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Monday, May 27, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: March 2018

Updated April 3, 2018











Provided by
Larimer County Sheriff’s Department
Berthoud Squad

March 1 – March 4

Thursday, March 1

Theft: 3rd Street, a resident reported her front license plate was torn off the front of her vehicle, including part of the plastic bumper.

Friday, March 2

Possession of a Schedule II Drug / Warrant Arrest: Mountain Avenue, a 34-year-old Loveland man was contacted and was arrested for two warrants and charged with the possession.

Vehicle Crash: Frontage Road and Hwy 56, a Ft. Collins woman rear ended another vehicle because she was following too closely and was unable to stop when traffic stopped. There was unusually heavy traffic on the frontage road due to a separate crash on the Interstate. The driver was summonsed for following too closely and operating an uninsured motor vehicle.

Criminal Trespass / Theft: S 9th Street, a Juvenile female was at this address babysitting. She came outside and noticed two other juvenile males walking away from her vehicle. She noticed that her purse was missing from inside the vehicle. She claims that the two juvenile suspects are from Turner Middle School. 

Trespass: Berthoud Parkway / Bunyan Avenue, an unidentified male was riding his motorcycle through the construction area (dirt lot). When confronted by the construction workers, he became rude and verbally aggressive. He was told to leave and stay off the property. The male on the motorcycle said that he would do whatever he wants and they can’t stop him. Whatever he wants says he, oh nay nay says we.

Saturday, March 3

Driving with a Suspended License: S. Hwy 287 and E. CR 8., a 26-year-old Greeley man was contacted for a traffic violation and found his license is suspended.

Driving with a Revoked License: 8th Street and Mountain Avenue., a 20-year-old Berthoud woman was contacted for a traffic violation and found her license is revoked.

Driving with a Suspended License: S. Hwy 287 and E. CR 8., a 37-year-old Berthoud man was contacted for a traffic violation and found his license is suspended.

Driving with a Revoked License: 8th Street and Mountain Avenue., a 68-year-old Loveland man was contacted for a traffic violation and found his license is revoked.

Sunday, March 4

Suspicious Person: 1st Street and Bunyan Avenue, Deputies contacted a 28-year-old Greeley man who was called in as “acting strange”.

Juvenile Problem: Spartan Avenue, four juveniles were contacted at the high school. A 14-year-old, yes, I said 14-year-old is on probation. All were turned over to their parents.

Vehicle Theft: 4th Street and Massachusetts, a 2000 white and blue motorcycle was stolen from this location.

Neighbor Problem: Massachusetts Avenue, a business owner on the ground level was upset about a resident parking his truck behind the business and blocking his door, he also said that someone placed a chair under the door handle to prevent the door from opening.

Code Enforcement:

Animal Problems – 5
Parking Problems – 9
Other Ordinance Problems – 13

March 5 – March 11

Monday, March 5

Harassment: Massachusetts Avenue, a resident reported receiving multiple calls after 1:00 am on multiple nights with only “sex sounds” in the background.

Abandoned Vehicle: 4th Street, an abandoned vehicle was towed from this location.

Tuesday, March 6

Vehicle Crash: Mountain Avenue and 9th Street, a Longmont woman didn’t stop for the pedestrian in the crosswalk like the two cars in front of her did because she “looked down” for a second running into the back of the other vehicle.

Alarm: Prairie Star, homeowner accidently set off his panic alarm while he was painting. Homeowner was told to be careful on his second coat.

Too Much Partying: Bunyan Avenue, a father and son decided to spend some time together downing a lot of libation. They started to walk home, and the son could not stand on his own and fell a couple of times. Several Berthoud residents helped him up and called for us. Both dad and son were given a ride home. The son said he’s in “bad shape now but it sure was fun getting there.”

Assist to Longmont Police: Glacier Avenue, Longmont PD had a search warrant for a residence in Berthoud. The resident was in custody in Longmont at the time and they were looking for evidence related to their case.

