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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Things I’ll miss about Tom Vaughan

Things I’ll miss about Tom Vaughan:

1. His approachability. Tom always made time for whoever walked through the door in spite of what his schedule allowed.

2. His humble demeanor. Tom had a way of imparting his knowledge and experience in a manner that didn’t leave one feeling sorry for having asked.

3. His expertise. Tom’s experience in research methodology, archival organization, artifact storage and conservation were exemplary.

4. His accessibility. Tom could be seen at any point along Mountain Avenue conversing with any of Berthoud’s entrepreneurs or citizens. He (and his hat) became somewhat iconic to the character of Berthoud.

5. His genuine interest. In our museum, in our history, in our community and its people.

While I’m sure that your replacement chosen by the capable hands of the board will duly perform all necessary tasks, your absence will leave a void in our town. At the risk of this sounding more like a eulogy than it already does, you will be sorely missed Mr. Vaughan. Thank you for your service to Berthoud and good luck with your future endeavors!

Andy Nau

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