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Monday, June 24, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: Nov-Dec 2021

November 1 – 6

Monday, November 1

Assist To State Patrol / Leaving the Scene of A Bodily Injury Crash / Revoked license / Possession of Meth: I-25 Berthoud on-ramp, a 30-year-old man fled from a crash leaving his passenger in the car with a head injury. The passenger was transported to the hospital. The driver was found hiding at the Love’s Travel Center in Berthoud. Positive ID was obtained thru his interview, video evidence, and the passenger. This coward left his friend in the car with a head injury. Moron!

Mental Health: Tavner Court, a resident called to report someone was in his house, so he fired a couple of shotgun rounds through his wall inside his RV. The resident was found to have smoked a lot of marijuana with a mushroom chaser and was hallucinating. And we legalized the stuff!

Tuesday, November 2

Theft / Warrant: Mountain Ave., two employees were working overnight when one of the employees stole $433 from a cash bag. The employee will be issued a summons for theft when he is located.

Theft: Franklin Ave, a resident reported his Bluetooth Speaker was stolen from his room. The value of the speaker is $18.

Wednesday, November 3

Recovered Stolen Vehicle / Possession of Financial Device / Theft / Revoked License / Drug Paraphernalia: Hwy. 56 and E. Frontage Rd, while responding to a suspected Mental Health call, a blue-colored Jeep Liberty was seen parked next to a grey-colored Pontiac G6 (which had both driver’s side windows broken). The plate on the Jeep was found to be stolen and the Jeep was later identified as stolen out of Denver. The 37-year-old male driver was contacted and subsequently taken into custody. Stupidity at its finest.

Possible Domestic Violence / Assault: Berthoud, a mother disclosed to a Longmont Police Victim’s Response Advocate (VRT) that her daughter was hit by her husband in Berthoud at an unknown location. Mom then hung up on the VRT and did not provide any further information. Investigation ongoing. 

Possible Sexual Assault: Berthoud, a nurse at MCR reported treating a 16-year-old female patient who reported being sexually assaulted by a 16-year-old male. Exam completed, Investigation Notified, DHS referral made. Son, you better hope we find you before dad does.

Thursday, November 4

Vehicle Trespass: Woodcock St., a resident had the window on his work truck broken. A Dell laptop was stolen. Footage collected and the vehicle is possibly a light-colored Infiniti G37 sedan.

Felony Menacing / Attempt to Disarm Peace Officer: E Iowa Ave., a 43-year-old woman pulled a knife on parents. A Contact team was formed, and the woman dropped the knife. She then attempted to take a deputy’s taser and was taken into custody. Oh, nay, nay, nay, the taser will stay. Your attempt was a fail and now you’re going to jail.

Criminal Mischief: 3800 E Highway 56, a man was at Love’s Truck Stop when he became upset about his gas payment. He angrily damaged a cash register. I’ll bet you taught that cash register a thing or two you tough ole trucker dude, you.

Friday, November 5

Mental Health Hold: Turner Ave, a man was contacted at home after his wife called about his mania. The man knew he was starting a manic episode and had not slept in three days. Transported to the hospital for a hold without incident. 

Saturday, November 6

Weaving / Turn Signal Violation / DUI: Mountain Ave/8th St, a male driver was contacted for traffic violations and arrested on the above charges.

Weaving / DUI-Drugs / Unlawful Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substance / Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: Hwy 287/CR8, a woman driver was contacted for weaving. 40+ fentanyl pills and heroin paraphernalia were located in her vehicle. Booked. And you wonder why we have so many overdose deaths.

Sunday, November 7

Civil Issue: Cooperland Blvd., a man reported back in April he left multiple firearms, ammunition, and other reloading equipment at another person’s house in Berthoud and now he won’t give the items back. The resident denied the items being at his home and declined a consent search. The man is getting the serial numbers for the firearms to be entered in as stolen. 

Burglary / Theft: Wagon Bend Rd. Residents reported an unknown person was seen on their Ring camera leaving from their open garage approximately 1:30 am. While deputies were working in the area the suspect was seen going back to his car before fleeing on foot. Deputies recovered the suspect’s vehicle with the stolen property inside. The suspect was later located a mile away and taken into custody. The suspect was hiding watching one deputy while another came up from behind and Bada Bing Bada Boom.

November 8 – 14

Monday, November 8

2nd Degree Burglary/1st Degree Trespass/Theft (x2)/2nd Degree Criminal Trespass (x2)/Obstructing a Peace Officer (x2): Wagon Bend Road – A man was identified as the suspect from the evening of Sunday, November 9th’s burglary. That evening, a man entered the garage at this residence via an open garage door and stole tools. He also entered a vehicle in the garage and stole more items. The man was observed by deputies running away from his vehicle nearby which contained the stolen items. A K9 track and Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) deployment were unsuccessful. The scene and vehicle were processed. This morning, a citizen recognized the man as the possible burglary suspect as seen on social media near Berthoud Parkway/CR10E. A deputy contacted the man, who fled on foot, jumping a fence into a backyard on Berala Street before being taken into custody without further incident. The man was booked on the above charges and is suspected to be involved in other burglaries within Larimer County. A search warrant for the vehicle has been requested.

