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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Karen Stockley is the right choice for District 49

Letter to the Editor:

B. J. Nikkel is not the advocate for taxpayers and children that she claims to be. First of all, you don’t file to sue the Larimer County Sheriff’s office for $10 million putting the screws to the county taxpayers on the expectation that your son’s arrest charges will be reduced. Secondly, you don’t brag about the awards you have received for pointing out deficiencies in social programs that you have worked consistently to de-fund. Third, you don’t vote to cut taxes for the very wealthy at the expense of funding educational programs that would help disadvantaged and disabled children. And fourth, you don’t undermine families’ private reproductive choices by working to pass a “personhood” amendment that would give legal rights to the 150- cell zygote that has yet to implant in the womb.

Karen Stockley is the advocate we need in the state house.

Karen will be work to improve the quality of education, increasing performance while managing the bottom line. And she will work to keep Colorado a beautiful place to live. Karen will fight to protect the things that we love about living in Colorado. Vote for Karen Stockley District 49.

Susan Altenhofen
Fort Collins, Colorado

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