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Monday, June 17, 2024

Obituary:Mary Jane Klepac

October 1, 1939 ~ April 21, 2020 (age 80)

Mary Jane Klepac, 80, of Berthoud passed away on April 21, 2020. Mary Jane was born in Malvern, Iowa, but lived in Colorado most of her life. She lived in Climax, Colorado, with her mother, Zella Lizer Adams, and her father, Howard Horn, along with her brother, Bob, and sister, Patricia. The family moved to Denver and then to Longmont before Mary Jane started school. Mary Jane developed lasting friendships and had many happy memories of her time in Longmont schools where many wonderful people enriched her life. She graduated high school in 1957.

Mary Jane moved to Omaha, Nebraska, after high school and studied to be a data entry operator. At the time, this was the primary way to enter data for computer processes and analysis. Every bit of data was fed into a mainframe computer via paper punch cards. Mary Jane was a fast and accurate data entry operator. It was fun to watch her do her work as punch cards flew through the key punch machine with amazing speed and in a nearly continuous flow.

Mary Jane’s career and close ties to family and friends brought her back to Colorado. She worked at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Coors, the Bureau of Standards, and Colorado State University’s Natural Resources Ecology Lab. While at the Bureau of Standards, she met her husband, Benjamin Klepac. Together, they built their lives and their family. Their children are Melissa Klepac Golay and Janet Klepac Schmidt. The family moved outside of Berthoud so they could live in the country and enjoy a more rural existence.

Mary Jane enjoyed many activities including gardening, camping, fishing, crocheting, reading, movies, music, playing games and cards. She shared these interests with her family and friends and could easily pass her love for these activities on to others just through her enthusiasm. Mary Jane had a kind heart and easily connected with people and all types of big and small animals, particularly cats.

She was a member of the Longmont and Loveland Community of Christ congregations. Mary Jane enjoyed sitting next to her sister Patricia during services and helping the church community when she could. She never forgot to observe and be part of the natural beauty around her and the gifts that she had been given. She never stopped doing her part to bring a smile to others or offer a unique perspective.

Mary Jane is survived by her husband, Ben, daughter Janet, son-in-law, Jason, grandchildren, Warren, Jessica, Jennifer, Ben, and Samuel. Mary Jane has 9 great grandchildren: Anthony, Cassie, Carlos, Trevor, Chase, Sebastian, Savannah, Austin, and Taylor. Mary Jane had many special family and friends in her life including Carole Anne Green, William Duensing, Lori Seichpine, Janet Washam, Shirley Sides, Rose Marie Laber, Wendell and Jeannie Franks and their family members. Preceding her in death were her brother Bob, sister Patricia, nephew Scott, and her eldest daughter Melissa.

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