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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Turner MS Students of the Month-March






RENEE RAAK – 6th grade

Renee is a true example of a PRO student!  She is always prepared with all school work and always presents her best on all assignments.  She sets a great example in the classroom with her responsibility and knowledge in all content areas.  Thanks Renee!










JOHN SEVY – 6th grade

John is always working to his potential.  He is concerned with others and is always looking to help.  John advocates for himself as well as others, not wanting anyone to ne be included or behind.










KATY EGGERLING – 7th grade

Katey shows fantastic work on all assignments and knows how to use effective time management.  Her final products are neat, well organized and detailed; a dream come true for any teacher!  Katey is helpful to her classmates and makes positive and productive use of her time in class.










Ashley is having a fantastic year.  She is considerate of others and invites others into her group.  Ashley always participates in class and willingly assists her team members.  She shows her kindness to the teachers as well, remembering us on holidays.  Ashley even makes sure the items match my interests (Snoopy and Miss Piggy).  Her positive attitude is noticed and appreciated.











KATIE RICE – 8th grade

Katie is very meticulous in her school work.  She always strives to do her best work and she is very conscientious in completing her work on time.  She is very self-motivated and a real pleasure to have in class.









SYD LEVY – 8th grade

Syd is always nice to his teachers and classmates.  He works well with any group that he is in and is often the first choice of many students when they need a partner to work with.  Syd is a model student for our TMS citizen.












Sotera goes out of her way to put forth 100% effort.  She consistently works hard and turns in very high quality work.












Akasha is always helpful and courteous to everyone she meets.  In the mornings she has smile on her face and asks teachers if they need any help.  Thanks Akasha!









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