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Friday, June 14, 2024

Help for Loveland seniors and disabled residents




A pair of teams of Loveland Solid Waste Division employees this afternoon began initial safety and cleanup work for Loveland seniors and disabled residents who have requested assistance with tree limb issues resulting from this week’s storm.

The crews will remove any hanging limbs they can safely reach from the ground in these residents’ yards. Second priority will be collection and hauling of downed branches to the City’s drop-off sites.

As of midday, the City had received about two dozen requests for this type of assistance.

Loveland’s frail senior or disabled residents who need some help can call 962-2529, then press 0 to speak with a staffer. After hours, callers can leave a message when prompted. Calls will be returned when the office reopens. The office will be open 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Saturday and open again at 8 a.m. Monday. If needed, the office will be staffed on Sunday.

Persons wishing to volunteer to assist with the cleanup effort for seniors and the disabled can leave a message at the number above. They will be contacted on Monday.


Public Works has opened all roads and continues to remove debris from right-of-ways through the City.

Electric Service

Crews will work late into the night tonight to restore power to any remaining residents they know are still without power and whose homes are ready to accept power restoration. Five power line crews from Loveland and two from Fort Collins are on duty, plus six tree trimming crews continue to remove limbs that are hanging over or otherwise imperiling power lines.

The Loveland Water and Power dispatch center has been very appreciative of calls from citizens with information about water or electric service outages and unsafe situations including downed or hanging power lines on buildings or trees. The dispatch center phone number is 663-1043.



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