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Friday, June 14, 2024

Berthoud Police Beat: January 2011

Saturday, January 1

Police assisted a motorist at Mountain Avenue and Second Street when his tire came off the rim.

Someone at the Hamilton Apartments received a strange letter. The case is being handled as harassment.

A fence and a sign in the 400 block of E County Road 8 were damaged by a hit and run driver.

Following a non-injury motor vehicle accident at County Road 17 and US Highway 287, officers arrested one person for driving under the influence and Underage Consumption of alcohol.

Another non-injury accident at First Street and Turner Avenue was handled by the officer. The vehicle was not damaged and the police helped push the vehicle.

Sunday, January 2

Another hit and run incident damaged a fence and lamppost in the 3500 block of East Highway 56.

An 18-year-old Fort Collins resident was cited for Driving Too Fast for Conditions following a one-car motor vehicle accident on North First Street at County Road 10.

Police are investigating a Protective Order violation.

Colorado Tractor called in a report of a hit and run driver who had damaged a fence at the business.

Police were unable to locate a door-to-door solicitor operating in the 300 block of Cheyenne Drive.

There were no injuries when a vehicle went into the ditch in the 1000 block of First Street.

Police responded to a disturbance in the 100 block of Welch. The situation had been a verbal confrontation only and one of the parties had departed.


Michael Marvis McKay: Failed to Stop at a Stop Sign
Paul Michael Mill: Drove Too Fast for Conditions
Dorothy Rine: Dog at Large, No Town Tags

Monday, January 3

An injured owl found on County Road 27E was referred to the county.

Police are investigating unauthorized charges to the accounts of a Welch Avenue resident.

Suspicious circumstances at County Road 10 and First Street was an occupied vehicle parked near the BNSF railroad tracks. The two juvenile males in the car were trespassing on railroad property. They had also been consuming marijuana. The list of charges are; Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Third Degree Trespass. The boys were released to the custody of their parents.

Tuesday, January 4

A hit and run driver in a Subaru knocked over a tree in Bein Park.

A summons was issued in another hit and run motor vehicle accident in the 1200 block of Fourth Street. A pickup truck slid off the left side and damaged some landscaping. The driver then left the scene of the accident. Multiple witnesses reported the accident to Berthoud police. A short time later a 16-year-old male Berthoud resident was contacted. The investigation led to the young man being cited for; Careless Driving, Leaving the Scene of an Accident Without Providing Information, Failure to Report an Accident and Driving Without a Valid Driver’s License.

A snow removal warning was issued to an address in the 500 block of Mountain Avenue.

There were several code enforcement warnings issued. Some were for parking and some for snow.

Since nothing was missing from the burglary reported in the 200 block of Tenth Street, the report is listed as unfounded.


Brian Joseph Welty: Parked Vehicle on Wrong Side of Roadway

Wednesday, January 5

Acting on a tip, police went to 800 block of Spartan Avenue at 7:49 a.m. and apprehended a juvenile male and an adult female for whom there were outstanding warrants.

A loose dog situation on Jefferson Drive was handled by the officer. The loose dog on E County Road 8 a few hours later managed to leave before police arrived.

A Christmas tree in the road made for a traffic hazard. The perpetrator received a verbal warning.

There were several traffic stops during the day. Shortly before midnight, officers observed a vehicle driving north in the southbound lanes of U.S. Highway 287. The vehicle was stopped and a 68-year-old male resident of Larimer County was charged with DUI and Driving the Wrong Way On A One Way Roadway.

Thursday, January 6

Police stopped to assist a motorist whose engine had overheated while driving on Highway 287.

Police made several traffic stops. A late night stop on Water Avenue led to the driver being arrested for Driving Under the Influence.


Mary L Fowler: Speed (54/35)


Friday, January 7

Police made seven traffic stops and issued two citations.

The Berthoud Conoco reported that they were being harassed by someone who repeatedly called the store. The callers were asked to stop.

Police assisted the ambulance crew in the 800 block of Douglas Place.

A resident of the 1000 block of Sixth Street reported that someone had thrown wood staining rags in his yard.

A distraught mother called police when her son did not show up at school. He was paying hooky.

An East Iowa Street resident bought a cell phone that turned out to be stolen.

Police responded to a motor vehicle accident at County Road 17 and County Road 8. Status of injuries was not known.

What would a day in Berthoud be without a barking dog complaint? This one was in the 300 block of Seventh Street and the dog’s person received a written warning.


