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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: October 2016

Updated November 1, 2016


Saturday, October 1

Dog Bite: Fickel Park, large turnout at the park for Oktoberfest with several people bringing their dogs. Two leashed dogs get into a fight one is a pit bull and the other is an Australian Shepard miniature poodle. Two people get bit and a third sustains minor scratches trying to break up the dogs. The Australian shepherd mix has multiple puncture wounds and will be spending a few days at the vet.

Vehicle Trespass: 400 block of 5th Street: a resident reported that her vehicle was entered into and several items had been stolen. This incident occurred two to three weeks ago.

Sunday, October 2

Theft: 3rd St and Mountain Avenue, a resident left her new bicycle locked to the bike rack at the bus stop yesterday morning. When she returned to pick up the bike this afternoon the bike was gone.

Theft: 1000 block of 4th Street, an employee’s cell phone was stolen while she was working at Conoco. A customer took the cell phone and left the store.

Monday, October 3

Criminal Mischief: Berthoud Elementary, someone, possibly a delivery driver, backed into the corner of the school’s kitchen causing damage to the bricks.

Trespassing: Habitat for Humanity, 2 men were seen “dumpster diving” by the back door of the business.

Tuesday, October 4

Warrant Arrest: 500 block of South 9th Street, a 31-year-old woman was arrested for a warrant for Failure to Appear on Disturbing the Peace charge.

Wednesday, October 5

Domestic Violence / Assault / Criminal Mischief: 1500 block of 4th Street, a 46-year-old man was arrested after he assaulted his wife and broke the driver’s side window in her car.

Warrant Arrest: CR17 and Arapahoe Avenue, a 32-year-old man was stopped for speeding and found to have a felony warrant out of FCPS for assault.

Vehicle Crash: 1000 block of 1st Street, a garbage truck backed into a light pole.

Disturbance / Harassment: 800 block of Franklin Avenue, a 71-year-old man mistakenly believes that 33-year-old woman wants a relationship and was angry when she wanted no contact from him.

Thursday, October 6

Forgery: 200 block of Water Avenue, an employee reported that an unknown suspect used a forged check to attempt to purchase a couch from a company in Pennsylvania.

Disturbance: 300 block of Mountain Avenue, a 66-year-old man went into the business because he had received a letter from them and he did not want any more mail from there.

Obstructing a Peace Officer / Criminal Trespass: 300 block of E. Colorado Avenue, a 16-year-old Berthoud boy was called in as a suspicious party walking through random backyards. The original report advised it appeared as though he was under the influence. The juvenile was contacted in the alleyway just south of Colorado Avenue and refused commands to stop. He fled through several backyards. After a brief foot pursuit, he was located hiding in the backyard of the 200 block of East Iowa Avenue.

Friday, October 7

Burglary / Theft: 900 block of Kansas Avenue, a resident reported that sometime during the past week someone stole an internet radio and a pair of binoculars from their enclosed back porch.

DUI / Failed to Drive in Single Lane: CR17 and Mountain Avenue: a 67 -year-old Berthoud Woman was observed weaving and crossing over the lines and was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence.

Assault / Domestic Violence / Obstructing a Peace Officer: Arapahoe Avenue and Cheyenne Drive, a 27-year-old woman was contacted after getting into a physical disturbance with her 27-year-old boyfriend. Upon finishing the investigation, the woman started to walk away from the scene and had to be detained. Once in custody, she continued to fight with deputies.

Saturday, October 8

Trespass: 800 block of Mountain Avenue, a 66-year-old man received a letter from the bank advising him due to his recent behavior at the bank they were closing his bank account and he was no longer welcome on bank property. The man went to the bank after receiving this letter and demanded the money from his account immediately but later admitted he was upset and knew he shouldn’t be on their property.

Then 2 minutes later

Obstruction/Resisting Arrest/ Trespass: 300 block of Mountain Avenue, the same man goes to the original bank from the trespass and parks in front of the business. He goes into a neighboring business that is in the same building. When he comes out he refuses to comply with commands, and attempts to grab a Deputy.

Suspicious Circumstances: 200 block of 2nd Street, a resident reported somehow the key to her front door no longer worked. She and her husband report they have been unable to use their front door for over a month.

Sunday, October 9

Driving under Restraint / Habitual Traffic Offender / No Proof of Insurance / No Plates, a 28-year-old Loveland man was stopped for no plates on the vehicle. The man attempted to run from the stop but was caught. He said he borrowed the vehicle from a neighbor last night. He was found to be revoked HTO with 13 additional restraints. The man is on probation for Burglary and a registered sex offender. A flashlight was found in his pocket during pat-down and latex gloves were found on the seat of the truck along with a mountain bike and various tools.

Monday, October 17

Trespass/Theft/Criminal Mischief: Berthoud Peak Drive, a contractor reported someone tried to cut the lock to his trailer parked in back of a house under construction, but entered the house took several tools.