Vehicle Trespass: Heron Lakes Parkway – A work trailer was entered at a construction site and tools were stolen. Unknown suspect.

Restraining Order Violation: Riverview Drive – Resident reported a restraining order violation. Investigation active.

Neighbor Problems: W County Road 14 – A resident reported a confrontation with his neighbor after the neighbor drove over his son’s remote control car in the parking area. The resident declined to pursue a full investigation but wanted the situation documented.

Hit and Run Motor Vehicle Accident: N Highway 287/W County Road 8 – Deputies assisted the Colorado State Patrol with identifying the driver that left the scene of a motor vehicle accident.

Tuesday, November 9

Fraud: 2nd Street – Unknown subject used a fake driver’s license at business.

Theft: W County Road 10E – An electric bicycle was stolen from the back porch of a residence.

Wednesday, November 10

Criminal Trespass: 2nd Street – Residents reported their home was trespassed in while they were out of town. A family member met with a deputy at the house and confirmed nothing was missing at this time.

Thursday, November 11

Motor Vehicle Theft: Wagon Bend Road – A man reported his 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 pickup was stolen from his address at approximately 1520 hours. Video footage from doorbell camera collected. The suspect vehicle appears to be an early 2000’s white Ford pickup with a flatbed attachment.

Theft: Urban Place – A resident reported an Apple Watch stolen from her front porch earlier that day. No suspects.

Vehicle Trespass: TPC Parkway – A woman reported her vehicle window was broken and her purse was stolen from her vehicle while she was at work.

Abandoned Vehicle: 42nd Street SW/S County Road 15H – An abandoned vehicle was towed from this location after being tagged for 24 hours.

Motor Vehicle Accident: Mountain Avenue – Driver collided with a car in a parking space while attempting to park. Citation issued.

Friday, November 12

Welfare Check: Urban Place – Mental health co-responders attempted to contact a woman at this address after referrals from deputies. She appears to have moved recently and the neighbor passed on our information. Contact was made, but the woman was unwilling to meet in person.

Mental Health Hold: 7th Street – A man was contacted at home after his mother called in to reference a verbal disturbance. The man was answering orientation questions with answers such as “I’m smelling candy cane rainbows delight” and “there’s that Mother Goose again.” The family also stated he has slept approximately 10-15 hours total since Monday. The man was placed on a mental health hold for grave disability at the hospital.

Saturday, November 13

Reckless Driving/Eluding/Stolen Plates/Driving Under Restraint/Felony Warrant/Possession of Controlled Substances: Buehler Acres Drive – A woman was seen driving recklessly and eluded deputies until the pursuit was terminated for public safety. Residents reported a vehicle accident shortly after with the suspect vehicle driving into an irrigation ditch. Both passengers returned to the scene. The driver was located by a drone operated by a deputy, and perimeter units were directed in. The driver was booked, in addition, a female passenger was booked on warrants and issued a summons for possession of methamphetamine.

Theft of Motor Vehicle Parts: Cottonwood Lane – A female driver was stopped for not displaying a front plate. It was determined her front plate was stolen within the last week sometime. The plate was entered as stolen.

Sunday, November 14

Unattended Death: Iowa Avenue – A man was found deceased by his wife due to natural causes. The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office Victim Response Team responded

November 15 – 21

Monday, November 15

Suicide Threat: N 4th Street – Adult Protection Services (APS) called stating they were with an elderly female at this address and she was suicidal, agitated, and in extreme pain due to losing her pain medicine prescription a few weeks ago. She also had two kitchen knives on the couch with her. Deputies assisted in setting up an appointment at a clinic. Her pain was the only reason she was suicidal. APS will stay in contact with her and follow up with helping her with appointments.

Tuesday, November 16

Fraud: Winding Rock Drive – A resident had several credit accounts fraudulently opened in her name.

Criminal Mischief: W County Road 14 – A motorcycle was knocked over twice in possible retaliation, as a result of a neighbor problem. The investigation is ongoing.

Wednesday, November 17

Theft: 2033 Cuda Court – A male reported that his son’s cellphone was either lost or stolen and the SIM card from that phone was currently being used by an unknown suspect.

Burglary / Theft: Fodor Drive: A construction crew discovered that an installed and fully functioning tankless water heater had been stolen from one of their homes under construction. The water heater was mounted and was fully functional and it appears that the water heater was removed by a professional worker.

Menacing / Mental Health Hold: Nesting Eagles Way – A male got into a verbal altercation with several members of his family. The male picked up a pair of scissors and made threats. It is believed the male was possibly having a diabetic incident or was otherwise experiencing symptoms of undiagnosed dementia according to the family. The male was transported to the hospital by his son and placed on a mental health hold. Charges will be screened with the District Attorney because of the male’s age and medical issues.

