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Monday, June 17, 2024

A personal tragedy in the Thompson Canyon

This is a face book post by Scott Moen. His parents attempted to help Patty Goodwine in Cedar Cove and nearly lost their lives in the process. This was posted Sunday, Sept 15

Moen Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery

Hello. My name is Scott Moen and I am writing with news about the woman that is presumed dead in the Big Thompson Canyon Cedar Cove area. My mother and step father were with her when the river destroyed her house. My mother was swept down the river with the debris from the residence and was saved by a heroic young man. She has suffered shattered bones in her leg and other abrasions all over. My step father was rescued from a tree six hours after going into the water. Their story is both horrific and amazing. My mother (Florence Horn) is at The Medical Center of the Rockies in room number 4311. She and Mike Horn could both use as much help as possible. They have lost everything. My mother is supposed to have surgery on Monday and remain in the hospital for a few days after. They don’t have a home to return to. I’m hoping that somebody may hear their story and help them. I own a carpet cleaning company, Moen Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery of Estes Park, and I am offering to donate 20% of all proceeds to the victims of this tragic event, but I need help to get the word out.

Thank you,
Scott Moen

Cedar Cove 1

This is a photo of Cedar Cove after the flood. Once there were many homes here, including the Horn’s, who came after the 76 flood, and the Goodwines. Almost nothing is left in this once idillic setting. Just to the right, out of this photo is the site where Evelyn’s home washed away and she too was lost. Just below Evelyn’s house was Joyce Kilmer’s lovely home and art studio, all now gone. Photo Credit: City of Loveland

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