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Saturday, April 20, 2024

My fellow liberty loving citizens!

Carl Bruning, a close and trusted friend of mine, is running for sheriff of Larimer County with the sole purpose of defending our Constitutional rights from all threats foreign and domestic. He has made a personal promise to me that he will do everything within his power as sheriff to defend our liberties from an ever encroaching federal government.

Carl has also been endorsed by the likes of Tom Tancredo, former sheriff Richard Mack, the Republican Liberty Caucus, as well as the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners organization. Who made a clear distinction between Carl’s clear support of gun rights compared to his opponent’s views.

It is time to make a strong stand for liberty in this desperate hour, join with me and countless other in proclaiming the timeless principles for which this nation stands.

Please join me in giving your support to Carl Bruning for Larimer County Sheriff, the mail in ballots are due this August 10th so if you haven’t sent yours in end please do so!

Yours in Liberty,

Nathan Armstrong
Estes Park

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