Suspicious Activity: Preserve Drive / W County Road 10 – A juvenile female reported that a white SUV driven by a white female in her late 30s or early 40s pulled up to the bus stop and offered to give the kids a ride to Turner Middle School, stating the bus was running late. The female was described as having dark, almost reddish, long hair in a ponytail and was unknown to the children at the bus stop. The female driver left when the school bus arrived on time to pick up the kids.

Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft: High Mountain Drive – A black gooseneck trailer with a drop deck loaded with several concrete forms was stolen from a construction site.

Harassment / Domestic Violence: River Glen Way – A female was in a heated argument with her husband on the back porch of their residence. During the argument, she grabbed a patio chair and threw it at the male, striking him in the left elbow. The male had a complaint of pain but stated there were no visible injuries and refused to show deputies his elbow. The female was booked at the Larimer County Jail for Harassment and Domestic Violence.

Thursday, November 18

Harassment / Second-Degree Criminal Tampering / Theft / Domestic Violence: Indiana Avenue – A male pushed his fiance, out of the house at 0500 hours, took the garage door opener, and the house keys off her key ring, and locked her out of their house before going to work. The male was contacted by deputies and the male chose not to turn himself in. An arrest warrant has been written for the male’s arrest.

Shoplifting: Berthoud – Two juveniles were issued summonses and then trespassed for Shoplifting from a Berthoud business.

Mental Health: Berthoud – A female reported that her juvenile daughter was yelling that she wanted to kill herself. While the mother was on phone with the Larimer County Communications Center, the daughter climbed on the roof with a pair of scissors, threatening to harm herself. Deputies contacted the juvenile and de-escalated the situation. The juvenile was then taken to the hospital and placed on a mental health hold.

Friday, November 19

Follow-Up to Harassment / Domestic Violence: Waterman Street – A male was contacted regarding a harassment investigation. The male admitted to repeatedly contacting the victim and admitted to calling her from blocked numbers. The male was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Warrant Arrest: Berthoud Parkway / Highway 287: A male was contacted at this intersection laying on the ground, who stated he needed an ambulance due to feeling ill and admitted to methamphetamine use. Medical responded and transported the male to the hospital. An attestation was completed for the male, as he has a warrant for his arrest. Once released from the hospital, he was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: S Highway 287 / County Road 2E: A vehicle collided with another vehicle while changing lanes. Both vehicles were towed from the scene. A citation was issued for Careless Driving to the at-fault driver.

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: S Highway 287 / White Water Court – A vehicle rear-ended another vehicle that was stopped due to another motor vehicle accident that occurred at Highway 287 and County Road 2E. Both vehicles sustained heavy damage and vehicles were towed from the scene.

Burglary / Theft: Fodor Drive: A second installed and fully functioning tankless water heater was stolen from another home under construction. The neighborhood was placed on the extra-patrol list.

Motor Vehicle Accident with Injuries: 2nd Street / Bunyan Avenue: A male driver was traveling westbound on Bunyan Avenue and began to turn southbound onto 2nd Street. He did not see a vehicle that was driving eastbound on Bunyan Avenue and they collided with each other. The male driver was issued a summons for Careless Driving.

Saturday, November 20

Unlawful Possession of Schedule II & III Controlled Substance/ Third-Degree Assault / Criminal Impersonation / Attempt to Influence a Peace Officer / Obstructing / Eluding/ Driving Under Restraint / Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/ Violation of Bond Conditions / Domestic Violence: S Highway 287 – A female reported she was punched in the face and the back by her boyfriend. While being treated by medical staff, she received a text message from her boyfriend, stating he wanted to talk. She agreed to meet him, and he responded by stating he would kill the cops if this was a set-up and they showed up. A deputy observed the vehicle and a high-risk traffic stop was conducted. The male then took off towards Welch Avenue. A deputy performed a Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT) on the vehicle and a second high-risk stop was conducted. The male was non-compliant with commands to exit the vehicle until K9 arrived. Once in custody, the male repeatedly stated he was his brother and continued to provide a false name to deputies. Medical arrived to evaluate him and the male then provided false information including his social security number and was admitted to the hospital under the false name. A baggie was located on the driver’s floorboard with 2 Xanax pills and fentanyl. Additionally, the female requested her backpack from the vehicle. While searching the female’s backpack, 1.5 grams of methamphetamine was located as well as drug paraphernalia and additional fentanyl pills. The female was found to be currently on bond. Both individuals were booked into the Larimer County Jail.

Speeding / Unregistered Vehicle / Driving Under Restraint / Warrant: N County Road 23 / John Galt Drive – A male was stopped for speeding (71/50) and driving an unregistered vehicle with no plates. It was found that the male’s driver’s license was suspended and he also had a warrant out of Weld County for his arrest. The male was transferred to the Weld County Sheriff’s Office for transport to the Weld County jail and he was summonsed for traffic charges.

