class work. He goes out of his way to help classmates that are struggling.












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