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Friday, April 19, 2024

Sheriff’s job is local issues

Dear Editor,

In our local race for county sheriff, a few believe that the candidate of choice is one that will stand with people “who plan to protect our nation at all costs” (Jeffry Aufderheide, Wellington, Coloradoan Letter to the Editor, July 3rd). Much is being made of concerns about the power of our federal government, our porous national borders, and our constitutional rights. These are expansive concerns we should all share with our state and national elected officials, those in a position to affect these issues.

When it comes to choosing your next sheriff, it must be recognized that the sheriff is an elected county official dedicated to keeping the peace, fighting wildfires, operating a jail, and other local responsibilities. Do not be confused by those that suggest they have the ability to take on only national issues instead of dealing with mandated local responsibilities. If you spend any time at all paying attention to our local issues, you realize that the jail population and pending budget cuts are what will consume the next sheriff’s time and energy. Vote for the only candidate that has current and significant experience in these matters, the candidate that is prepared to lead, Justin Smith.

Andy Josey
Larimer County

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