Wednesday, March 7

Suspicious Circumstances: Turner Avenue, a company out of Colorado Springs reported they sent $2500 worth of product to a business in Berthoud and have not heard from them. The Berthoud business was contacted and they already packed the product for shipping back.

Thursday, March 8

Burglary / Criminal Mischief / Theft: Tallgrass Lane, a resident found his garage door wide open and his vehicle door slightly ajar when he went outside this morning. His miter saw was also missing. The resident can’t remember for sure if he left the garage door open or if the suspect used the garage door opener that was inside the unlocked car.

Theft: Hwy 287 and S. Hwy 56, a candidate for Town Council called this afternoon to report that someone is stealing political signs. He stated that he has noticed that the signs are being stolen from the area on the east side of Hwy 287 and south of Hwy 56 (Mountain). The political games begin.

Friday, March 9

Illegal Possession of Marijuana by an Underage Person: 1st Street, an 18-year old Berthoud man was contacted sleeping in the back of his car. He had several bongs and marijuana in the car.

Saturday, March 10

Suspicious Circumstances: Pyramid Peak Street, this morning around 2:00 am a dark colored truck was observed driving very slow through the neighborhood.

Shoplifting: Mountain Avenue, items were stolen from the store and deputies are reviewing security footage to identify who Sticky Fingers is.

Sunday, March 11

Suspicious Circumstances: 2nd Street, two men from Loveland and one from Steamboat Springs were observed sitting in their car in front of a marijuana dispensary while it was closed. When they saw the deputy they quickly left the area. They were contacted and told the deputy they were just looking at the business hours.

Code Enforcement:

Animal Problems – 8
Vehicle Problems – 8
Other Ordinance Problems – 8

March 12-18

Monday, March 12

Stolen Motorcycle: Massachusetts Avenue, a resident reported that his motorcycle was stolen from in front of his residence parked on the street. He was informed by his estranged wife that a known suspect was on the motorcycle today northbound from Del Camino.

Vehicle Crash: Hwy 287 / Hwy 56, a driver crashed into the rear of another vehicle. Citation Issued.

Disregard Traffic Control Device: Hwy 56 / South East Frontage road, a 34-year-old Greeley man failed to stop at the stop sign in front of the deputy. His license is cancelled / denied for an unpaid ticket. Citation and Proof of service issued.

Drove with License Denied: S. Taft Avenue and W CR14, a 64-year-old Loveland man was stopped for a traffic violation and found to have a canceled/denied license. The driver was summoned.

Tuesday, March 13

Warrant Arrest: S. Hwy 287 and CR 6, a 41-year-old man was contacted by deputies after they got an alert from a license plate reader about a warrant for the driver.

Criminal Mischief: Weld CR 7, a contractor reported an unknown suspect cut wiring on a large piece of construction equipment. Time frame is last Thursday night to early Friday morning.

Wednesday, March 14

Vehicle Crash / Dog at Large: 1st Street, a driver and two other cars stopped for two dogs in the roadway. A third vehicle did not get stopped in time and slid on the cold roadway striking the car in front of him. Dogs and owners have not been located as of this time.

Warrant Arrest: Turner Ave, a 29-year-old Berthoud man was arrested for Adams County and Loveland PD warrants.

Juvenile Problem: Kansas Avenue, a resident called to report several kids “running around in the street”. Parent was outside supervising and they put up signs to warn motorists that kids were playing.

Thursday, March 15

Traffic Problem: Redwood Circle, it was reported that there were two adults “racing up and down” Redwood Circle.

Recovered Stolen Motorcycle: a suspect who stole a motorcycle in Berthoud was stopped for a traffic violation on the stolen motorcycle and was arrested for several other crimes and identified as a 43-year-old Firestone man. The suspect tried to spray paint the motorcycle as to not be recognized as a stolen vehicle.

