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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

To the editor

With a $43 million budget and 420 employees, the office of sheriff needs a person who has the business experience to handle these. The right person could save taxpayers’ money by streamlining the sheriff’s department. That person is Carl Bruning. Carl brings the kind of leadership needed to manage an organization effectively. His executive business experience and leadership experience as an U. S. Air Force officer and commander position him for success in this role.

Endorsements also say alot about a candidate. Many see the numerous qualifications Carl brings to this position. Those who see Carl’s leadership ability include: former Congressman Tom Tancredo, former Sheriff Richard Mack, former chief of police Rich Wyatt and former Nassau County Police Detective Rudy Zitti.

Those who share Carl’s love of liberty include: Colorado State Senator Kevin Lundberg, the Republican Liberty Caucus, Colonel Jim Bush (USMC, retired) and Patrick Albright.

Carl’s understanding of and dedication to the Constitution have gained the support of the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners PAC and Ray Hickman.

So please join me in making an investment in the future of Larimer County by supporting the Carl Bruning for Constitutional Sheriff campaign

Jeanette Koniecki
Loveland, CO

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