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Friday, March 1, 2024

Premier Gymnastics Meet

College “Daze” 2011

 By Julee Graham

Premier Gymnastics on the Rockies hosted and competed in College “Daze” 2011 at Loveland High School on September 10 and 11. The Level 4 team placed fourth, the Level 5 team placed third and the Level 6 team took first place.

In the All Around Competition

 Level 4:

In the Junior Division Madison Blair placed 1st and Madeline Madere 4th. In the Senior Division Taylor Dower placed 3rd.

Level 5:

In the Child Division Emily Trojahn placed 3rd. In the Junior Division Lauren Thomas placed 3rd and Katie Parsons 4th.

Level 6:

In the Child Division Nikki Sims placed 2nd and Reagan Ball fourth. In the Junior Division Sidney Strizki placed 1st, Aryn Archambeau 2nd, Tatum Graham third, Kaiery Vela 4th and Jayde Minnis 5th. In the Senior Division Nerys Huffman placed 2nd.

Individual top five event finishers from Level 4 were:  From the Junior Division on Floor, Blair 1st and Madere 5th. On Bars, Blair 1st. On Beam, Blair placed 1st, Madere 2nd and Gracie Wadlington 4th. On Vault, Blair placed 2nd. From the Senior Division Taylor Dower placed 2nd on Bars and 4th on Vault and Beam.

Individual top 5 finishers from Level 5 were: From the Child Division on Floor Kylla Justice placed 4th. On Bars, Kira Sanchez was 3rd and Trojahn 4th. On Beam, Trojahn placed 4th and Abby Hazlett 5th. On Vault, Trojahn placed 2nd. From the Junior Division on Vault Thomas placed 3rd. On Bars, Parsons took 5th place. On Beam, Parsons placed 4th and Thomas 5th. On Floor Thomas placed 1st and Parsons 3rd.

Individual top 5 finishers in Level 6 were:  From the Child Division on Bars  Abbie McCrimmon placed 2nd, Sims 4th and Ball 5th. On Beam Sims placed 2nd and Ball 4th. On Floor Sims placed 2nd and Ball 4th. From the Junior Division on Floor Archambeau placed 1st, Vela 2nd, Minnis 3rd and Strizki 5th. On Bars Strizki placed 1st, Vela 2nd, Minnis 3rd and Archambeau 5th. On Beam Graham placed 1st, Archambeau 2nd, Strizki 3rd, Minnis 4th and Vela 5th. On Vault Graham placed 1st, Strizki 2nd, Archambeau 3rd and Vela 5th. From the Senior Division Huffman placed 3rd on Floor and Vault, 4th on Bars and 5th on Beam.

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