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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Justin Smith only realistic choice

Dear Editor:

Justin Smith is the only realistic choice for Larimer County Sheriff. Justin has worked in local law enforcement for nearly 20 years and has administered the Larimer County Sheriff’s budget, managed the detention center, responded to emergencies and most importantly, patrolled the streets of this community and responded to victims in Larimer County for most of his career. He has achieved numerous law enforcement awards and furthered his professional education at the FBI Academy and through many certification programs. He is an active law enforcement officer and a good one. Justin Smith is committed to Larimer County and the citizens that live here. His wife and two sons are also an active part of our community and they all have a vested interest in our future here. I support Justin Smith for Larimer County Sheriff and I ask you to look at his experience and education in order to make your decision to do the same. You’ll see he is an experienced leader and the only one who is truly prepared to lead

Irene Josey
Larimer County

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