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Monday, June 24, 2024

Obituary: Roger Duane Morrison

JULY 7, 1946 ~ MARCH 21, 2019 (AGE 72)

Morrison 72, passed away in his home on March 21, 2019. He and Evangeline
(Hernandez) shared 51 years of marriage.

Born in
Arnold, Nebraska to Eloise Mae (Blixt) and Ralph Preston Morrison. He was the
youngest of four children. His arrival being most celebrated by his sister
Dorothy, who would ask each year for a baby doll for Christmas. Rogie (as she
lovingly called him) arrived when she was ten, to her utter delight!

grew up in the quiet town of Callaway, Nebraska with his best friend Robert
Edgington. The two of them were very much the Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn
duo. Spending time building things, exploring, fishing, hunting, and
occasionally causing mischief and mayhem. Whenever possible they would include
cousin Robert Morrison in their escapades.

very intelligent and personable, a new company, Hewlett Packard (HP), saw
potential and hired Roger out of Mildford Technical School, where he graduated
second in his class. Roger moved to Loveland, Colorado where he began his
career with HP and met the love of his life, Evangeline (Bengie) Hernandez. They
both worked in different areas of HP. Roger would show up wherever Bengie was,
most often at her mother’s Mexican Restaurant. Since he chose to always order
hamburgers, Sara (Bengie’s mom), found it miraculous that he would always show
up at the restaurant when Bengie’s car was parked there. She quickly put
together the “coincidence” of his visits. Roger enlisted in the United States
Army and left for training. On a short weekend he returned to Loveland and
proposed. Roger and Bengie were married on July 1, 1967. She followed Roger to
Germany where they had their first child, Charmayne. 

continued his education and quickly obtained a high security clearance. Because
of his conduct and character, he was approached to become part of the
Presidential Guard. Having a new wife and baby he decided to forgo this
prestigious honor and instead sought a simpler life. After being honorably
discharged from the Army, Roger returned to his job with HP in Loveland, where
he worked until he retired at the age of 55, as an Engineering Tech. 

after returning to Loveland, Michael Ralph and Sarah Mae were born. In 1978,
the family moved to Berthoud where their children could have more
opportunities. In 1994, Sareena Michelle joined the family. Roger loved his
family and spending time with them. His children and grandchildren: Evangelyne,
Shane Roger, Jesse, Tea Mae, Hailey, Shelby, Jacob, Emberley and
great-grandchildren Athena Alexandria and Sylas James; and siblings (and their
families): Marge Maller, Dave Sheets, and Dorothy Lareau. The family has many
fond memories of August birthday weekends, fishing and camping trips, train
rides, barbecues, parties, movies, and family get-togethers. If you ask his
children or grandchildren, they will tell you, “He was the best dad/grandpa we
could have ever asked for!!”

enjoyed reading and liked to travel. He spent one summer traveling the Lewis
and Clark Trail with daughter Sareena, and brother-in-law Mando. In the Dakotas
they met a tribe of Lakota that opened their camp and hearts to them. Sareena was
invited to participate in a traditional ceremonial dance and given the costume
she danced in. Roger stayed in contact with the tribe for quite some time.
Providing simple things like coffee, food staples, and even a sewing mannequin
so they could make their beautiful ceremonial costumes. Wherever Roger saw a
need that he could fill he chose to fill it. It mattered not if it was
monetary, his time, or just his calming presence. Roger knew no strangers.

delighted in fixing things. He would help fix equipment on his sister Dorothy’s
farm, equipment at the family’s restaurants, lights, cars, etc. People knew
they could call Roger and he would make the time to come and fix whatever it
was. He truly enjoyed helping others. When daughter Sarah got cancer, it
bothered him that he couldn’t fix it. He went to chemo with her once, where he
was extremely uncomfortable and kept offering her food. She could see how
helpless the situation made him feel and how he desperately wanted to be
anywhere but there. She finally agreed to a sandwich. When he came back with
it, she ate every bite. Fighting to keep it down because she could see how much
he wanted to do something to help her. His desire to help his family was often
his greatest gift of love.

Not long
ago he took Hailey to the airport. She missed her flight and had to wait eight
hours for the next one. Roger used it as a wonderful opportunity to spend
quality time with his granddaughter. The Fernett’s stopped at A&W to grab
food before going to the house. They asked the waitress for Tea’s help. The
girl hollered, “Tea they need help with grandpa’s order!” Another girl walked
up to the counter and said, “We all love grandpa!” Roger had that affect on

grew up in a devout Christian home and had been on the outs with God since the
passing of his mother in 1977. He chose to drink, ride motorcycles, and avoid
God. Roger enjoyed mechanical things and liked to not just ride Harleys, he
built his from the frame up. He soon had the fastest Harley in Loveland. One
Father’s Day he took a curve too fast on his bike and woke up in a ditch full
of gasoline. He didn’t want to stop drinking, but decided he should stop riding
motorcycles. He still helped others to build their dream bikes. His family regularly
attended church and the church placed a huge “EXPERIENCE JESUS” sign on the
road he traveled daily to work. One evening after a few drinks, he decided it
best to do the community a favor and remove the sign. It took him a couple
hours but he managed to saw through the sign’s support. That weekend Pastor
John Stocker told the congregation that whoever cut down the sign had just
given us a point of contact. Not long after Roger found himself in orange
pajamas and at a place where the Lord could do his best work. Roger quit
drinking and began to attend Resurrection Fellowship. Shortly after he
scheduled a meeting with the Pastor and confessed his crime. Pastor John just
replied, “Bless your heart Roger,” laughed and welcomed him with open arms. Roger
gained the title “Sign Assassin” for a brief time. Roger’s testimony was given
for the first time on Biker’s Sunday and then on the 700 club. Many lives were
touched and changed by the story of God’s overwhelming, never ending, love,
mercy, and grace. The love that chases us down and fights until we’re found. Roger
was a Liver Cancer survivor of three years. The Lord has been a constant source
of blessing in the lives of the Morrison family.

We will
celebrate Roger’s life on Wednesday, March 27 at 11:00 am, at the Viegut
Funeral Home (1616 N, Lincoln Ave., Loveland, CO 80538.) Reception from 12-4pm,
at the VFW (305 N. Cleveland Ave., Loveland, CO 80537.)

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