Wendi McInerney: Warrant


Jesse J Nikoden: Speed (64/35) DUI
Janice Kay Bennet: Speed (31/20)
Adam R Wasson: Bicycle not Equipped with Lights/Reflectors

Saturday, January 8

Police assisted Berthoud Fire at a false alarm at Berthoud High School when an errant basketball hit an alarm box.

Police responded to a report of assault at Berthoud High School at 1:37 p.m. The case involved juveniles and there is no report available.

It was a busy day for traffic stops. Eight drivers were stopped. A 12:46 a.m. stop on Bunyan Avenue resulted in a 37-year-old Loveland resident being cited. During an evening stop on Second Street, a Berthoud man was cited for driving while his license was revoked. The other drivers received verbal or written warnings.

An East Michigan resident called to report that juveniles came to the door to do a “survey.” She thought it unusual and suspicious.


Mark Dmytrenko: Failed to Stop at a Stop Sign, Displayed Fictitious Validation Tab and Plate.
Fernando C Reyes: Driving while License Revoked as a Habitual Traffic Offender
Hugo M Arceo: Parked Along Yellow Curb
Nellis Vombaur: Parked Along Yellow Curb
Nevan McNaught: Parked Along Yellow Curb
Steven Jones: Parked Along Yellow Curb
Michael Ayres: Parked Along Yellow Curb
Kenneth Brigs: Parked Along Yellow Curb
Samual James McCreey: Speed (50/30)
Daniel Jones: Parked vehicle on crosswalk

Sunday, January 9

Police responded to Highway 56 at Weld County Road 7 at 4:48 a.m. when a car was reported off the road. The driver of the car had voluntarily pulled off and had called family to come to her aid as she did not feel comfortable driving in the current weather conditions.

An East Michigan Avenue resident called to report a solicitor. The salesman had a permit.


Howard Wagner: Warrant for violation of a protective order

Monday, January 10

The noon barking dog in the 1200 block of Cedar Drive was quiet when the officer arrived on scene.

Not so the barking dog in the 200 block of East Colorado Avenue. Here the officer found a barking Beagle out in the cold. No report of action taken.

A vacant apartment in the 400 block of Mountain Avenue had a window broken.

Police responded to a rollover accident at East Highway 56 and Weld County Road 7. There were no injuries reported.

A resident of the 800 block of Seventh Street reported that the footprints in the snow indicated that someone had walked through the yard.


Barbara Maxine Kary: Driving Too Fast For Conditions.

Tuesday, January 11

A resident of the 500 block of Mount Massive also reported the arrival at the door of someone taking a survey. They too thought it suspicious.

A Sixth Street resident reported tracks in the snow in their yard.

Police looked for a speeding red Hummer on U.S. Highway 287, but he was gone when they arrived.

A verbal warning was given for trash in the alley in the 100 block of East Michigan.

A traffic stop at Second Street and Turner Avenue at 8:30 p.m. resulted in a citation for the driver.


Stephany Woodiel: Speed (36/25)

Wednesday, January 12

A 16-year-old Larimer County resident cited after being involved in a two-car motor vehicle accident in the 300 block of South Eighth Street. There were no injuries.

There were three animal complaints during the day. The barking dog in the 200 block of East Colorado Avenue was quiet when police arrived; the loose German Sheppard on Bruce Drive was gone, but the three barking dogs in the 1200 block of Cedar Drive resulted in the resident receiving a written warning.


Brian K. Sherman

Thursday, January 13

In a case of Criminal Mischief, a piece of ice was used to break a window in the 700 block of Fifth Street.

The dog was quiet when police arrived in the 200 block of East Colorado Avenue.

Police had a report of someone driving carelessly in North County Road 17, but were unable to locate the vehicle. They did make three traffic stops during the day and wrote one citation and issued one written and one verbal warning.


Jayne Diane Diallo: Speed (49/30)

Friday, January 14

Police investigated a non-injury motor vehicle accident at 800 Spartan Avenue.

A Bristlecone Court resident reported being harassed by telephone, but did not want to prosecute.

A resident in the 800 block of Greenwood Drive was the recipient of a “grandson needs money” telephone call. She reported the scam to the police.

Police arrested Rayburn Harmon, a 21-year-old Berthoud resident of the 2000 block of West County Road 10E charging him with Cultivation of and Possession of Marijuana. The plants were found during the exercise of a search warrant for the possession charge, leading to the additional charge of cultivation.

Police responded to a report of a physical disturbance in the 5oo block of First Street. Billy Dan Cuba A 28-year-old Longmont resident was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest and Possession of an Illegal Weapon. While enroute to jail the prisoner damaged the police car, resulting in additional charges.

