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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: November 2022

November 1 – 6

Tuesday, November 1

Mental Health Hold: Berthoud, a resident became suicidal after his girlfriend broke up with him. He then grabbed a kitchen knife and fled the residence and struck himself in the head with the handle causing minor injury. Transported and placed on a hold.

Theft: 3800 E Hwy 56, a worker reported a male and female entered the gas station and stole 3 iPads from an unsecured glass case. They fled in a turquoise GMC SUV and were last seen traveling southbound on I-25.

Wednesday, November 2

Animal Problem: 3800 Hwy 56, a concerned citizen called in about a horse inside a horse trailer. She said she doesn’t think a horse should be left standing through the night. Once she was educated horses sleep standing up most of the time she was not worried anymore. The bus back to the big city will be here soon.

Thursday, November 3

Criminal Impersonation / Trespass/Warrant: Mountain, a man was called in as a suspect in stealing pallets from Ace Hardware. His Truck was spotted driving westbound on Massachusetts, it drove through a field at 980 Mountain and jumped a curb to get onto Mountain Ave. A stop was initiated, and the driver provided a fake name and date of birth to avoid a warrant out of Adams County. Booked. He tried to lie about his identity and pallets, but his story just didn’t stack up.

1st Degree Trespass (Inhabited Dwelling) / Harassment: Woodcock St. a man was pounding on the door to the apartment belonging to a man and woman who live there. When the woman answered, the man pushed his way into the apartment after being told to leave and he was not welcome. He then tried to hit the male resident and a physical disturbance occurred to get this guy out of the apartment. The woman struck the man with an ASP baton. The man was booked. Beware of a woman with an ASP baton and who knows how to use it.

Friday, November 4

Family Problems: Welch Avenue, a resident reported his mother-in-law and father-in-law are divorcing and the father-in-law is very angry over things that have happened.

Fraud – Counterfeit Money: 3800 Hwy 56, older gentleman has been coming in for several weeks came in again today and gave the cashier two fake $10 bills on a $17 purchase. She noticed and told him he couldn’t accept fake money and he paid with real money and said the bank gave him the bills.

Saturday, November 5

Fraud / Identity Theft: Barela, a resident received an email stating someone bought a gift card at Target and used her target account. She did not recognize the credit card number used and thought someone may have opened a new card under her name. However, no account showed on her credit report.

Vehicular Eluding / Obstructing A Peace Officer: Hwy 287, a 48-year-old man was contacted for speeding and other traffic violations. The driver provided his driver’s license and was positively identified but would not exit the vehicle when asked to. The driver fled and a pursuit was initiated. Pursuit was terminated in Boulder County for public safety. Warrant forthcoming. 

DUI / Speeding: Hwy 287, a 22-year-old man was contacted for 102-mph in a 65-mph zone. The driver failed roadsides and completed a blood draw. Booked. He used the old excuse “I was just trying to keep up with traffic. At 3 in the morning there was no traffic.

Sunday, November 6

Vehicle Theft: CR-15C, a resident reported his “Doodle Bug” scooter was stolen. The scooter was described as all red, in “like new” condition and the fuel tank was removed.

Fictitious Display of Temporary Plate / Speeding: Berthoud Pkwy and CR 8, a 21-year-old man was stopped for speeding in a Hyundai with a temporary license plate. The plate list to a Nissan. The driver admitted to using the plate from a previous car she owned to avoid registration fees. Cited and released.

DUI / Speeding: Hwy 287, a 28-year-old man was stopped for speeding. The driver failed roadsides. Booked. 

DUI / Speeding: Hwy 287, a vehicle was stopped for speeding going 100-mph in a 65-mph zone. The driver failed roadsides. Booked. 


November 7 – 13

Monday, November 7

Warrant Arrest: 3800 E Hwy 56, a 30-year-old Denver man was contacted at this location and found to have a warrant for his arrest. Booked. 

Abandoned Vehicle: Mountain & Meadowlark, a green Cousin Eddie type motorhome was left on the side of the road for over a week. Vehicle towed away. Clark Griswold will have to do without Cousin Eddie this Christmas.