Friday, March 16

Drove Motor Vehicle Without Valid Insurance / Suspicious Circumstances:  Mountain Ave, someone called about a possible drug deal. Search turned up paraphernalia, two people were contacted in their vehicle. A man had a needle exchange program card. And a female was cited for driving w/o insurance, and driving an unregistered vehicle. Vehicle was towed.

Vehicle Crash / DUI: I-25 and Highway 56, a white Jeep struck a Nissan Sentra. A 26-year-old Louisville man was driving eastbound on Highway 56. He crashed into the back of a female’s vehicle also from Louisville, which was stopped at Highway 56, just east of the east Interstate 25 frontage road. Both then got into the woman’s vehicle and left the scene. A witness stated that the man smelled strongly of alcoholic beverages, and both parties later admitted that the man had been drinking before driving. Charges are pending for both parties.

Saturday, March 17

Follow-up: I-25 and Highway 56, The two drivers of yesterday’s vehicle crash were identified and interviewed. Both were cited for leaving the scene of an accident. 

Sunday, March 18

Vehicle Crash with Injury: 600 Block of Highway 56, a motorcycle and a Car were traveling in opposite directions on Hwy 56 when the car turned in front of the motorcycle with serious Bodily Injury. Motorcycle Rider was the only injury and is currently in critical condition. 

Code Enforcement:

Animal Problems – 10
Vehicle Problems – 5
Other Ordinance Problems – 27 – Mostly election signs in the right of way.

March 19 – March 25

Monday, March 19

Speeding / Drove Without Valid License / No Insurance: Berthoud Pkwy and Hwy 287, a Berthoud man was contacted for 11 MPH over the limit. He had no insurance on the vehicle and no valid license (cancelled / denied). Summons issued and vehicle towed.

Transient: 3rd Street and Mountain Avenue, the railroad workers reported a transient camped out near the railroad tracks under a tarp. Deputy contacted the man who turns out to be a 61-year-old man from Reno, Nevada said he came to Colorado to buy “weed”. Someone forgot to tell him “weed” is legal in Nevada.

Tuesday, March 20

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs / Careless Driving: 2nd Street, a Berthoud woman was called in as a REDDI report (Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately). Admitted to recently using Lorazepam and Heroin recently, failed roadsides. Booked after blood test. 

Wednesday, March 21

Suspicious Circumstances: Iowa Avenue, a resident reported that the driver’s side front tire on her vehicle was cut. The cut was 2.5 inches and very shallow. It may have been cut with a knife or she may have hit something on the road. The dealership told her the damage is cosmetic and the tire did not need to be replaced.

Thursday, March 22

Vehicle Crash / Hit and Run: Welch Ave., an unknown suspect hit a resident’s parked car on the evening of 03/16/18.

Friday, March 23

Theft: Welch Ave (Car Wash), a resident reported that she left her car mats hanging up to dry while she vacuumed her car. She went to get them, and they were gone. Video shows an older model Chevy pick-up using the bay after the victim. Video shows he washes his pick-up, sees the mats and then takes them. I don’t think it was the Weatherguard people.

Suspicious Circumstances / Trespass / Roommate Problems: 3rd St., a resident reported that she and her roommate were having problems, so the roommate decided to move out prior to the end of their lease. The roommate returned today to get her stuff and found that the door to her room was broken and someone gained access to her room, packed up some of her stuff and put it in the hallway.

 Detox Hold / Underage Consumption of Alcohol: Spartan Avenue, a report was received about a man being intoxicated. The 18-year-old Loveland man was extremely intoxicated. He was cited for underage consumption and transported for a detox hold.

Assist to Berthoud Fire: Prairie Star, deputies blocked traffic while Berthoud Fire took care of a cut gas line.

Saturday, March 24

Burglary / Theft / Criminal Mischief: 2nd Street, report of a burglary where property was damaged and items stolen at a business. Sheriff’s Office Crime Lab responded for evidence collection.