Obstruction of Telephone Service / False Imprisonment / Domestic Violence: Woodcock Street – A female reported that the night prior her ex-boyfriend took her phone and held her against her will. Deputies were unable to contact the male at the apartment or by phone. The female was no longer in danger and was provided with a victim’s advocate pamphlet. Warrant ot be sought for male’s arrest.

Sunday, November 21

Violation of Protection Order / Violation of Bond Conditions (x2): SE 4th Street – A male called in a verbal disturbance regarding a female. There was an active protection order between the two parties with the male being the protected party. The female was also on bond for two other active cases where she is not to consume alcohol. The female admitted to consuming alcohol and was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

November 22 – 28

Monday, November 22

Located Juvenile Runaway: Berthoud – A 14-year-old runaway from Loveland was located at a residence in Berthoud. The juvenile was transported and released to a parent.

Missing and Located Person: Tabor Street – An adult male was called in as a welfare check by the family. Deputies conducted a search of the home after the sliding door was found open and he was not located inside. The man was later located at his residence several hours later after he was given a ride home from the pharmacy by a friend. He was having technical difficulties with his cell phone preventing him from receiving and returning calls to his concerned family. His family was contacted and advised the man was safe.

Tuesday, November 23

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: Highway 287/West County Road 8 – Male driver reported he was traveling on Highway 287 near West County Road 8 and a truck pulling a trailer in front of him lost his load and some of the drywall damaged his vehicle. The man reported that the other driver did stop and provided his insurance information and contact information.

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: Mountain Avenue – A woman reported another vehicle backed into her vehicle in a business parking lot. The woman stated she exchanged information with the other driver.

Wednesday, November 24

Weaving/Obstructed Plate/Eluding/Obstruction/Possession of a Controlled Substance/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Trespassing/Warrant: Berthoud Parkway/Water Avenue – A traffic stop was initiated on a black and gray spray-painted sedan. The vehicle fled eastbound on Water Avenue and a Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT) maneuver was successfully used to stop the pursuit. The driver fled the scene on foot. Two passengers in the vehicle and were summonsed for user amounts of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia. The driver was located early in the morning and was arrested after the homeowner woke up to a security camera notification that an individual had entered their yard and window well around 0140 hours. The driver of the vehicle was found still hiding in the window well and taken into custody. He was treated on scene for cold exposure and admitted to being the driver during the pursuit and fleeing on foot from the vehicle after the PIT maneuver. The man was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Trailer Theft and Recovery: Capitol Reef Street – A man reported his car hauler trailer was stolen at 0608 hours. The trailer was later located and recovered in Longmont. Neighbors are checking for any footage of the suspect vehicle.

Thursday, November 25

Criminal Mischief: West County Road 14 – A male resident found his vehicle’s rear window broken, as an unknown suspect threw a rock through it.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)/DUI Per Se/Speeding: West County Road 8/North County Road 21 – A male driver was observed speeding and brake checked a deputy when the patrol vehicle attempted to catch up to the male driver to read the license plate. The man was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Speeding/Operated an Uninsured Vehicle/Warrant: Highway 287/Berthoud Parkway – A male driver was stopped for speeding. He had no insurance and had a warrant out of Weld for driving without insurance. The man was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Friday, November 26

Disturbance: West County Road 14 – A man and woman got into a physical disturbance in front of the woman’s family members. All parties confirmed that there has never been an intimate relationship between the two. Neither the man nor the woman wished to pursue charges. The woman was cleared on the scene by medical personnel.

Disturbance/Mental Health Hold: Berthoud – A male juvenile was in a fight with his sister. Nothing criminal could be substantiated; however, the male juvenile disclosed he has been suicidal for the last month. The juvenile was taken to the hospital for a mental health hold and mental health co-responders were notified and responded.

Saturday, November 27

Unattended Death: Cabestro Avenue – A 91-year-old woman was found deceased in her bed by family members early in the morning due to natural causes.

Suspicious Circumstances/Possible Stalking: South Highway 287 – A woman reported her Apple iPhone sent her notifications that her location was being tagged by an unknown device. Screenshots were taken of her phone indicating the tagging of her location. Possible Apple Air Tags were being used to detect her location on her vehicle. No foreign devices were found after a consent search of her vehicle.

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident/Careless Driving: Redwood Circle – An adult female driver was getting driving lessons from a friend when she crashed into a fence and a shed. Summons issued for Careless Driving.

Sunday, November 28

Third-Degree Assault/Domestic Violence/Second-Degree Assault on a Peace Officer x4/Second-Degree Assault on EMS (Paramedic) x2/Resisting Arrest x2/Obstructing a Peace Officer x2/Minor in Possession of Marijuana Paraphernalia: West County Road 14 – A juvenile male and female were called in for a disturbance and became combative with law enforcement immediately upon contact. The male juvenile fought, kicked, and bit deputies and was taken into custody. While sitting in the patrol vehicle, the male began to experience a possible seizure. Medical personnel responded to the scene to evaluate and tend to the juvenile. While en route to the hospital via ambulance, the male assaulted two paramedics. After being cleared medically, the juvenile was transported directly to a juvenile detention center. The female party was taken into custody after a short altercation with deputies and booked at the Hub. She was later released to her guardians. Deputies suffered only minor injuries from the altercation and both juveniles were uninjured.

