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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Supports Kerrigan for Board of Education





To the Editor:

Bob Kerrigan, a native Coloradoan, and Berthoud resident for the past 20 years has decided to run for School Board. Bob realizes the importance of education in achieving success. In fact, while his children were in High School and College, Bob wisely took himself back to school to earn a B.S. in Business Management. That degree has given him the best opportunity for growth in building his career and a viable business.

He knows that along with the necessary education, one must practice fiscal responsibility to remain successful. The Thompson R2J School Board approved the 2011/2012 budget this year for $154.2 million while the incoming revenue is only $143.3 million. We all know that we cannot spend more than we earn because we will run out of reserves/credit. Our households and businesses cannot operate this way and neither should the school district.

Bob has wonderful ideas for consolidating some of the existing operations thus saving us money, and spending it in more important areas- for teachers and smaller class sizes.

Please join with me in electing Bob Kerrigan to the Thompson R2J School Board in November. Here’s to making our School District more successful, transparent, and fiscally responsible.

Reggie Bossle

Loveland, Colorado


Editors note: the writer oversimplifies the school budget issue. You may read a copy of the adopted budget Here.

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