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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Candidates for Loveland City Council


Letter to the editor 2To the Editor,

Loveland’s Ward I has two candidates running for City Council.  Which would make the best Councilperson at this time?

One candidate is a Loveland native and an attorney with a small, local legal office. He serves on Loveland’s Planning Commission.

The other is retired corporate chemist, Irene Fortune, who has worked for British Petroleum (BP) and most recently for DuPont, the American chemical company that has developed such products as nylon, Teflon, Kevlar (vests), and Stainmaster (carpet). Irene worked for DuPont as a scientist, manager, and regulations consultant.   In each position, she was responsible for leadership, planning, budgeting, rational decision-making, and problem-solving. During her years as lab manager, expenses were always under budget.

Irene’s leadership and budgeting experiences in large companies with large budgets will fit well with our city’s conservative approach to budgeting. In addition, as our city processes applications for industrial projects, she will know which questions to ask and what steps to take to protect our air and water and the health of our citizens.

Voters in Ward 1 would be well advised to vote for Irene Fortune for City Council.

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