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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Police Beat: Sept. 10, 2009

Tuesday, Sept. 1

  • A resident of the 1000 block of Sixth Street made another call concerning weeds in a neighboring yard.
  • A school bus driver reported hay in the turn lane at west County Road 8 and Highway 287. Police found nothing when they arrived 10 minutes later.
  • Police responded to a barking dog call in the 1200 block of Cedar Avenue. There had been two priors at this location. The officer parked in front of the residence for five minutes and heard nothing; therefore, no action was taken.
  • A call came in at 11 p.m. from the area of Fifth Street and Colorado Avenue reporting a loose dog running eastbound on Colorado Avenue, barking as he went. The dog was gone when police arrived a few minutes later. 

Wednesday, Sept. 2

  • Police investigated a wrecked and abandoned motorcycle found on Meadowlark Drive near Kwik Korner. The motorcycle had been reported stolen and evidence indicated it had left the road at high speed. Despite an extensive search of the area, no rider was found. Police checked with area hospitals but there were no reports of patients with injuries consistent with a high-speed motorcycle crash.
  • A morning caller reported a vehicle “all over the road” in the vicinity of Highway 287 and County Road 8. He opined that he thought the driver was “texting” while driving.
  • A resident on County Road 17 invited officers to park in his driveway and note the vehicles speeding in both directions on the county road.
  • A juvenile male reported a dead fox in the storm drain on Eighth Street. Since this is a wild animal, the procedure is to leave it alone.
  • At 11 p.m., dispatch received a call complaining about loud music in the 700 block of Bruce Drive. The complainant had gone to the door, but no one answered.
  • An officer found an unattended, unsecured mountain bike in Bein Park at 11:30 p.m. The serial number came back with no record so the officer took the bike to keep it from being stolen. It is logged in as found property.

Thursday, Sept. 3

  • Police responded to a call from Burlington Northern that a train slammed on the brakes when they saw a van partially on the tracks north of Mountain Avenue. The train finally stopped about a mile south and reported that he did not think he hit the van. The van belonged to a vendor at the Farmers Market who had parked in the right-of-way and very near the tracks.
  • A Franklin Avenue resident took a yellow and white dog into custody after finding it running loose. The tag had information about an animal shelter, but it was after hours and the caller said he would keep the dog overnight.
  • A late night traffic stop at Berthoud Town Park led to an arrest for DUI.

Friday, Sept. 4

  • A Driftwood Place resident complained of a barking dog in the back yard of a neighboring house. According to the responding officer, “dog is occasionally barking, neighbor is working in the backyard and dog is barking at him.”
  • The Fourth Street owner of a dog accused of barking was very cooperative and said he would try to get the dogs to stop barking.
  • At 4:22 p.m., police officers responded to juveniles riding skateboards on the Fickel Park tennis court.
  • At 4:37 p.m., police responded to a call that juveniles with skateboards were blocking the alley by NAPA Auto Parts.

Saturday, Sept. 5

  • Police made eight traffic stops, one bicycle contact and handled one juvenile problem all before 7 a.m.
  • Several boys were out and about at 2:20 a.m. and some ran off when the police officer stopped. All the parties checked out clear with no record and their parents were called.
  • Shortly after receiving a call from a man who said that a tan boxer followed him home, police received a call from an owner who had lost her boxer. They were reunited, but with a warning from police that further trespasses would result in a citation.
  • In a loose dog case later in the morning, the owner came in to pick up his dog and cursed the police. His mother, who was waiting out back, also started using profanity towards the officer.
  • The last entry of the day was a traffic stop resulting in the driver being taking into custody for DUI.

Sunday, Sept. 6

  • Dispatch received a call at 3 a.m. to report the theft of a bicycle. The caller said the theft occurred about midnight while he was attending a party somewhere on Fifth Street. A report is to follow.
  • A couple yelling and cussing at each other shortly before 8 a.m. brought the police to an apartment in the 600 block of Mountain Avenue. There was no criminal violation and both parties had clear records.
  • Another verbal disturbance erupted in the afternoon, apparently over a traffic situation. However, the parties had left by the time police arrived.

Monday, Sept. 7

  • The patrolling officer thought it suspicious when he found a truck parked near Hays Market at 1 a.m., which had the bed loaded with groceries. The summary report says his suspicions were unfounded. 
  • In a case of criminal mischief, someone “keyed” a car parked in the driveway on south Ninth Street.
  • Someone from the City Apartments thought the man hanging around and sleeping in his van might be homeless. According to the report, he was a “delivery driver picking up a load at Flow Systems, which was closed today. He has to wait for them to open tomorrow to get his load. Will be sleeping in his van tonight.”
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