Tuesday, November 8

Unlawful Possession Schedule II Drugs / Paraphernalia: Welch Ave. a 32-year-old Loveland man was contacted at the carwash and found to be in possession of three containers with methamphetamines and paraphernalia. Booked. 

Warrant Arrest: Meadowlark Dr, a 34-year-old Longmont man was contacted and found to have a warrant for his arrest. Booked

Wednesday, November 9

Theft / Criminal Possession of Two or More Financial Transaction Devices / Criminal Possession of One or More Identification Documents: Mountain Ave, a resident reported his wallet was stolen from the Store. He said the wallet contained $100 cash, his ID, a debit card. After reviewing security footage and receipts, the suspect was determined to be a 53-year-old Berthoud woman. The woman was contacted and admitted to taking the wallet then throwing out the items on CR 2E. Some items were recovered. She was booked. 

Warrant Arrest: 3800 E Hwy 56, a 41-year-old Loveland woman was contacted and found to have a warrant for her arrest. Booked. 

Thursday, November 10

Motor Vehicle Theft / Robbery: 4th St, a resident called to report her vehicle was just stolen from her driveway. Her husband chased the vehicle on foot, opened the door and grabbed hold of the suspect. The suspect accelerated away at a high rate of speed, resulting in minimal injuries to the man’s knee. Shortly after the owner found the vehicle abandoned at on Bruce Drive. Lab responded and processed the vehicle. The vehicle was then returned to the registered owner. Please DO NOT leave your car running to warm it up especially unlocked!

Felony Warrant / Unlawful Possession of Schedule II Drugs / Paraphernalia: Bunyan Ave, license plate reader system alerted to a vehicle associated with multiple warrants for a 56-year-old Ft. Collins man was traveling south on Berthoud Pkwy from County Road 14. The License Plate Reader again alerted to the vehicle traveling south on Berthoud Pkwy from Hwy 287. Shortly after, the vehicle was found unoccupied on Bunyan Ave. Surveillance was conducted and the suspect re-entered the vehicle, was contacted and taken into custody. During a search of the suspect, a small amount of Heroin was found. A K9 sniff led to paraphernalia being found in the vehicle. Booked.

Friday, November 11

Family Problems: Joni Ln., the school health aide called LCSO to report she saw a man pulling his 8-year-old son’s hair while in the health office. Juvenile had a bathroom accident and dad had brought clothes to the school for his son. Talked to Juvenile and dad, their accounts lined out similar and no child abuse charges could be substantiated.

Saturday, November 12

Possession of Schedule II / Warrant: Mountain Avenue & Berthoud Parkway, three people were contacted for a traffic violation. two of the three were found to have warrants and were arrested. One of the arrested had user amounts of meth on her person and in her bag. Several ID cards and debit cards were found in the vehicle. The two arrested were booked,

Sunday, November 13

Mental Health: Urban Place, a man suffered what appeared to be a psychotic break and became violent towards his girlfriend’s roommates/family. The man bit one of them and ripped the shirt off another during the initial disturbance. The man had to be restrained by deputies, but he made many suicidal statements while in their presence. Ambulance transported him to the hospital where he was placed on a Mental Health Hold. The man requested numerous times that Deputies shoot him in the head and violently resisted being placed on the gurney. 


November 14 – 20

Monday, November 14

Vehicle Theft: Elm St., an unknown suspect(s) stole a 1999 Chevy S10 from the street while the engine was running to warm up the truck. There was no suspect information and Deputies could not locate the vehicle. Ring Video footage showed a blue compact sedan with a black front driver-side wheel and a silver rear driver-side wheel that may have been an accomplice.

Criminal Tampering / Harassment / Domestic Violence: Canyonlands, a couple recently ended their relationship, and she moved out with the children. He has repeatedly called and messaged her and her family members, some of which at inconvenient hours. He also gained access to her phone account, changed her password to access her voicemail as well as used her Facebook account to send messages to her friends and family. He was only able to be contacted by phone, he refused to meet in person. He was told a warrant was being issued for his arrest. How can someone do all that to another’s computer when I can’t even remember my own passwords.

Tuesday, November 15

Theft: Mt Meeker Ave, a resident had an air compressor and multiple tools stolen from his open garage. Working on getting video footage from neighbors. 

