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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Tipton would leave leukemia-stricken child in the cold







This weekend as Rep. Scott Tipton was traveling his district, he was pressed on why he supported repealing health care reform, leaving children with cancer to the whim of the marketplace.  His answer? He doesn’t have a better plan, but still doesn’t like the Affordable Care Act. The last thing parents with sick children should be worrying about is how they will get health insurance for their children, but that’s exactly what Rep. Tipton and the Republican Party are saying – they will take away health insurance coverage for your children. Take a look: 

“Another audience member chided the Republican Party for supporting a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which he said would protect his leukemia-stricken daughter from discrimination in the health insurance marketplace. Tipton responded that the Republican Party is in favor of cheaper and better access to health care but that it shouldn’t be up to the federal government to control it.” – Steamboat Today, 1/7/12

Lauren Weiner
Deputy Communications Director
Americans United for Change

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