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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Obituary: Joyce A Laffoon

Joyce Bleil Laffoon, 86, passed away on March 15, 2019. Born in Chicago, Illinois on Mother’s Day, May 8, 1932, she was the oldest child of Walter and Leona Bleil. Joyce was joined by sister Elinor and brother Leonard and spent her formative years in Oskaloosa, Kansas where her parents owned and ran a grocery store.

graduating from high school, and after a short stint of office work in Topeka,
Joyce moved to Denver where she soon met and married James “Jim” Laffoon.  More than husband and wife, Joyce and Jim were
partners, parents to four daughters, best friends and confidants. Joyce had a
big laugh and a bigger personality. Way before it was popular, Joyce raised her
daughters with conviction that they were as strong, as smart, and as capable as
any boy. Her faith was in education and she set high expectations for her
girls. She demanded they read, but censored no books. Never did she help with
homework, no science project had her mark, no ACT records were doctored. Scout
leader, turned Avon Lady turned Tax Preparer, Joyce found opportunities to
continue her learning outside of formal schooling. An uninspired cook, she
would take a piece of pie and cup of coffee over a good steak any day. She
preferred to sing out loud and saw no need to repair a broken car radio. A view
of the mountains was her GPS system even if it sometimes sent her on the
self-proclaimed, Joyride with Joyce.  She was a loyal friend and
extrovert, seeking the next conversation and piece of news whether that be at
church, the grocery store, a local McDonald’s or random garage sale. You knew
where you stood with Joyce.

Jim’s death in 2014, Joyce lost her mooring and dementia took its ugly toll. She
resided at Alta Vita Memory Care in Longmont until she was ultimately overcome
by pneumonia.

is survived by her daughters Alice (Eric) Wurtz, Amy (Howard) Taylor, Linda
(Tim) Mitchell and Laura Laffoon; three grandchildren Erin (Spencer) Lindstrom,
Kyle Wurtz and Kacey Mitchell; and one great-grandson, Liev Lindstrom. May she
be reunited with Jim, complete with clear mind to bask in her memories and know
she was loved.

A private, family service will be held at a later date. Suggested donations to Jeffco Action Center, c/o Kibbey Fishburn Funeral Home, 1102 N. Lincoln Ave., Loveland, CO 80537.

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