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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Larimer Sheriff: Sept 18 Flood Update



Favorable weather allowed for targeted rescue operations yesterday out the areas of Storm Mountain, Glen Haven at The Retreat, Fish Creek, Idlewild, Waltonia and Pinewood Springs.  81 people were rescued by air and another 33 rescued by ground crews, for a total number of 114 rescued on September 17th.  Rescue operations remain a top priority; however, we are now gradually transitioning into an assessment/recovery mode for long term planning.  Weather today is expected to be good with a slight chance for afternoon storms.


  1. There are 10 helicopters flying missions today to help with rescue operations.
  2. 8 FEMA search and rescue teams spent the night last night in evacuation areas to reduce the need for helicopter resources and to get an early start on rescue missions today
  3. Sheriff Justin Smith is personally flying into areas of Storm Mountain and Pinewood Springs to meet with residents and answer questions.
  4. Total number of rescued as of Wednesday morning, September 17th is 1,155 people.
  5. The total number of unaccounted people stands at 197.
  6. A reminder to citizens: Do not drive through water or Pass road blocks – You are putting your life and those of emergency responders at risk if you do. Drivers are reminded IT IS ILLEGAL to circumvent roadblocks either by bypassing them, moving them or using alternate routes to get into the area.  Roads are not safe even if they appear to be.  It is dangerous to be on closed roads and bridges.  Violators will be ticketed.

*The bridges at Shields and Ackerman and Overland Trail and Lyons Park in Fort Collins area are extremely damaged underneath and citizens have been seen moving the road barricade to cross these bridges. We will be monitoring these areas and ticketing anyone caught moving or circumventing the barricades in place.

  1. The Larimer County Landfill is now accepting flood debris and waste from the recent flooding events.   For details on costs please refer to the website http://www.larimer.org/news/
  2. Number of people still needing rescue is at approximately 450, but this does not take into account the number of people who rescue crews attempted to evacuate and refused rescue.
  3. Rocky Mountain National Park is reporting that as of today, September 18th, Rocky Mountain National Park will begin to reopen incrementally.  All roads, trails and facilities will open as they are able.
  4. The Larimer County Humane Society is compiling a list of residents who have needs for animal rescue in evacuated areas.  Anyone with questions can call 970-226-3647, option #7


  • The Disaster Assistance Center (DAC) is now open and located at 815 14th Street SW, Building #B (for Benefits), Loveland CO 80537The Disaster Assistance Center is a one-stop location for flood survivors to come and have all their questions answered.  Representatives from government agencies, insurance providers, health and human services, volunteer organizations, utility companies and more will be available for one-on-one information. 
  • A limited number of free tetanus shots are available at the DAC on Thursday, September 19th from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • The DAC is planned on operating for at least 6-8 weeks and is co-sponsored by the City of Loveland and Larimer County.
  • The Disaster Distribution Center is now open and is available to anyone impacted by the Larimer County 2013 Flood.  Supplies are free and include personal items, household items and non-perishable food.  The Distribution Center is located at 815 14th Street SW, Building #D (for Donations), Loveland, CO 80537. The Distribution Center is accepting donations daily from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • For all the information on both the Disaster Assistance Center and Distribution Center please see the website http://www.larimer.org/flooding2013/


  • Red Cross Shelters have been set up in the following areas:

                        Thompson Valley School Administration Building in Loveland – 800 S. Taft Avenue

                        Mountain View Bible Fellowship in Estes Park – Highway 7 and Peak View Drive

                        Estes Park Conference Center (used for overflow) in Estes Park – 101 S. Saint Vrain

  • Additionally there is a Shelter in Fort Collins at:

Timberline Church – 2908 S. Timberline Road

  • The Ranch in Loveland is accepting large animals from evacuees.
  • Shuttle buses are being facilitated from the evacuation centers to take evacuees to the Disaster Assistance Center and the Disaster Distribution Center.


The National Guard is assisting with traffic control and roadblocks.

  • Bridge inspection is underway I-25 between Hwy 7 – Wyoming.  Crews will attempt to keep all lanes open but occasional lane closures are possible in either direction.
  • Per CDOT all lanes are now open on Highway 7 (Peak to Peak Highway) between Highway 72 and Estes Park without restrictions.  This should be considered the primary route to/from Estes Park and commercial traffic will no longer be allowed over Trail Ridge Road.

For a complete list of County Road closures, please refer to the website:


For a complete list of road closures State wide, a web page has been set up at: www.coloradodot.info/travel/colorado-flood-highway-updates.


  • To report a missing or unaccounted person in Larimer County, please call 970-498-5500.
  • The American Red Cross Safe and Well website should be used to find someone or post information about your location for your family and friends.  This website is www.safeandwell.org.  The Red Cross is currently working on registering all evacuees at the local shelters.


  • The public information line is 970-498-5500.  This number can also be used to report missing or unaccounted person(s) in Larimer County.  For life threatening emergencies, dial 9-1-1. Sign up to receive emergency notifications on your cell phone and email at leta911.org.
  • Local Residents can call United Way 211 for to contact the Disaster Assistance Center (DAC) to volunteer, give donations, get shelter information and community information.  Non-local residents can call 1-866-485-0211 for the same information.
  • The most current updates can be found on our Facebook and Twitter sites:
    www.facebook.com/larimersheriff  and @LarimerSheriff
  • Website updates at:




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