The dispatcher received five 911 hang up calls during the day. One of them was a child playing with the phone.

Police removed a bale of Hay from County Road 8 and made six traffic stops.


Rayburn Scott Harmon: Warrant for dangerous drugs

Saturday, January 15

The on duty officer began the day with five traffic stops before 4 a.m. The drivers were all given verbal warnings. Three more stops were made after 9 p.m. and those drivers too received verbal warnings.

A barking dog complaint in the 900 block of Kansas Avenue was handled by the officer.

A wounded goose was reported in the park at the end of Bruce Drive; however, it flew away before it could be rescued.

A burning flare on West County Road 8 was reported to Berthoud dispatch as a suspicious circumstance.

Sunday, January 16

Sunday morning began with six traffic stops by 3:30 a.m. The last driver stopped, just east of the roundabout, received a citation.

A citizen came to the police for help in finding his missing dog.

Bobbi Larae Lovenberg A 26-year-old female resident of Federal Heights, Colo. was arrested in the 800 block of Driftwood Place. The arrest was based on a warrant for failure to appear.


Joseph McMahon: Speed (49/30)
Donald Moen: Speed (59/40)


Monday, January 17

Todd Vickers Oubre, a 38-year-old Berthoud Resident was arrested in the 800 block of Longview Drive on a warrant charging Pawnbroker Violation.

Shortly before 9 p.m. police were called to the 700 block of Jay Place on a verbal disturbance. An intoxicated male was yelling and was convinced to leave the residence.


Karrie Skonier: Speed (54/35)

Tuesday, January 18

Someone found money and turned it over to the police department.

Dog bites dog is not big news, but the incident in the 1200 block of Aspen drive will warrant a report. Police had some difficulty in finding the second dog.

Part of a rifle was found in the 200 block of Second Street.


Dustin Wessels: Dog at large

Wednesday, January 19

A Seventh Street resident reported a noise. Police found no problem.

Night maintenance workers found two broken windows at Berthoud High School. The vandalism is under investigation.

Thursday, January 20

Berthoud Police assisted Berthoud Fire at a motorcycle fire on Welch Avenue.

Police responded to a non-injury motor vehicle accident at Fourth Street and Massachusetts Avenue.

Police arrived at the roundabout too late to catch a reported speeding BMW.


William Payne: Parked on the wrong side of the road
Melissa Kittler: Speed (35/20)


Friday, January 21

A motor vehicle hit and run damaged a sign at County Road 10E and County Road 17.

A vehicle in the 800 block of Massachusetts Avenue was damaged by a nine-year-old boy. The age is too young to prosecute.

The barking dog in the 600 block of Ninth Street stopped barking when he heard the police were coming.

The officer was unable to find a solicitor reported on East Michigan Avenue.

There were two instances of suspicious circumstances reported during the day. The first was two kids “hiding” in a yard on Sioux Drive. The second was a vehicle that had run out of gas in the traffic lane on First Street.


Joshua Mallett: Parked more than 12” from the curb.
Douglas Crowel: Speed (32/20)
Rick Wilson: Failed to stop at a stop sign
Joshua Rovnak: Abandonment of vehicle


Saturday, January 22

A computer monitor was found at Weld County Road 1 and WCR 42.

Police investigated an unattended death in the 500 block of Redwood Circle.

Police assisted a couple that had become intoxicated at a party on Sixth Street Court. They were taken to another address.

It was a big day for the Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) with citations and warnings for trailers on Keep Circle, Willow Drive, Sixth Street and Ninth Street.


Larry Ruiter: Defective lamps
Jeffery Williams: Speed (70/40)
James E Smith: Parking trailers on private property

Sunday, January 23

A quiet day. A traffic stop at 2 a.m. resulted in a citation and a large semi tractor parked in the 700 block of Sixth Street promised to on his way early in the morning.

Monday, January 24

A somewhat damaged, silver mobile phone was found in the 1500 block of Third Street.

The thief who stole the beer in the 400 block of Mountain Avenue returned and paid for the beer.

A child fell while on the pathway near Ivy Stockwell Elementary School. The injury was sufficient that the TVEMS ambulance and Berthoud Fire responded to the scene.


Joseph Moss: Parked trailer on private property
Yong Sik Lim: Following too closely

Tuesday, January 25

Flowerpots in the 200 block of Second Street were damaged, possibly with a BB or pellet gun.

There is apparently a Pit Bull dog problem on South First Street.

