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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Loveland Storm Aftermath Update


Monday, 10/31/2011   1:30 p.m.


Drop-off sites

·        Activity at the drop-off sites diminished significantly Sunday, with Saturday described by a Public Works manager as “crazy–manageable but crazy.”

·         Because of the slowdown at the sites, the Agilent site will close beginning Tuesday.  The Recycling Center and Centennial Park sites will operate 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

·         Closure of the Centennial site will be considered for Wednesday or thereafter, with possible re-opening of the Centennial and Agilent sites next weekend.


Tree Limb Clearing

·         By day’s end today, City crews will have cleared most streets and right-of-way areas in the southern part of town.  Being the older part of Loveland, the areas south of Eisenhower have the largest trees and suffered the most fallen branches.  Crews will then begin additional cleanup in the northern half of the city.

·         About 35 City workers are involved in the right-of-way clearing effort, including a team of spotters in advance of the cleanup crews.  The spotters identify and mark locations where hanging limbs need to be cut.



·         During the weekend, City crews removed low-hanging limbs and cleared yards for about 30 frail senior or disabled persons’ homes.  In some cases, crews may revisit those locations with bucket trucks or other equipment to remove high hanging branches.  Persons needing assistance are invited to call 962-2529.


Electric Service

·         With the exception of a few customers who first need to repair or replace electric equipment on their buildings, service was restored Saturday afternoon to all Loveland Water & Power customers.

·         Electric crews have identified about 20 power poles around town that need to be replaced.  Replacement work as begun and will likely continue for about a week.  In most cases, the power poles can be replaced without interrupting power to nearby residents.  In some cases, however, an intentional outage may be necessary to facilitate the repair and insure the safety of the workers.

·         Tree crews continue to travel throughout Loveland cutting branches that still threaten power lines.



·         All Loveland parks (excluding select parking lots), the Recreation Trail and City cemeteries are open to the public.  Bucket truck crews are focusing on hazard limb removal at North Lake Park (Shelters #1 and #2/train depot areas) and select neighborhood parks near schools.  Patrons may encounter cleanup crews along the Recreation Trail, Loveland Burial Park, North Lake Park and select neighborhood parks.  Cleanup is anticipated to continue for weeks.


First Responders

·         Loveland police and fire personnel reported normal operations during the weekend.


Cost Accounting

·         The arduous process of cost accounting has begun for all the City departments and staff involved in the storm-related efforts.  Unlike an officially declared disaster, there will be no reimbursement monies available to the City.  All costs come from City budgets.


Injury Free

·         The City is delighted to report that there have been no injuries reported by any of its scores of workers involved in efforts related to the storm.


Vehicular Challenge

·         With the forecast of about six inches of snow beginning late Tuesday night, City crews face calling in many trucks being used for limb cleanup to outfit them for possible snow clearing operations.


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