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Monday, May 27, 2024

Region 3 Level 8 Regional Gymnastics Meet 2014


Premier Gymnastics of the Rockies

By Wendy Kenner


Premier Gymnastics of the Rockies hosted the Region 3 Level 8 Gymnastics Meet on April 4 through April 6. It was held at Loveland High School. Teams from 8 different states from around the Region competed in the three day event. The gymnasts competing in this meet had to qualify at their state meets in order to be eligible to compete.

In the Senior A Division, Tatum Graham placed 21st on Vault, 25th on Floor and 24th in the All- Around Competition. Sidney Strizki tied for 10th on Uneven Bars and placed 25th in the All-Around Competition. Kairey Vela tied for 17th on Uneven Bars. In the Senior B Division, Morgan Adams tied for 8th on Vault, tied for 11th on Balance Beam, and placed 19th in the All-Around Competition.

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