Warrant Arrest: East Highway 56 – A woman was contacted and found to have an outstanding misdemeanor warrant. Booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Warrant Arrest: Highway 287/Berthoud Parkway – A man was contacted and found to have an outstanding misdemeanor warrant. Booked at the Larimer County Jail.

November 29 – December 5

Monday, November 29

Harassment/Neighbor Problems: Murrlet Street – A resident reported problems with his neighbor and their dogs. The two neighbors confronted each other and an unknown third male came up onto the reporting party’s property and took a swing at the resident.

Runaway and Returned Juvenile: Berthoud – A thirteen-year-old juvenile male ran away because he said he did not feel wanted at home. He walked around the businesses on Mountain Avenue. He was found and a referral was made to Child Protection Services.

Vehicle Trespass x3/Theft/Criminal Mischief/Second Degree Criminal Trespass: Versaw Court – A local business had three work vans broken into over the weekend. The suspect cut a hole in the chain-link fence to gain entrance to the property. Miscellaneous tools were taken with a value estimated to be $10,000, with an added estimated $3,000 worth of property damage to chain link fences and broken vehicle windows.

Tuesday, November 30

Suspicious Circumstances – Possible Burglary/Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substance: Mountain Avenue – A male was seen prying the door open to a local business and going inside. The male was stopped a few blocks away and stated he was an employee, and another neighbor knows the male to work at the business from time to time. Methamphetamine was taken off the male after he was detained on a high-risk stop.

Wednesday, December 1

Possession of a Weapon by a Previous Offender: Mountain Avenue/North Berthoud Parkway – A male driver was stopped for not displaying registration on his vehicle. He was found to have a pistol in the vehicle and was currently on parole. A vehicle search led to drug paraphernalia and a suspicious item wrapped in tape with a fuse. Members from the Bomb Squad responded to assist. After examination, the item was found to be fireworks wrapped in tape.

Thursday, December 2

Vehicular Eluding: Highway 287/County Road 10E – A sport bike eluded a deputy when a traffic stop was initiated. A pursuit was not started due to public safety concerns.

Friday, December 3

Violation of a Restraining Order: Victoria Street – A male was contacted during a missing student investigation. The male was found to be violating a protection order with a female also located at the house. The student was found safe at home.

Overdose/Assist to Medical: 2nd Street – An adult male called 911 after he used cocaine, LSD, and Xanax at the same time and felt that he was having a medical emergency as a result. The male was transported to the hospital and the Northern Colorado Drug Task Force was notified and responded to the scene.

Missing Person: Navajo Place – An elderly male was reported as missing. The family reported that they last heard from him on Thanksgiving. No known current address. The male is bipolar but is not suspected to be off his medication.

Saturday, December 4

Lost and Recovered Property: Evening Breeze Drive – A male called to report a lost handgun. He stated that the gun was in his vehicle the last time he saw it after they took a trip to the mountains and he thinks he may have placed it on the roof of the vehicle and it slid off. The handgun was entered in as lost by Larimer County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch. Shortly after entering the handgun as lost, it was located in custody at the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office as found property.

Theft: 7th Street Place – A resident reported his 1987 Colorado antique license plate was stolen from his fence. The plate numbers are 1204 and the license plate is red and white.

Suicidal Threats: Capitol Reef Street – Two different individuals called in a welfare check on a male after he made suicidal comments over text to them. Due to the male being very anti-law enforcement, phone calls were placed to the male; however, contact in person was not attempted for safety concerns. Further investigation found that the male is currently incarcerated in Denver for First-Degree Assault on a Peace Officer.

Suicide/Assist to Medical: Sunbird Lane – A male was found hanging in a shed behind this residence by family members. Medical personnel arrived and began life-saving measures. The male was transported to the hospital, where he was later pronounced deceased. Nothing suspicious was observed on the scene, and it was an apparent suicide. Investigations responded.

Sunday, December 5

Mental Health Hold: Meadowlark Drive – A female called 911 and appeared to be suffering from a manic episode. She was placed into protective custody and transported to the hospital for a mental health hold.

December 6 – 12

Monday, December 6

Criminal Mischief: Cedar Drive – A resident reported someone damaged the library box he has by his mailbox. Second occurrence. No suspects.

Cold Theft: Night Sky Drive – A rear license plate was stolen off a vehicle. The victim was unsure when the plate was stolen.

