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Saturday, May 18, 2024

No to charter school


Some people are in line to make money on this charter school project, but what it will do is to tear our town apart. Berthoud is too small for a charter school. Yes, they can probably do it. The school board will turn the application down and then the state will approve it. This is all planned out already. Why don’t the organizers ask the people of Berthoud through a vote and let us see if they are really in this to help the people or just in it for themselves. If the school is built, the kids who go from Berthoud schools will be the ones who score high in tests. This will leave the under achievers or those that can’t afford the charter school. Guess what. The achievement test scores in our schools will tumble and suddenly Berthoud schools stink. Berthoud schools were the one big reason we moved our family here 12 years ago and a huge reason our family has stayed active in our schools. What are the Red Rock people doing to better our schools now? Thanks, but no thanks.


John Ellis
Berthoud, Colorado

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