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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Berthoud Fire assists at FourMile Canyon

The Berthoud Fire Protection District sent the following press release today, September 8.

Berthoud Fire Protection District

Tuesday, September 8, 2010

Engine 13

The Berthoud Fire Protection District has deployed resources to the Four Mile Fire 10 miles west of Boulder. The first resource, Engine 13 a Type 3 Engine with four firefighters, was sent for structural protection Monday morning. An additional fire engine, Engine 16, a Type 6 Engine with three firefighters, was deployed Tuesday. The District has a Type 3 and a Type 6 fire engine available in District for any grass fires that may occur while assistance is being provided on the Four Mile Fire.

Engine 16

In addition to the two fire apparatus and seven firefighters deployed to the Four Mile Fire; the District has four personnel functioning as single resources. Jeannie Fullerton was deployed Monday and has filled the position as the Incident Commanders Liaison Officer. Chris White, a structural protection Specialist, was also deployed Monday. Rod Moraga, a fire behavior specialist, has been on the fire scene since it started. Kerry Malm, whose home base is the Berthoud Fire Protection District, is also deployed.

Staffing positions vacated as a result of the Districts response to assist with the control and extinguishment of this fire has been filled by temporary part time firefighters, temporary full time firefighters and career firefighters on overtime. All back fill position expenses are reimbursed by the State or Federal Government through the Districts agreement with the Colorado State Forest Service Cooperator Resource Rate Form.

Stephen Charles, Fire Chief



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