Fraud: 2nd Street – A resident called in and stated she received a phone call from an “Amazon representative,” who advised that somebody was attempting to use their Amazon Prime account to purchase a sofa. The scammer advised the resident to supply their Venmo account number to receive a refund and enter the sum of -$500. Instead of credit, the account was debited $500.

Fraud: 7th Street – A resident called and advised they received a call from somebody claiming to be with Apple, who wanted to confirm a purchase the resident did not make, leading the resident to believe they had fraudulent charges made to Apple. The scammer advised them to purchase $6,000 in Apple gift cards and provide the Apple gift card numbers in order to dispute the invoice. Victim out $6,000.

Suspicious Circumstances: Mountain Avenue: Two male drivers were involved in a road rage incident on Highway 56. One driver confronted the other driver on Mountain Avenue. Conflicting information and the deputy was unable to determine charges at this time.

Tuesday, December 7

Second-Degree Criminal Tampering x2/Criminal Mischief/Domestic Violence: Big Empty Place – A male and female were in a verbal disturbance when the male broke two doors, attempted to throw a Christmas tree out the window, dismantled property in their garage, and also turned electrical breakers off to the house. The male admitted that he did all this to cause an inconvenience and annoyance to the female. While in-route to the jail he wrapped the seat belt around his neck in an attempt to harm himself. He was booked uncooperative.

Driving Under the Influence: Highway 287/North Berthoud Parkway – A male was contacted in the driver’s seat of his vehicle, passed out west of the intersection of Highway 287 and North Berthoud Parkway. The male was booked in at the Larimer County Jail for Driving Under the Influence.

Wednesday, December 8

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: Highway 56 – A semi-truck backed into another semi-truck in a parking lot. No injuries and drivers exchanged information.

Cold Theft: Bimson Avenue: A bike was stolen from a bike rack outside an apartment complex. The bike was locked up and the lock was cut. No suspects at this time.

Vehicle Theft: Pyramid Peak Street – An older model Dodge Ram was stolen from the residence. The truck was locked and keys were not in the vehicle.

Thursday, December 9

Criminal Mischief/Domestic Violence: 2nd Street – A female reported that her husband damaged her personal belongings during an argument at their home. The male was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Suspicious Circumstances: Woodcock Street – A female was cursed at by a male, who had been playing loud music after she asked him to turn down the music. The male was in his vehicle in the parking lot of the complex. The female asked for the incident to be documented and did not want to pursue charges. The male refused to come to his door and speak with the deputy.

Fraud/Identity Theft: Jones Place – A male reported that several transactions were made to his checking account using his checking and routing numbers, as well as the address on his checks. The male was credited by his bank and is not out any money

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: East Highway 56/County Road 7 – A semi-truck was driving westbound on Highway 56 and another vehicle was driving behind it. The semi-truck slowed to make a right turn onto Weld County Road 7 and because it was a semi, it had to make a wide turn. The vehicle behind the semi did not notice that the semi was turning and went to the right onto the shoulder to avoid hitting the semi, clipping the front right bumper of the semi. The vehicle then spun around and went down into the ditch on the northwest corner of Highway 56 and County Road 7. The at-fault driver was issued a summons for Careless Driving.

Friday, December 10

Disorderly Conduct: West County Road 14 – A male threw dog feces at another male during a verbal disturbance. Follow-up is ongoing.

Saturday, December 11

Hit and Run Motor Vehicle Accident: Mountain Avenue – A female’s parked vehicle was hit by an unknown vehicle between 9 am and 5 pm, causing damage to the passenger side.

Lost Property: 10th Street (Dog Park) – A female reported that she lost her wallet, which contained identifying information and three bank cards.

Found Property: 4th Street – A good Samaritan found the lost wallet from the above entry and turned it into the Sheriff’s Office at the Berthoud Town Hall for the owner to pick up.

Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI)/Driving Wrong Way – Highway 287 & 1st Street – A male was contacted driving north on the southbound off-ramp. Booked for DWAI at the Larimer County Jail.

False Imprisonment/Third-Degree Assault/Obstruction of Telephone Services/Domestic Violence: Mount Massive Street – A female threw a ceramic cup at her boyfriend, striking him in the head and causing pain. She then locked him in the garage of the residence as he was packing his things to leave. The female locked and barricaded the interior garage door and turned off power to the automatic door and the automatic door was incapable of being manually lifted. The male was locked in the garage for approximately four to five hours before someone contacted 911. The female admitted to throwing the male phone outside during this incident, so he was unable to call for help. She was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

December 12 – 18

Sunday, December 12

Vehicle Theft: Bunyan Avenue – A vehicle was stolen from a local business. Keys were left in the vehicle and the vehicle was unlocked. The investigation is ongoing.

Violation of Protection Order: Likens Drive – Male was arrested for violating a Protection Order and contacting the protected party via social media.

Monday, December 13

Weapons Complaint: 3800 East Highway 56 – Two male drivers got into an argument about the length of time one driver was taking to fuel up his rig. The other driver felt threatened and produced a pistol. Video from the business and a driver’s dash camera showed that correlated the account of the story. No charges were deemed appropriate.

Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately (REDDI) Report: Bunyan Avenue – A female driver was called in as a REDDI report for driving erratically and aggressively. She was contacted in front of Berthoud Elementary after she pulled into the posted bus lane. There was no detection of alcohol use and she was indifferent when her driving behavior was discussed. The female driver was released on a verbal warning.

Tuesday, December 14

Criminal Mischief: Cedar Drive – A resident reported that individuals, possibly juveniles, broke his library box on his property for the third time. Suspects were caught on camera.

Wednesday, December 15

Deputies went from call to call all day long, with several tractor-trailers blowing over on Highway 287 and I-25 causing road closures, power lines going down, some causing fires, trees blocking roadways and falling on houses, buildings having roofs blow off, fires, a reported (but unfounded) tornado, numerous reported but unfounded fires and smoke reports, and more.

Fraud: 2nd Street – Local business reported an individual attempted to use a fake identification card to purchase goods. The identification card was turned over to deputies.

Thursday, December 16

Possible Sex Offense: Franklin Avenue – A resident reported another 98-year-old resident came into her room at night and groped her. The resident did not wish to pursue charges. Investigations were consulted and a Victim’s Rights Team pamphlet was left for the victim.

Recovered Stolen Vehicle: Berthoud Peak Drive /High Mountain Drive – A red S-10 pickup was dumped at this intersection sometime during the day. The ignition was punched and the front end was damaged. The truck was stolen out of Longmont.

Detox Hold: 2nd Street – A female resident reported a disturbance in which nothing criminal was substantiated. The female was heavily intoxicated and transported to the hospital for an evaluation and detox hold.

Stolen Trailer: Welch Avenue – A male reported his dual axle dump trailer was stolen from in front of his house sometime in the last 72 hours.

Friday, December 17

Motor Vehicle Accident without Injuries: County Road 8/North Highway 287- A female driver ran into the back of another vehicle that was stopped at a yellow light at this intersection. Drivers exchanged information and a verbal warning was issued.

Stolen and Recovered License Plate: Woodcock Street – A resident reported finding a license plate on her vehicle that did not belong to her and her license plate was stolen. The plate was reported stolen out of the Lakewood Police Department. The recovered plate was seized and the resident’s plate was entered as stolen.

Warrant Arrest: Franklin Avenue – A male was contacted after peering at his neighbor’s house through binoculars. He was arrested on a warrant and possible charges are forthcoming for the referenced incident.

Saturday, December 18

Motor Vehicle Accident with Injuries: East Highway 56/Weld County Road 7 – A male was driving his work truck west on Highway 56 having just passed Weld County Road 7 when he choked after taking a drink of water causing a coughing fit & subsequent loss of consciousness coming to being bounced around after vehicle left the road to the south careening through a concrete culvert & property fence line on East Highway 56. The property owner was notified. The vehicle was towed as it was undrivable. No evidence of alcohol/drugs. The driver sustained a minor injury to his back and was transported to the hospital.

Motor Vehicle Accident without Injuries: East Highway 56/Weld County Road 7 – A driver slowed down for the above accident and was rear-ended by another driver. There were no injuries and both vehicles were drivable. The driver that was hit was cited for not having a driver’s license and the at-fault driver was summonsed into court for Following Too Close.

Trespass Notice: Mountain Avenue – A business requested a trespass notice be issued to a former employee after the former employee smeared feces in the parking lot of the business.

December 19 – 25

Sunday, December 19

Cold Theft: West County Road 6 – Unknown suspect unscrewed a self-serve honey stand at end of the resident’s driveway and took the stand apart.

Motor Vehicle Accident without Injuries: Mountain Avenue/3rd Street – A dump truck pulling a flatbed trailer with a front-end loader on it was traveling west on Mountain Avenue near 3rd Street when it crossed the railroad crossings. A concrete crossing panel for the railroad caught on the undercarriage of the trailer causing it to rip out of the ground and the trailer to get stuck. This is the second time in 2021 that this has happened at this specific railroad crossing with trucks and trailers trying to cross and getting caught on the crossing itself. Burlington Northern Railroad Police responded to the scene as well.

Monday, December 20

Menacing: 1st Street/Bunyan Avenue – A male reported that an early 2000s silver car cut him off and flashed a pistol at him. He was unable to provide a license plate for the suspect vehicle, and there are no suspects at this time.

Family Problems: Michigan Avenue – A female resident called to report her 15-year-old daughter pushed and scratched her in a physical altercation. The 15-year-old female has severe anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The mother did not want to pursue criminal charges. The daughter calmed down and spoke to mental-health co-responders and a safety plan was put into place and more follow-up was done later in the day when another verbal altercation took place. Deputies referred the mother and daughter to the Family Resource Center.