Traffic Related: Hwy 287 & CR 2E, BER – A yellow sport bike with green under glow failed to yield for a traffic stop after being observed traveling at 125 MPH. No pursuit was initiated. A motorcycle going 125 mph is what we call the next organ donor.

Shooting: 35th Street SW, two men were involved in a verbal altercation. One man pointed a revolver at the other and the two wrestled over the gun until one man was shot in the foot. I’m going out on a limb here, but I will bet alcohol was involved.

Felony Warrant: 700 Blk 7th Street, a 56-year-old man was contacted and found to have a felony warrant. Booked

Wednesday, November 16

Sex Offense: 3800 E Hwy 56, Mead PD contacted us regarding a possible sex assault that occurred at Love’s. Contacted the female victim and minimal facts interview completed. Suspect is currently in Weld County Jail for unrelated DV charges. Investigations Notified.

Warrant Arrest / Flock: Grand Market Avenue, a license plate reader alerted to a vehicle associated with a man who had warrants. Contacted at the Taco Bell that’s under construction. Booked. 

Thursday, November 17

Vehicle Crash with Injury: Hwy 287 & Berthoud Parkway, a driver failed to yield the right of way on a double yellow turn and struck another vehicle with the driver sustaining a possible spine injury. Passenger in the 1st vehicle suffered a concussion and the driver suffered broken ribs. First driver issued a summons. 

Theft: I-25 & Hwy 56, a citizen called to report that BERT, his 12ft steel Camel, was stolen from I-25/Hwy 56. The camel had stood just south of the Love’s near the billboard for the last 30 years. Possible suspect and intel show that the camel is being stashed in another part of Colorado. Follow up to be conducted. I am confident we will get this case solved on Wednesday, wait for it, “Hump Day.” You had to have seen that coming.

Friday, November 18

Warrant Arrest: 3800 E Hwy 56, a 39-year-old Casper, Wyoming woman was contacted and found to have a warrant for her arrest. Booked.

Saturday, November 19

Warrant Arrest: CR 2E & River Glen Drive, a 21-year-old Berthoud man was contacted for a traffic violation and found to have a warrant for his arrest. Booked.

Recovered Stolen Vehicle: Elm Drive, Broomfield PD recovered the stolen vehicle from Elm Drive, and arrested a 27-year-old Frederick, Colorado man.

Sunday, November 20

Warrants / Possession of Fentanyl / Paraphernalia: 3800 E Hwy 56, a vehicle was found associated with a man who had active warrants. Upon contact a man and woman were found sleeping in the vehicle with paraphernalia in plain view. Search led to discovery of the woman being in possession of 6 Fentanyl pills. The man was booked for warrants. The woman booked for the Fentanyl. 

Officer Involved Shooting / Pursuit: Starting at Hwy 56 & I-25, an LCSO deputy attempted a traffic stop of a vehicle near Highway 56 and Interstate 25. The vehicle did not stop and fled northbound on Interstate 25. The vehicle eventually exited at Crossroads Boulevard and drove eastbound. A deputy successfully executed a Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT Maneuver) near Crossroads Boulevard and Centerra Parkway causing the suspect vehicle to stop. The adult male and sole occupant of the vehicle was armed with a rifle and deputies fired their weapons at him. The suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene. No deputies were injured but please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


November 21 – 27

Monday, November 21

DUI / Speeding: Berthoud Pkwy and Hwy 287, a vehicle was stopped for excessive speed. The male driver was arrested for suspicion of DUI. Booked

Felony Warrant Arrest: Meadowlark Ave, a 29-year-old man was arrested for his warrants. Just prior to LE contact the man ingested fentanyl and was treated at the hospital. Booked at the jail after being medically cleared. 

Tuesday, November 22

Suspicious Circumstances: Nielson Place, at midnight, a resident reported a truck parked in front of their house that has been there for a couple of hours with the engine running and lights on. Contact was made with the driver who was on her phone. There is a lot that can be said but in the interest of being let in my house by the wife I digress.

Wednesday, November 23

Follow Up (Camel Theft): Highway 56 & I-25, Bert the Camel has been re-mounted back to his proper home. Just like I said last week if you remember “Hump Daaaaay”

Assist to State Patrol: CR 15 / CR 2E, CSP received a report of a black Pontiac with Iowa plates that displayed a firearm to another motorist on I-25 near exit 250. The vehicle was later seen in Berthoud. The vehicle was located and stopped, but no firearm was found. CSP completed the investigation and did not file charges at that time.

