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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Police Beat — Nov. 6, 2008

Tuesday, Oct. 28

Police stopped a car shortly before 1 a.m. for running a stop sign. The driver was intoxicated and refused to take the tests. He was taken into custody without incident, but kicked the officer in the chest while he was buckling the offender’s seat belt and left a footprint on his uniform shirt. The driver was taken to the Larimer County Detention Center (LCDC) and charged with failing to stop, driving under the influence and 3rd Degree assault.

A vehicle was entered in the 100 block of E. Indiana Ave.

A man reported a possible municipal violation when he saw leaves being blown into the street in the 900 block of Seventh St.

A resident of the 1000 block of Sixth St. found a stray dog running with his dog in the front yard. The dog had no identification and the resident could not locate an owner in the area and so called the police. The dog had a collar, but the officer found that it was too tight, as if the dog had outgrown it, so he removed it. The dog was turned over to animal control.

A man in the 400 block of Iowa Ave. reported he did not have much water pressure and would like to know what is going on.

A Sixth St. resident came home to a loose dog in his front yard. He captured the medium sized brown and white animal and put it on a chain. There was no collar or contact info.


Wednesday, Oct. 29

Driving without a license can get you in trouble. An officer on patrol noted a local woman driving whom he was aware had a revoked license. As he followed the car he noted the plates were expired and he stopped the car. The driver said she didn’t know why she was being stopped, but a check showed that her driver’s license was revoked; her vehicle was not registered and was not insured. This was sufficient to take her to the LCDC and for her car to be towed to another location.

A Berthoud High School student was cited for being disruptive at school.

A warning was issued in the case of the dog barking in the backyard on E. Colorado Ave.


Thursday, Oct. 30

A caller at 10 p.m. complained that the “water company” was doing heavy construction work at the corner of Sixth St. and Mountain Ave. The equipment was very loud and she thought it was too late for them to be doing that. The dispatch listed this as “Noise/Party—Water Department.” No further information. 


Friday, Oct. 31

A pony was reported on County Road 23, but was not there when police arrived.

Another missing cell phone was reported at the high school.

A barking dog was reported in the 300 block of Second St.

Several male juveniles in dark clothing were reported stealing signs on South Ninth St.


Saturday, Nov. 1

A traffic stop at Sixth St. and Bunyan Ave. at 1:56 a.m. ended with one person in custody and a towed vehicle.

Items were taken overnight from a vehicle parked on E. Michigan Ave.

A lady who lives near the McCarty/Fickel House Museum had second-hand information that her cat was locked inside the screened porch. The police responded to help.

A resident near Fourth St. and Massachusetts Ave. reported a chronic barking dog in a car. She had contacted the owners who said the dog was fine, but she thought it would not be barking like that unless it was in “distress.”

A dog wearing a guide dog collar wondered into Dean’s Furniture. The dog was returned to its owner.

A driver reported that someone hit his car while it was parked on Mountain Ave. There are no suspects.

A liquor store on Mountain Ave. had its front window broken. 


Sunday, Nov. 2

Two Pitt Bulls running north on Fifth St. were gone when the officer arrived.

Police were unable to locate two Chocolate Labs running loose on Franklin Ave.

A resident in the 1000 block of Third St. found two Labs but was only able to catch one of them.

A caller from Marshall Ave reported two barking dogs on Jay Pl. She thought they sounded like something was wrong with them.


Monday, Nov. 3

A resident of the 600 block of Seventh St. reported a possibly injured raccoon lying in the driveway early in the morning. She was worried that the children on the way to school might come in contact with the animal. The responding officer suspected the raccoon was sick with distemper and called the Humane Society to test the animal. This is the third case of a sick raccoon this year.

An unfriendly large black dog was reported loose in the front yard of a house in the 1200 block of Cedar Ave. The dog was still in the front yard when the officer arrived, but after a short confrontation ran into the back yard and then into the house where it continued to bark at the officer through the front window.


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