Motor Vehicle Accident: North Berthoud Parkway/Woodcock Street – A male driver was traveling in the right-hand lane of the roundabout at Berthoud Parkway and Woodcock Street when a female driver crossed the lane line as the lanes merge from two to one and struck the rear quarter panel of the male driver’s vehicle. The male driver stated that a female was driving but fled the scene in a different vehicle that a family member arrived in. Those occupants were later contacted and a male stated he was driving and the female was the passenger. Both individuals had revoked driver’s licenses. The driver that was hit was cited for driving on a revoked license and claims that the female struck his vehicle when merging. The vehicles had minor damage and paint transfer on them. More follow-up to be conducted.

Tuesday, December 21

Suspected Drugs: Franklin Avenue – An employee at a business had a reaction to Xanax, which she took earlier in the day. The female was conscious and talking when deputies and medical arrived. The female stated she bought the Xanax from an unknown male and it was unknown if it was laced with something. The Northern Colorado Drug Task Force was notified.

Assist to Evans Police Department: Weld County Road 44/Weld County Road 11 – Deputies assisted Evans PD in arresting a male who was wanted for second-degree assault/strangulation and domestic violence out of their jurisdiction. Deputies used an unmarked vehicle for surveillance and then assisted with the contact team where the male was taken into custody at a job site.

Assist to Child Protection Services: Berthoud – Contact was made with the parent, as an ongoing assist to CPS (Child Protection Services), to assist with serving an order to remove a 13-year-old from the home. The parent agreed to meet CPS and deputies at the Berthoud Town Hall, where placement for the child was made.

Wednesday, December 22

Nothing of Significance to Note

Thursday, December 23

Warrant: Meadowlark Drive – A male was contacted and booked on a misdemeanor warrant.

Hit and Run: Wrangell Lane/Canyonlands Street – A female drove an RV through a park at this intersection, destroying two trees, before stopping in the area of Kansas Avenue and 5th Street. The at-fault driver was summonsed to court.

Family Problems: Berthoud: 13-year-old juvenile walked away from home after a family argument. She was located walking to a friend’s house a few hours later.

Friday, December 24

Assault: Capitol Reef Court – A female and her boyfriend were involved in a physical disturbance with a male after a vehicle rolled down the street, striking a neighbor’s van. After several interviews, none of the involved parties wanted to press charges, all hoping to get back to celebrating the holidays.

Saturday, December 25

Vehicle Theft: Woodcock Street – A male reported his red 1997 Honda Civic was stolen from the parking lot of his residence.

Trespasser: Sheriff’s Office Substation – A trespasser was spotted on the security camera inside the sheriff’s office substation sitting at Sargent Anderson’s desk. Image attached.MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Berthoud Squad!

December 26 – 31

Sunday, December 26

Stolen Vehicle Recovery: Woodcock Street – Northglenn Police Department recovered a stolen red 1997 Honda Civic that was stolen on 12/25/21 from Woodcock Street in Berthoud. The vehicle was recovered and unoccupied and a hold was placed to be processed. No suspect information at this time.

Monday, December 27

Neighbor Problems: 2nd Street – Continuing neighbor problems. Both parties were advised to not speak to each other anymore.

Tuesday, December 28

Vehicle Trespass: Sun River Road – A resident’s vehicle was broken into. A diaper bag and a pair of sunglasses were taken.

Fraud: East Colorado Avenue – A resident called and stated she received an email from a computer security service who advised she was to receive a refund of $300 but they accidentally put $3,000 into her account and she needed to pay them back $2,700 in gift cards. After calling her bank, her bank advised her somebody moved $3,000 from her savings account to her checking account. The resident was not out any money.

Wednesday, December 29

Harassment: 6th Street Court – A female pushed her ex-boyfriend during an argument. The female was subsequently booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Cold Burglary: 2nd Street – A male reported an unknown suspect cut the lock to his self-storage unit and stole a car stereo system. No suspect information at this time.

Thursday, December 30

Motor Vehicle Accident: Mountain Avenue – A motorist was eastbound on Mountain Avenue near 3rd Street and stopped for a pedestrian in the crosswalk. The driver behind the stopped motorist rear-ended the vehicle. A summons was issued to the at-fault driver for Careless Driving.

Burglary/Criminal Mischief: Clayton Place – An unknown suspect broke into a business and stole electronic equipment.

Domestic Violence/Resisting Arrest/Harassment/Criminal Mischief: West County Road 14 – A male pushed his husband after an argument in addition to breaking a window and personal items. He then resisted arrest. Booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Motor Vehicle Accident: Mount Meeker Avenue – A male driver crashed a Chevrolet Malibu into the rear and front left side of a parked, unoccupied Ford F-250 causing extensive damage to the Malibu and moderate damage to the F-250.

Friday, December 31

Mental Health Hold: Stilt Street – An adult female left this address on foot after attempting to hang herself in the basement following a family disturbance. The female was reportedly laying in the road waiting for a truck to hit her after leaving the residence. She was subsequently placed on a mental health hold at the hospital.

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