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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Support Senator Kevin Lundberg

Your vote for Senator Kevin Lundberg is a vote for “common sense in government.”

Kevin is against tax increases and the current level of government spending.  He knows that individual citizens make better decisions spending their money than bureaucrats.

He knows that citizens are taxed enough already, and he supports the proposed initiatives that would cut fees and taxes on income and property, and limit government borrowing.

Kevin strongly supports education, families and our children’s future.  He believes that public, charter and home schools should be equally funded and accessible to families.

Senator Lundberg served on the Select Committee on Child Welfare, and he initiated, with the help of Rep. BJ Nikkel, a follow up hearing on child welfare this past summer.

Kevin continues to help keep our neighborhoods safe from drugs, and in 2009, he was a co-sponsor of a bill reauthorizing the Meth Task Force (Senate Bill 09-231).

Senator Kevin Lundberg has run a positive campaign, based on the issues that concern us all, like defending our liberties, our families, and keeping state government within its appropriate size.  Please vote for Kevin Lundberg and “common sense in government.”


Carl Bruning Loveland

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