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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Keving Lundberg November Newsletter

  1. Fetal Tissue Hearing
  1. Syrian Refugees in Colorado
  1. Endorsing Ted Cruz for President
  1. Cambell Soup and G.A. Henty

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  1. Here is my report on the Fetal Tissue Trafficking Hearing I chaired last week.

The hearing was a great success, despite a lack of participation from Planned Parenthood and most state agencies. With a standing-room-only crowd, several TV cameras and eleven legislators, the informational hearing dug deep into the concerns and particulars of fetal tissue trafficking.

On Monday, November 9, 2015, the Republican Study Committee of Colorado (RSCC) sponsored an informational hearing at the Colorado State Capitol on fetal tissue trafficking. Witnesses included attorneys Michael Norton, Natalie Decker and Barry Arrington from Alliance Defending Freedom, bioethicist David Prentice from Charlotte Lozier Institute, forensic investigator John Mencer, and pregnancy center administrators Rick Thielen, Marcy McGovern, and Larry Smith.

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Colorado State University and the University of Colorado were all invited to testify but did not come. The Attorney General’s office did appear before the committee (at the last minute). Because of those who declined to appear before the committee many questions remain unanswered, but several points were established.

For example, Planned Parenthood stated in the letter in which they declined to attend that they do “not participate in the collection or transfer of fetal tissue”, yet the committee viewed a video of Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Ginde negotiating the sale and transfer of fetal tissue.

Despite Planned Parenthood saying (as reported by the Grand Junction Sentinel) that the videos were “…sham videos that have been debunked repeatedly here and nationally,” professional forensic expert John Mencer confirmed that the videos accurately record the conversations held with Planned Parenthood personnel.

The hearing was a success in opening the discussion concerning the use of fetal tissue in research in the state of Colorado. However with questions still left unanswered, and departments unwilling to fully investigate, the Legislature has more work to do.


Rebuttal from Progress Now Colorado

Colorado GOP’s “Wombghazi” Hearing Spells Political Disaster

Monday, November 9, 2015

CONTACT: Amy Runyon-Harms, Executive Director at 303-870-0448

DENVER: As the Republican Study Committee of Colorado’s so-called “hearing” into discredited undercover videos attacking Planned Parenthood wrapped up today, ProgressNow Colorado, the state’s largest online progressive advocacy organization, condemned this waste of lawmakers’ time that produced absolutely no new information or evidence of wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood or any other organization.

“Like the GOP’s ridiculous show hearings in Washington, D.C., Colorado Republicans have proven once again today that the ‘war on women’ is alive and well in our state,” said ProgressNow Colorado executive director Amy Runyon-Harms. “There’s a very good reason why Governor Hickenlooper, the state public health department, and nearly every other state agency declined to attend today’s sham ‘hearing’–in addition to Planned Parenthood. The so-called ‘Republican Study Committee of Colorado’ has no authority whatsoever to investigate anyone, and this all-day waste of time produced no new information. There is still no evidence that Planned Parenthood broke any law, and the people of Colorado support the lifesaving medical research performed by Colorado State University and other leading educational institutions.”

According to Sen. Kevin Lundberg, the chairman of today’s RSCC “informational hearing,” Colorado State University, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and many others requested to “testify” declined to do so. Instead, the hearing consisted almost entirely of representatives from the anti-abortion organization Alliance Defending Freedom. A representative from the Colorado Attorney General’s office explained that their organization has no authority to “investigate” Planned Parenthood and has received no request from Gov. Hickenlooper’s office to commence an investigation.

“Politically, this sham ‘hearing’ is a huge mistake for Colorado Republicans who are showing their true anti-abortion colors just as a major election season is about to get underway,” said Runyon-Harms. “When right-wing politicians try to claim there is no threat to women’s health and access from right-wing politicians in Colorado, today’s hearing is a reminder of how wrong they are. The voters of Colorado are tired of being lied to and manipulated by Republicans over abortion rights. Those rights, as we saw again today, are under constant attack–and we have to fight to protect them year after year.”

End of Progress Now Colorado response

  1. Ever since Governor Hickenlooper said he willing to take the Syrian Refugees into Colorado many constituents have been urging me to oppose such a policy. I believe our nation should take an active role in providing help for legitimate refugees, but not with a blind faith in the Obama administration’s ability to sift out the bad guys. In light of the Paris attacks and the ongoing asymmetrical conflict with ISIS we need much more caution when bringing in refugees from Syria and surrounding countries. I believe the governor is wrong and fear he is more interested in Obama’s favor than the best interests of the people of Colorado. The legislature, especially when we are not in session has very little control of policies of this sort, but we can all speak up and let the governor know what the people of Colorado think.
  1. I am endorsing Senator Ted Cruz for President. We have already had many months to look at all of the Republican candidates and while I believe all of them would be a much better choice than the current occupant of the White House or his former Secretary of State, I have come to the conclusion that Senator Ted Cruz is the best choice of all.

He has a long history of public service from which we can determine his values and abilities. In the still crowded field of Republican contenders he has distinguished himself as a leader, clear thinker and good communicator, consistently gaining more credibility and popularity in the race.

When I consider all of the candidates as our President, Ted Cruz is the one I believe would be the best leader for this difficult time in our nation’s history. I have a high degree of confidence in his intelligence, integrity, seasoned judgement and solid values. This is why I am giving all of my support to Senator Ted Cruz.

Editor’s note from Forward Progressives:

While both Trump and Carson would be absolute disasters in their own right, Cruz is dangerous on just about every level imaginable. Not only is he every bit as hateful and bigoted as Trump, but he shares the batshit crazy religious fanaticism of Ben Carson. But even worse than those two, he’s proven repeatedly throughout his short career in the Senate that he has no problem watching this country burn as long as he thinks it will benefit him politically. Behind any mention of a possible government shutdown, including the actual shutdown we had in 2013, Cruz has been one of the lead architects pushing for it. If it’s an idea that’s even the slightest bit progressive (climate change, health care, immigration, minimum wage, separation of church and state, gay rights) he’s absolutely against it. In the past he’s compared liberals to terrorists, blamed a cop’s death on President Obama, and doesn’t seem to believe the Supreme Court should have the right to do their job. Well, that is, if he disagrees with their ruling. He’s such an incredible, narcissistic jackass that even many Republicans can’t stand him.

Read more at: http://www.forwardprogressives.com/dangerous-republican-presidential-candidate-isnt-donald-trump-ben-carson/

The Top 10 Most Embarrassing Ted Cruz Moments

Read more at: http://www.forwardprogressives.com/top-10-most-embarrassing-ted-cruz-moments/

  1. Finally, here is a brief observation on our culture. Today I watched two commercials. One for Campbell Soup, the other for an audio book of 19th century author, G.A. Henty’s With Lee in Virginia. The soup commercial was aired on CBS, it is two men joking around with a toddler, both saying “I am your father.” It is a takeoff from s Star Wars phrase, but also a clear picture that these are two homosexual men who are claiming this small child as their “son.” It ends with the phrase “made for real, real life” and it is seen as a perfectly acceptable commercial for the CBS network morning news program.

The audio book was not seen on TV (I had to go online to view it), as many channels, including The History Channel and the Discovery Channel have banned the ad as too controversial. Why? Well I think it is because it is set in the Civil War. I read this book to my children years ago and can attest that the book is filled with examples of valor and good character. There should be nothing controversial about it. Yet in our world, at least in the media world, its okay to show two men both claiming they are a small child’s father, but excellent examples of good character are banned.

We still have much work to do…

For Life and Liberty!

Kevin Lundberg
Colorado State Senator for District 15
Assistant Majority Leader

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