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Friday, June 14, 2024

Stealing elections, Republican style










OpEd News presents nine articles on election fraud and dirty tricks as the right wing attempts to subvert the democratic process. If this succeeds, it will be the end of the Republic.

By Bob Fitrakis

Another Husted Dirty Trick in Ohio

Election fraud is anything but “de minimus” in Ohio. Ohio voters didn’t choose Bush II & they probably won’t choose Romney though the Secretary of State’s Election Counsel, Brandi Seske, may find a way to make it appear they did.


By Larry Dorshkind

How to Steal an Election (Again)

You, Mitt Romney, amass hundreds of millions of dollars by plundering companies, offshoring jobs and stashing your plundered loot in offshore tax havens and a Swiss bank account. With that loot, you buy majority ownership of a investment company that controls Hart Intercivic, a voting machine company that will count the votes of 17/7 million registered voters in 307 jurisdictions. Conclusion – your guess is as good as mine.


By Marta Steele

Wasserman and Fitrakis, “Will the GOP Steal America’s 2012 Election?”

Review of an excellent retrospective on electoral corruption in the United States throughout its history and most particularly on the years 2004-2012, and what the events portend for the future of our democratic government.

Elections Specialist Jim March Testifies About Black Box Vulnerabilities and Election Fraud

March’s testimony covers a variety of ways to hack into an electronic elections system. In yesterday’s hearing,He also had the opportunity to describe the various indications of fraud that he had discovered in the electronic records from the ’06 two billion dollar bond measure(RTA Election).Pima County Atty Jurkowitz somehow thought is was a good idea to bring up AG Goddard’s investigation during his cross examination.This backfires as March reminds the court that Goddard’s recount was missing four precincts.This testimony is key in finally referring to the statistical improbability of having 1/3 of the 368 precincts experience memory card re-uploads followed by the discovery of the corresponding missing poll tapes.Experts with DNA analysis provide a statistical probability of there being a match to a suspected murderer.Why does the statistical match not apply here? No will to prosecute


By Naomi Wolf

A cure for America’s corruptible voting system

If you look at weak democracies, the oligarchies that have taken undue control of them always seek to tamper with the vote. It is important for oligarchs to have elections to give their guy a veneer of legitimacy — and important for the vote always to turn out “their way.” Indeed, former President Carter’s voting accountability organization sees America’s system as relatively flawed and corrupted.

Steal This Election: Coup D’Etat 2012

Of all the fascist attacks on Democracy by the criminal GOP in 2012, this is by far the worst, Treason by Voting Machine, the Privatized GOP Vote Theft.


Eleventh-Hour GOP Voter Suppression Could Swing Ohio

Ohio GOP Secretary of State Jon Husted has become an infamous figure for aggressively limiting early voting hours and opportunities to cast and count a ballot in the Buckeye State.A series of missteps by Husted and new rulings by the courts have increased the use of provisional ballots and could delay the outcome of the election and the legitimacy of the final vote.


Election Fraud, November 6 – Watch for Vote Flipping and Fixed Exit Polls

It is now acceptable to talk about election fraud in “polite company.” Those who run for office to serve or care about the process of elections, despite their disappointment in the system, will have their day on November 6. Why wouldn’t the immensely greedy try to steal elections? They’ve stolen everything else.

Romney campaign and Wisconsin Republican Party linked to voter harassment and intimidation training

When you consider how that in 2011, Republicans have promoted the Koch Brothers-funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) voter photo ID legislation in at least 35 states. The Brennan Center For Justice has an exhaustive analysis summarizing that “Fourteen states have passed restrictive voting laws and executive actions that have the potential to impact the 2012 election, representing 185 electoral votes, or 68% of the total needed to win the presidency.” All of these laws are spawned by the Republican myth of “rampant” voter fraud, which has continued to be proven as a “problem” occurring in the 0.0004% range.Beside using photo ID legislation to disenfranchise voters from performing their basic American right with voter intimidation efforts, Republicans and the Romney campaign want to use bullying tactics to scare voters from voting or make it more difficult.

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