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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Marchman for Board of Education

Letter to the editor 2Dear Editor:  Elections for the Thompson School District Board of Education are fast approaching.  Janice Marchman is a current Board of Education member who is running for re-election.  I am a teacher in Thompson School District and I have had many volunteers in my classroom over the years but never a school board member.  Janice has volunteered her time at our school for the past few years.  She mentored one of my students so I had the pleasure of witnessing first hand, on a regular basis, the hard working, caring, reliable individual she is.  Janice not only talks the talk but she walks the walks.  She is right there in the trenches working side by side with educators seeing the great things our schools are doing for our students.  She has taken the time to learn and experience how our classrooms run on a day-to-day basis and, in my opinion, that is what it takes in order to fully understand the great changes that are being made in our district and be an informed board member.  Her passionate commitment to our district, our schools, and most importantly our students has earned her my support.   We need her voice on our board of education.


Kitty LaFond-McKechnie

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