Missing Juvenile: 2nd Street, a 16-year-old juvenile ran away from his residence after an argument with his family. Possibly at a friend’s house in Berthoud or in Old Town Fort Collins.

Suspicious Circumstances: CR15 and CR6C, a report came in that a couple of vehicles were parked by a construction area and people from those vehicles walked across the river and are now by the construction equipment. Caller called back and said that more people showed up.  Deputy contacted the subjects and it turned out they were construction workers.

Detox Hold: E. Michigan Avenue, a resident was transported by ambulance to the hospital with a blood alcohol level 3 times the legal limit.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs / Underage Consumption of Marijuana: 4th St. and Bunyan Ave., a 19-year-old driver was stopped for traffic violation. Showed strong signs of marijuana intoxication. Another 19-year-old who was the passenger also cited and released for underage consumption. 

Sunday, March 25

Found Missing Juvenile: 2nd Street, the missing 16-year-old juvenile was on the front porch when his family opened the front door this morning. The juvenile is okay and claimed to be outside all night.

Violation of Protection Order: Murrlet Street, it was discovered an inmate at the LCSO Jail requested that his sister send a facebook message to the protected party. If the restrained person asks a third party to contact the protected party it still violates the restraining order

Abandoned Vehicle: Berthoud Parkway and Crestridge Drive, a tan colored Toyota sedan was towed from this location as it was causing a traffic hazard.

Code Enforcement:

Animal Problems – 11
Vehicle Problems – 3
Other Ordinance Problems – 11

March 25 – April 1


Monday, March 26

Burglary: Memory Place, a contractor reported that his recently completed house was entered, and three light fixtures and a microwave were taken.

Harassment: 7th Street, a 14-year-old boy was summonsed for harassing a 37-year-old man trying to pick a fight.

Disturbance: Massachusetts Avenue, a resident and her boyfriend were in a “loud argument.” Not to be confused with a quiet argument.

Tuesday, March 27

Assist to Medical: Franklin Ave, an adult male strangled an employee who was trying to administer care. Subject transported to hospital due to higher level of care needed. 

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: Mountain Avenue, a driver backed into another vehicle in the parking lot.

Missing Property (Theft?): Franklin Avenue, a resident claims that one of their neighbors stole her hearing aid. The room was searched by staff from top to bottom prior to the deputy’s arrival and again at the request of the resident but no hearing aid was located.

Wednesday, March 28

Solicitors / Disturbance: S. 2nd Street, 3 men parked a red van in front of a house. They tried to sell the resident a Kirby vacuum cleaner and when the resident told them to leave they started yelling at her. This kind of sales pitch sucks.

Thursday, March 29

Suspicious Person: 1st Street and Mountain Avenue, an elderly man was reported as walking down the middle of the street. Deputy contacted him and made sure he got home safely.

Suspicious Person: 2nd Street and Welch Avenue, the same elderly man contacted earlier was walking in the street again but this time he was armed with green light saber (plastic toy). Yoda was notified and will follow-up.

Friday, March 30

Warrant Arrest /Resisting Arrest/Criminal Impersonation/Narcotics Violation: 4th Street and Mountain Avenue; a deputy recognized a 26-year-old man in the passenger seat of a car who is known to have a warrant and involved with drugs. Two deputies contacted him, but he gave them a fake name. When they tried to arrest him, a struggle ensued resulting in a taser deployment and a many unit response ended the resistive behavior.

Trespass: Mountain Avenue, pick-up and delivery truck driver turned down a large piece of furniture. Today they discovered the person dropped off the furniture at the store last night. That person was contacted and agreed to pick up the furniture.

Saturday, March 31

Possible Disturbance: S. 2nd Street, a resident reported there might be a fight because he saw a man and woman and thought they were involved in an argument. The people involved were gone when the deputy arrived. Can’t say if it was a loud or quiet argument though.


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