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Sunday, April 26, 2015

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Mt. Rushmore After Dark, a conversation of patriots

Mt. Rushmore After Dark, a conversation of patriots

                    By Kurt Stone (about the author) opednews.com   (The following "conversation" is only partly a product of my imagination; all of the italicized lines represent actual quotes from the four men looking out from Mt. Rushmore . . . ) T. Roosevelt: "Psst . . . Mr. Lincoln . . . Are you awake? In the mood for a chat? I've got a horrific case of insomnia and just know that I'm going ... Full Story

Life’s Outtakes,The Year I Lived Christmas

The Year I Lived Christmas By Daris Howard It was Christmas Eve, and I was in New York, a long way from home. As we started our day, my associate, Mark, asked me what I had planned. “The main thing is the church Christmas social tonight,” I replied. “How about we live the real Christmas story as told in Matthew 25 verse 40 before we go?” I knew the Christmas story wasn’t there, but he had an unusual seriousness about him, so I agreed. “Good!” he said. ... Full Story

The War that will kill the dollar

  From The Gold Report Richard Maybury: The War that Will Kill the Dollar Interview by JT Long A war-mongering U.S. government could be less than 18 months away from decimating the last 5% of value left in the dollar, says Richard Maybury, the author of the U.S. & World Early Warning Report. Until some new exchange-traded-fund-like basket of natural resources provides a store of value, this "juris naturalist" has some advice about how to protect your wealth during the coming ... Full Story

Is the US becoming a Nazi state

Is the US becoming a Nazi state

                      Are the Nazi-linked Backgrounds of Some of America's Biggest Corporations a Clue to the Direction We Are Headed?  By Richard Clark (about the author) Did IBM knowingly assist the Nazis in rounding up the Jews and are big American corporations now helping our government prepare for the next roundup of scapegoats, trouble makers, and dissidents?Why are war profiteers who play both ... Full Story

Bill of Rights Day: Are Our Freedoms in Jeopardy?

Bill of Rights Day: Are Our Freedoms in Jeopardy?

  “Those responsible for the demise of the Bill of Rights are none other than the schools, the courts, the politicians, and ‘we the people,’” stated Whitehead. “Unless we act now to secure our constitutional rights, America will continue down the path toward tyranny.” The passage of the Patriot Act in 2001 ushered in an era in American history in which basic rights that guided political leaders since the founding of the nation have become second place to concerns over ... Full Story

The Daily Show: A must watch

The Daily Show: A must watch

                  December 13 The Florida Family Association opposes TLC's portrayal of Muslims, Newt Gingrich concocts a poverty-fighting plan and Lawrence Lessig wants to end Congressional corruption.   View Here:   "The Daily Show"

Daris Howard: Life’s Outtakes

My Little Christmas Angel By Daris Howard   My wife, Donna, says I have a real ability to see the humor in almost anything. I think that is because I have learned that I much prefer laughing to crying. If I couldn’t laugh at life, I’m afraid I would become very pessimistic, something I don’t want to be. However, even with my desire to look at life optimistically, there still are times when even the most optimistic person will struggle to view something in a positive ... Full Story

Big business tax holidays are bad for small business,

Big business tax holidays are bad for small business, bad for America

    By Margot Dorfman   If small business owners decided to stop paying our fair share of taxes, we'd be sent to jail. Big business tax dodgers want Congress to reward them with a tax holiday. The U. S. Women's Chamber of Commerce strongly opposes legislation in Congress that would reward U. S. multinational corporations with massive, unwarranted tax discounts to bring back hundreds of billions in U. S. profits they shifted offshore to avoid paying taxes in the ... Full Story

Udall Should Re-Think his Amendment

  By Isabella Woods There is no doubt that US Senator Mark Udall has a strong political pedigree, and he always seems like quite a likeable fellow.  He’s strong on the environment, civil liberties and support for veterans, and keen on adopting a bi-partisan approach to most issues.  Now he wants Congress to agree to change the constitution by accepting his balanced budget amendment. Amendments, and more Amendments The Senator is of course not the first to make such a ... Full Story

White House Role In Blocking Climate Progress

White House Role In Blocking Climate Progress “is Deadly And Unforgivable”

      Press Release     Stein Says White House Role In Blocking Climate Progress "is Deadly And Unforgivable" (BOSTON) Regarding the recently ended Durban climate change talks, Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party presidential candidate, issued the following statement this morning: "Unlike my Republican opponents, President Obama professes to believe in science. He knows that America and the world is rapidly rushing to the catastrophic financial and ... Full Story

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