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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Berthoud Fire Hydrant Testing



The Berthoud Fire Protection District (District), in cooperation with the Little Thompson Water District and the Town of Berthoud, has contracted the services of the National Fire Services Office to test and flush fire hydrants. Testing and flushing of fire hydrants within the Town of Berthoud and those portions of Larimer, Weld and Boulder Counties that are within the Berthoud Fire Protection District will be flow tested and flushed beginning Monday, September 22nd. It is anticipated that this process will take approximately two weeks to complete. Please refer to the District’s website for the fire hydrant test and flush schedule, www.berthoudfire.org.

Flow testing and flushing of fire hydrants is a vital component to maintain the safest and highest water quality. Fire hydrant testing and flushing is a very important part of the maintenance performed on the water system and serves the following purposes:

  •  Verifies the proper operation of fire hydrants
  •  Flushes out any sediment that may have accumulated in the water mains enhancing water quality
  •  Verifies sufficient water flow for fighting fires

Isn’t fire hydrant testing and flushing a waste of water?

 No. The testing and flushing of fire hydrants is important to maintain good water quality; operating and testing every fire hydrant in the water system ensures an operational fire hydrant in the event of a commercial or residential structure fire. The amount of water used during this process is worth the benefits gained.

How will this affect customers and their water service?

 The testing and flushing process is designed to remove any iron sediment in the water main and may temporarily discolor your water. The testing and flushing of fire hydrants does not create a health hazard; the temporary discoloration of the water is an unavoidable effect of this process with an aesthetic value only. If discoloration occurs, simply open your cold water faucets allowing the water to run for approximately 5 minutes to ensure that the water is clear. Many homes have an outside water spigot which generally is your first cold water faucet. Starting with the outside spigot will produce quicker results in clearing your water line from discoloration. If the discoloration fails to dissipate after 5 minutes, wait an extended period of time (up to 2 hours) and open your cold water faucets a second time and allow the water to run again.

It is recommended that you do not do laundry if your water is discolored; by washing clothes with the discolored water may cause permanent discoloration of clothing.

For additional information, please call the Berthoud Fire Protection District at (970) 532 – 2264 or your local water provider; Town of Berthoud (970) 532 – 2643 or Little Thompson Water District (970) 532 – 2096

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