Mental Health Hold: Columbine Circle, a 51-year-old resident, who was highly intoxicated, was transported to the hospital and placed on a mental health hold after making suicidal statements.

Thursday, November 24

Warrant Arrest: Big Empty Place, a 27-year-old man was contacted for his warrants and arrested. Booked. 

Friday, November 25

Motor Vehicle Theft/Unlawful Possession of Schedule II drugs/Obstruction/Paraphernalia: Redwood Circle, a resident reported that his daughter’s 20-year-old boyfriend, took his car without permission as well as his wallet. He also reported that he found a jar with meth in the boyfriend’s backpack. He provided the jar which did have a small bag of meth. The vehicle was found at the Chilson Center and the young man was in the locker room. Booked. This is what is called a father’s nightmare of who his daughter is dating.

Assist to State Patrol / Vehicle Crash: I-25 and Hwy 56, assisted CSP with a four-vehicle-crash with injuries on the interstate.

Vehicle Crash: Mountain Ave & Meadowlark, a woman drove over the center median after she thought she was in the left turn lane for Hwy 287. 

Motor Vehicle Theft: 3800 E Hwy 56, a driver had her truck and trailer stolen while they were left unattended at a gas pump. Three suspects exited a U-Haul truck, which followed behind the truck. U-Haul engaged in a pursuit in Longmont. Truck was found in Frederick with 160 grams of meth and many ID documents. K9 trackers were unsuccessful in finding the suspects.

Burglary / Theft: Woodcock Street, a man entered another person’s residence without permission and took several items. Warrant forthcoming.

Saturday, November 26

Possible Stolen Plate: Berthoud Parkway / CR14, license plate reader hit on a stolen license plate. The entry showed the front plate was stolen. Phone contact was made with the victim, who confirmed that she was still using the rear plate and it was her vehicle that the hit was on.

Drug Paraphernalia / Shoplift / Traffic: I-25 Northbound, a driver was contacted for traffic. While in contact with him, deputies were notified that he just shoplifted from Love’s. Paraphernalia was found in the car as well as the items that were stolen. The items were returned to the Love’s and the man was issued a summons. 

Suspended License: CR15 & CR-10E, a driver was stopped for a traffic violation, and it was discovered that his license was suspended. Summonsed.

Sunday, November 27

Warrant Arrest: Meadowlark, a 30-year-old man was contacted and found to have a warrant for his arrest. Booked

Mental Health: 2nd Street, a 51-year-old man was suicidal and was transported to the hospital for a mental health hold.

Vehicle Theft: Breckenridge Drive, a 2004 silver Toyota Tacoma with a temporary Colorado tag was stolen. Suspect is a 26-year-old woman believed to be in possession of the vehicle in the Longmont area. The stolen vehicle in the case above was recovered by Longmont PD. The female suspect was arrested and booked by Longmont PD. Courtesy ride given to registered owner to recover vehicle.

DUI / Speeding: 2nd Street at Bunyan Ave, a 29-year-old woman was stopped for speeding and arrested for suspicion of DUI. Booked. 


November 28 – 30

Monday, November 28

Warrant Arrest: 3800 E Hwy 56, a 53-year-old man was contacted and arrested on his warrants. Booked. 

Vehicle Crash – Non-Injury: 2nd Street & Versaw Ct, a driver backed out of a business and hit the driver’s door of another vehicle causing minor damage. It’s that sound that no one wants to hear when backing up knowing you ran into something.

Tuesday, November 29

Vehicle Crash: Hwy 56 & County Rd 7, a two-car property damage accident. The driver that caused it was cited for careless driving.

Wednesday, November 30

Vehicle Crash – Non-Injury: Berthoud Pkwy & Hwy 287, a driver made an improper left turn on a yellow flashing arrow to travel north onto Berthoud Parkway from Highway 287. He turned in front of another vehicle who was southbound on Highway 287, resulting in a collision. The infamous yellow arrow which is called the “sucker light” because it sucks you into thinking “I can make it”.



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