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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Beware the paving scam



Greeley, CO – The Weld County District Attorney’s Office has received calls about traveling asphalt companies moving into the area. In an attached release from the CAPA (Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association), residents are warned about paving scams. One of the Weld DA Investigators took time to speak with CAPA as they wish to assist in preventing these scams within our communities.

Most recently, a Weld County resident viewed an ad on Facebook posted from an asphalt company advertising that they were “in the area with left over asphalt” at a reduced price. According to the resident, after the work was performed the quoted price went from $7,000 to approximately $80,000, and the quality of the asphalt was very poor. As noted in the CAPA press release, residents should be aware of asphalt companies claiming they have “left over asphalt.” There is no such thing as “left over asphalt” as hot mix asphalt cools too quickly.

If you know of a scam operation, please contact local law enforcement or the District Attorney’s Office to report the crime to authorities.


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