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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Election a turning point in Law Enforcement

This election is a turning point in Law Enforcement in Larimer County. This is why we must elect a Sheriff who puts the Law first. Al Ohms is not that man.

Campaign finance reporting and open campaign finance records are vital to the democratic process. Both the Colorado Constitution and Colorado Statutes recognize that it is important to for the electorate to see who is funding our candidates.

County candidates were required to file their first campaign finance report on July 20, 2010 for the period of October 29, 2009 through July 15, 2010.

Democratic Sheriff Candidate Al Ohms has failed to file any report.

Ohms is running to be the top law enforcement officer in Larimer County, yet he and his campaign fail to comply with Colorado statues (1-45-108, 1-45-109, C.R.S). This raises several questions: Why should voters support a candidate who claims he will enforce the law while failing to follow the law himself? Is this an insight into how his administration will be run? Is he hiding something? Or is this just another example of Al Ohms deciding that rules and laws don’t apply to him?

Nathan Morimitsu
Fort Collins, Colorado

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