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Monday, October 2, 2023

Shameless Exploitation

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Linda Petrie Bunch’s granddaughter, Mila, and my granddaughter, Aubrielle, star in the below video.  Aubrielle is on the left in the striped dress, and Mila is on the right.  As you can see, we have shamelessly exploited these children for political purposes.  Please let me know what you think.  Don’t forget to come back and read the rest of this email when you are done.  Please forward the video around.  I think it might catch on.


Support Michael Bennet: I know some of the Romanoff supporters have hesitated getting behind Michael Bennet, but to me, and Andrew, the choice is clear.  A couple things:

1.      The Senate confirms Supreme Court Judges.  Republican Senators have engaged in total ideological litmus-testing.  They confirm judges who are unqualified as long as they oppose choice, support guns, think corporations are people, and money is speech, and don’t believe in the separation of church and state.  The confirmation of Justices is a huge reason to favor Bennet, unless you want a Court made up of right-wing, activist ideologues.

2.     They used to say of Franklin Roosevelt that, “We love him because of his enemies.”  This comes to mind because Karl Rove’s new PAC, American Crossroads, made possible by our Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United, is funneling millions of right-wing corporate money into attack ads against Bennet.  I saw one this morning saying that Bennet didn’t support regular people.  I then googled “American Crossroads” and found that their contributors, so far as they are disclosed, are millionaires and billionaires known for right-wing views, the farthest thing in the world from regular people.

3.      A big issue for Senator Bennet is higher education.  He recognizes, as too few do, that not only is education essential for a child’s quality of life, but that if we do not adequately educate this next generation, it will hurt our competitive position in the world’s economy.  He also has strong positions on protecting the environment and health care.  When I compare the basket of values that Senator Bennet has to those of Ken Buck it is clear to me that Bennet deserves our support.

Support Cary Kennedy: I have known and supported Treasurer Kennedy for many years.  She is a very bright woman and has a particular commitment to education.  She was the author of Amendment 23 which protects K-12 education funding and BEST (Build Excellent Schools Today) which provides resources for fixing dilapidated rural schools.

She also invested our state funds in such a way that they were not hurt during the recent financial meltdown.  The treasuries of many other states were not managed so competently.  Her opponent has recently given $250,000 to his own campaign so Cary needs all the help she can get.  Her web address is below.


Us the above link to volunteer or contribute.

I hope you are well.


Ken Gordon

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