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Thursday, July 18, 2019

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Veterans Day Thoughts

  No Glory in War for this Veteran By Andrew Larkin I am a veteran – of the Vietnam era, as are my friends and my brothers. My father, uncles, and an aunt were veterans of World War II. A great uncle was stationed on a battleship during World War I.  A great-grandfather fought in the Civil War, an immigrant in an Illinois regiment who suffered the rest of his life from his bullet wound. Veterans Day on November 11 was formerly Armistice Day, celebrating the end of the Great War. But it ... Full Story

Berthoud Veterans place flags at cemetery

Berthoud Veterans place flags at cemetery

Berthoud Lions Club veterans did not let the weather deter them from putting up flags at the Greenlawn cemetery in honor of Veterans Day. The twice-yearly event (Memorial Day and Veterans Day) has been done for so many years that none of the participants can remember when it started. Curtis Wilson said he may have been in the original group, but couldn’t be sure. He did remember that the flagpoles were purchased, indicating that he may well have participated in the inaugural posting of the ... Full Story

“Thank You for Your Service”—A Veterans

“Thank You for Your Service”—A Veterans Day Memory

By Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson November 08, 2010 We Americans tend to look forward to the various holidays on the calendar. Sometimes we pause to ponder the meaning of these commemorative days; often we do not. Perhaps in your own experience you can recall a Thanksgiving, an Easter, or an Independence Day when something happened that brought home to you the true meaning of the holiday. So it was with me on November 11, 1987. That is when Veterans Day became special to me. The snow, the first ... Full Story