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Friday, May 24, 2024

Calling on Gardner to End Big Oil Subsidies


Dear Editor



On the radio, I heard a segment about Taxpayers for Common Sense and their ad campaign against Representative Cory Gardner. I don’t understand why Representative Gardner hasn’t taken a direct stand against tax subsidies for oil and gas companies. These large corporations are incredibly successful and profitable without the help of taxpayer money.

According to the new Taxpayers for Common Sense “Subsidy Gusher” Report, from 2001 to 2008, the top oil and gas companies in Colorado experienced a 316 percent increase in their profits. It is absurd that our valuable tax dollars supplement this already lucrative industry.

The oil and gas industry also spent $145 million on lobbying efforts in 2010. Clearly, this industry has ties to Washington. If the oil and gas companies can afford to dish out that much cash to lobbyists, I believe that they have no need and no right to take my money. It is time to fight back. Our politicians must step up and say no to big oil and gas companies. As he promised in his campaign, Representative Gardner must put an end to this wasteful spending. I hope he follows through on his promise of upholding fiscal responsibility.

Mr. David W. Heckert
Berthoud, Colorado

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