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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Skinned Coyotes in Berthoud and Loveland









Skinned Coyotes Found In Colorado

JANUARY 7, 2012

(WILDLIFE) COLORADO — After initial reports declared multiple dogs to have been found skinned and mutilated alongside a few roads in Berthoud, veterinarians and wildlife pathologists have now concluded the animals were actually coyotes. Why were these coyotes killed, skinned, and left to be found beside the road? Read on for more details and the number to call with any information on the incidents. — Global Animal


NBC 9 News, Christina Dickinson

LARIMER COUNTY – Authorities say what were originally believed to be dogs found skinned and mutilated on the side of the road are actually coyotes.

Marcie Wilms with the Larimer County Human Society says they received an anonymous call of a dead animal found near County Roads 4 and 21 near Berthoud on Friday. Officials say the animal was skinned and decapitated.

On Saturday, Wilms says they received another anonymous call of another animal near County Roads 16 and 21, also near Berthoud. She says the animal was skinned and had some of its feet removed. …  Read More  


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