The responding officer handled a physical disturbance between a father and son in the 300 block of Hubbell Street.

Wednesday, January 26

The code enforcement officer was checking alleys along Fifth Street and Third Street and wrote three warnings and left a dozen letters for residents.

A summons was issued to a Welch Avenue resident for an animal problem.

In a case of criminal mischief, a light was damaged at Ivy Stockwell Elementary School.

A suspected case of criminal mischief on Highway 56 and County Road 7 was explained by house movers who had taken down some electrical power lines.

Police stopped a driver on County Road 17 near Bunyan Avenue after receiving a report of aggressive careless driving.


Ian Spencer Nelson: Speed (49/30)
Brenton Dean Jensen: Speed (22/20)
Michael Hemker: Speed (59/40)
Cassandra L Viera: Speed (54/35)
Matthew Walter Starck: Parked vehicle on wrong side of roadway.
Kathy Lee Wodiel: Animal at large

Thursday, January 27

Police made 13 traffic related stops and most people were given warnings.

There was a report of tampering with the U.S Mail in the 700 block of Jay Place. The case is under investigation.

An 18-year-old Berthoud man was issued a citation for Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia.


James H Yoakum: Speed (34/20)
Colin Joseph McGrane: Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia
Christopher Henning: Speed (54/35)

Friday, January 28

Police investigated a vicious dog complaint in the 300 block of Iowa Avenue. The complaint stated that the neighbor’s dog had jumped the fence and bit the complainant’s dog. The neighbor was charged with having a vicious dog and not having a town license.

Police were unable to locate a small black dog loose in the Fourth Street and Mountain Avenue area.

A small lost dog that looked like a Pomeranian but was actually an Australian Cattle dog mix, was brought to the police station and subsequently turned over to the Humane Society.

A barking dog in the 300 block of Iowa Avenue must have heard the police coming. It was not barking when they arrived.

A disturbance in the 200 block of Second Street is listed as verbal only and the parties were given a verbal warning by the investigating officer.

Police responded to two motor vehicle accidents. An incident at Berthoud High School is listed as non-injury. The accident on I-25 near Johnson’s Corner was an injury accident.


Daniela Salcido-Hernandez: Speed (59/40)
Chad F Buffington: Speed (39/20)
Kristin  Ramey: Speed (37/20)
Deanna C Kluver: Vicious Dog, No Town License

Saturday, January 29

Police were on patrol and made 16 traffic stops. However, only two of those drivers received summonses, the majority were give a warning. One vehicle on South Eighth Street at Longview Avenue was cited for parking too far from the curb.

A resident in the 1100 block of Schofield Road reported hearing gun shots. Police investigated but found nothing.

Two apparently abandoned bicycles were found in the 400 block of Third Street.


Diana Z Boughton: Failed to signal
Matthew D Pierce: Speed (59/40)
Rosalie Vigil: Parked more than 12” from the curb.

Sunday, January 30

Police stopped a vehicle at First Street and Welch Avenue. The driver, a 17-year old Loveland male was arrested and charged with DUI. Two companions, a 17-year-old Loveland male and a 16-year-old Fort Collins boy were charged with underage consumption of alcohol and a 17-year-old Fort Collins youth was charged with underage consumption and possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

A dog was reported at large in the 800 block of Welch Avenue. Police captured a German Shepherd mix canine and turned it over to the Humane Society.

A resident in the 200 block of Second Street noticed their neighbor’s domestic rabbit outside in the cold and was concerned and called police. The owner said they were unable to catch the animal, but they were cold hardy.


Five minors cited

Monday, January 31

Following a motor vehicle accident between a car and a school bus at First Street and Mountain Avenue, a 66-year-old Loveland resident was cited for driving too fast for conditions.  (Benjamin R. McGuire)

Police responded to two more calls about the loose rabbit call in the 200 block of Second Street. The rabbit’s owner was given a verbal warning for animal at large. There is no indication of whether the animal was captured.

A few minutes after the loose rabbit call, dispatch received a report of a loose dog on Sioux Drive. Police were unable to locate the dog and it remains at large.

Police responded to a non-injury fencer bender at the Berthoud Family Physicians’ parking lot. A vehicle hit a parked car.


Benjamin R McGuire: Driving too fast for conditions

The Town of Berthoud is going to reinstall the “No Parking from Midnight to 6 a.m.” signs on Mountain Avenue from Second Street to Fifth Street. The streets need to be clear to allow  for snow removal. Parked vehicles are a hazard to the snowplows and to the vehicles.

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