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Friday, January 27, 2023

Larimer Sheriff assumes command of Berthoud police



investigates allegations against officers

 berthoud police car

Unspecified allegations made against police officers in Berthoud have the sheriff’s office running the department and investigating the accusations.

A Larimer County Sheriff’s Office sergeant has assumed the duties of Berthoud Police Chief Glenn Johnson, and an unspecified number of the town’s seven police officers is on administrative leave, according to Town Administrator Mike Hart.

Hart declined to say what’s been alleged against whom, adding that there are “so many unknowns,” and the sheriff’s investigation hasn’t yet begun.

“I am sure hoping we get some more information this week of some kind,” Hart said.

A sheriff’s office spokesman declined to comment on the nature of the investigation. The town board is scheduled for a special meeting Tuesday evening consisting of an executive session.

Berthoud, a town of roughly 5,300 people, straddles boundaries of southern Larimer County and Weld County.

After receiving “numerous inquiries,” the town posted a vague description of the situation on its website.

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