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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Is Rush Limbaugh Gay?

Limbaugh apology

 In the Washington Post

Today, a very insincere apology from Rush Limbaugh to Sandra Fluke. Limbaugh apologized for the insults saying he “did not intend a personal attack on her.” Really. How can calling someone a slut and a prostitute not be intended to be a personal attack? How else can you characterize actions? Limbaugh must thing we are stupid. Only his fans will believe his sincerity and it is likely that he will be playing the victim on his next show.






Is Rush Limbaugh Gay?

by Gary Wamsley

We all know that Rush Limbaugh, that strident voice of the right, is a hate monger. What we have to wonder is why is he expending so much energy on denigrating Georgetown University law student, Sandra Fluke. One wag suggested that his ratings were falling and he need to do something outlandish to bring attention to himself. That certainly is plausible, but why Ms. Fluke. Apparently, she has been perceived as a dire threat to the Republican Party. Who knew that they were so weak and vulnerable? Actually, Limbaugh has exposed the GOP’s true reasons for their recent actions. It is not about religious freedom, but promoting the religious concept that sex is a sin and women are the Eve’s who brought down man and cause the exile from Eden. See “All about Eve: The GOP war on women.” The position of the GOP, the Catholic Bishops and the evangelical right is in many ways similar to the views of the Taliban.

Let me say up front that I have daughters and that I would be proud of them being brave enough to take a stand for what they believe in. If I were Sandra Fluke’s father I would be proud of her and I would be knocking on Mr. Limbaugh’s door to tell him what I thought of him. Coward that he is, he probably would not answer the door.

Limbaugh is obviously a bully, always choosing to pick on those who are least able to defend themselves and he often makes fun of people with disabilities or incurable diseases. Limbaugh apparently has two incurable conditions himself. The first is a pilonidal cyst that conveniently got him a draft deferment; though he now claims he never had a cyst.

That brings up the other incurable condition, the inability to tell the truth.

In Ms. Fluke’s case, he has completely fabricated statements. I watched the interview. While Ms. Fluke’s did say that she was qualified to speak to the forum because she was a woman who used contraceptives, there is no mention in her testimony about why she uses the medicine. She went on to talk about how women she knew need the prescription as a treatment for a medical condition, Limbaugh’s statements about sex are pure fabrication.

Limbaugh called Ms. Fluke a prostitute. A prostitute is also defined as someone who is devoted to corrupt or unworthy purposes, especially for money. I understand that Limbaugh gets paid $45 million per year to tell his lies. By that definition, Rush Limbaugh is a prostitute.

In addition to lying about what Ms. Fluke actually said, Limbaugh has shown his own ignorance about birth control by saying that coeds are having so much sex that they can’t afford enough birth control. In reality, no method of hormonal  birth control has costs based on how often one engages in sex. Mr. Limbaugh apparently flunked biology class and does not have a basic understanding of female anatomy. Perhaps he is not interested in women’s anatomy.

Limbaugh’s past actions have also earned him the label of being a racist. He even lost his position at ESPN for remarks about an African-American quarterback. Other racist remarks over the years have served to reinforce that image

We have a cowardly, hate-mongering, bigoted, misogynist liar as the spokesperson for the evangelical right of American Politics. One has to wonder if they are proud of this. The answer is apparently, yes.

The current crop of Republican presidential candidates, by not condemning Limbaugh for his comments,  have shown themselves to be cowards. They want us to think that they are decent and honest men, yet they won’t take a stand. Apparently they are afraid of Limbaugh. Is that what we want in the White House, a coward who takes his marching orders from Rush Limbaugh and Grover Norquist. An example of the cowardice, when asked about Limbaugh’s tirades, Mitt Romney said.” it’s not the language I would have used.” Perhaps he should tell us what words he would have used in speaking to this issue. (Note: Bain Capital owns Clear Channel Communications. One of their largest investments. Read Would Mitt Like to Fire Bain Employee Rus Limbaugh.”

This brings us to the question of why is Limbaugh the way he is. He grew up in a privileged family in the boot heel of Missouri. This is likely where he was ingrained with his racism and of course, there is the money. I suspect many people would be willing to prostitute their talents for $45 million per year. Yet, there must be more to this complex individual.

Note that he has been married four times and has no children. He and his third wife apparently never lived together during their 10-year marriage. His extreme views and lack of knowledge about sex could lead one to surmise that he has had little or no experience in heterosexual activities.

Limbaugh’s conservative upbringing and his position as a voice of the right requires him to be “straight” but his actions and demeanor are more indicative with someone who is fighting inner demons and is unhappy with themselves.

This note from his biography at NNDB.com may give a clue. “In June 2006, Limbaugh had further drug problems when a bottle of Viagra was found in his luggage at the Palm Beach Airport. The prescription was not in Limbaugh’s name, but no charges were filed against Limbaugh, who was returning from a vacation in the Dominican Republic with four male companions.”

Why did Limbaugh need illicit Viagra when on a vacation with four male companions? Why was Limbaugh so quick to support Republican Congressman Mark Foley when Foley was exposed for sending sexually explicit emails to an underage male Congressional page? Why does he have a succession of wives when he obviously has been unable to relate to them? Is it possible that Limbaugh is a closet homosexual and having a wife is just a cover? Outwardly he is known to be homophobicbut that too could be cover to preserve a secret. It would not be the first time that has happened. That certainly is one way to look at the evidence.

There certainly are plenty of examples of prominent right-wing conservatives being gay, the latest revelation being Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu.

Ken Mehlman, Chair of the Bush 2004 campaign came out last year. Ken Mehlman apologizing for role in Bush campaign

I don’t know the answer to the question. It would take a qualified behavioral scientist to look into the question of Limbaugh’s sexuality. If true it might explain his personal anger and misogynism.

Editor’s note: I am not homophobic and I support the LGBT community. This conjecture is not meant as an insult to the LGBT community nor to Mr. Limbaugh although I understand that he might not be a welcome addition.


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