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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Abby Yeagle recipient of Jabaily Community Service Scholorship

Abby Yeagle, Berthoud High School Senior

The Jabaily Community Service Scholarship commorates Dr. Joe Jabaily’s deep commitment to community service. The Scholarship is given annually to graduating seniors in the Thompson School District. Jabaily served as president of the Thompson Board of Education. The award is available to any college bound senior in good standing whose life activities include political and environmental activism, concern for civil rights and minorities, support for world peace and respect for the diverse beliefs of other.

This award is presented in an informal social atmosphere where the recipients and their parents are able to meet with Leslie Jabaily, her son Buck and with the community of people who support these scholarships through their donations.

This year’s gathering was held at the Loveland home of Linny and Elmo Frickman. Four of the five recipients were able to attend; Emma Drager of Loveland High School was out of the country.

The four award winners present were introduced to the group by Buck Jabaily and each took the opportunity to express their appreciation to the family and to Dr. Jabaily’s legacy.

Abby Yeagle of Berthoud High School was one of those recipients. On Abby’s written submission, she wrote, “the issue of poverty and homelessness within Larimer County has become my primary focus.” Abby participated in Alternative Spring Break: Youth Responding To Poverty and this led to volunteering with the Fort Collins Food Bank, organizing a drive to help The Sister Mary Alice Center for Hope and projects with the Berthoud House of Neighborly Service. She is also a member of the Students Community Involvement Team (SCIT) at Berthoud High School and volunteers as a tutor at the Berthoud Library. She says that social service is “my passion, my devotion and my life” and her advisor indicated that Abby has a deep “desire to make a difference in her community and in the lives of those around her.”

Abby, and her mother who accompanied her, both felt this was a very special award. It was personal and close to home and the criteria gave it special significance.

The other Jabaily Community Service Scholarships were awarded to Evan Burnett, Loveland High School; Emma Drager, Loveland High School; Emily Hessler, Thompson Valley High School, and Callie Puntenney, Thompson Valley High School.

Jabaily Scholarship award winners, left to right, Emily Hessler, Evan Burnett, Callie Puntenney and Abby Yeagle

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