Reckless Endangerment: 900 block of Massachusetts Avenue, a 12-year-old student brought a knife to school that was found in a backpack.

Vehicle Crash / Following too Closely: Mountain Avenue & 4th Street, a 21-year-old driver was following too close and rear ended another vehicle.

Tuesday, October 18

Trespass/Theft/Criminal Mischief: 2800 block of Urban Place, a contractor reported someone cut the lock to his trailer parked on the street in front of a house under construction.

Public Nuisance / Dog Bite: 300 block of Redwood Circle., a resident’s dog bit a man and his step daughter while they rode by on their bikes.

Criminal Mischief / Suspicious Circumstances: 200 block of Mountain Avenue, an employee reported wires to multiple surveillance cameras had been cut overnight.

Attempted Arson: 200 block of Welch Avenue, a mother and her daughter were walking home from her work and noticed smoke coming from an RV/Camper parked/stored on the property. She knocked and yelled but did not see or hear anyone so she called 911. Someone set two rolls of toilet paper on fire and placed it on the dining table.

Wednesday, October 19

Vehicle Trespass: 300 block of Columbine Circle, a resident left his unlocked with his revolver in his console. The gun was the only thing taken from the vehicle. Two 13-year-old boys admitted to taking the gun and hid it.

Thursday, October 20

Identity Theft: 300 block of E Iowa, a resident reported someone used her identity to open credit cards at two stores.

Friday, October 21

Warrant Arrest: 200 block of 2nd Street, during a family problem call, it was found that a 15-year-old boy had a warrant out of Longmont.

Saturday, October 22

National Drug Take Back Day: Yielded 101 pounds of unwanted medications that will be disposed of by the DEA.

Fictitious Plates / No Valid Driver’s License / No Insurance: CR17 & Hwy 287, a 28-year-old man was stopped for a traffic violation.

Assault / Harassment / Domestic Violence: 500 block of Redwood Circle, a husband pushed his wife to the ground and threw her against a chair.

Vehicle Crash / Careless Driving Causing Injury / Driving Under Revocation: Hwy 287 & CR 10E, a 22-year-old man cut off another vehicle causing it to roll. The other driver had a broken arm and was transported to the hospital

Report Every Drunk Drive Immediately (REDDI): 3200 block of Timeless Circle, a 55-year-old woman was called in as a possible drunk driver with a 7-year-old in the vehicle driving home from Loveland.

Monday October 24

Missing Person: 1200 block of Aspen Drive, a resident called to report that his 36- year old step-son has not been seen since Friday evening when his boss dropped him off in Loveland. The step-son was later located.

Burglary / Theft / Criminal Mischief / Trespass: 200 block of Mountain Ave, a business owner called to report that someone had scaled their back fence, cut their security cameras, broke a window and reached through a hole in a wall to steel items from the business.

Vehicle Crash: Highway 287 Mile Marker 328, BER: a car was following another car too closely and when the first car slowed the second car ran into the back of the first car.

Tuesday, October 25

Vehicle Crash: 800 block of N CR 17, a Gilcrest driver failed to see that another vehicle had come to a stop because of a school bus picking up children and rear ended that vehicle.

Vehicle Crash: 700 block of 13th Street, a Berthoud resident called to report that her dog had somehow shifted the car out of park. Vehicle rolled down the driveway and struck a rental car.

Possession of Schedule I controlled Substance / Driving under the Influence of Drugs / Driving Under Restraint: CR 15 & CR12, a 33-year-old Ft. Collins Man was contacted for speeding and weaving. LSD, marijuana, and an unknown substance located.

Wednesday, October 26

Criminal Mischief / Trespass: 700 block of 3rd Street, a construction worker reported someone broke a window on a John Deere backhoe.

Warrant Arrest: 1500 block of N 4th Street, a 34-year-old woman and her 59-year-old mother both had warrants for their arrest.

Burglary / Theft / Criminal Mischief: 200 block of Mountain Avenue, took one bottle of Corona, one can of Busch Light.

Thursday, October 27

Criminal Mischief/Theft: N CR 17 & /Hwy 287, Loveland Barricade reported someone has damaged one of their notice board signs by prying the locks and destroying the computer and removing the batteries. Also two other notice boards had the locks broken and batteries removed. At the same time several callers reported road closures signs were removed or moved into the street causing a hazard. 

Warrant Arrest: 300 block of Meadowlark Drive, a 44-year-old Johnstown man was arrested on LCSO warrants.

Friday, October 28

Found Property: 600 block of 4th Street, a resident turned in a damaged white Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone.

Theft: 100 block of Mountain Avenue, a business called to report that a juvenile female stole a laptop computer.

Vehicle Crash / Hit & Run / Unsafe U-Turn: Wagon Bend Road / S. County Road 17, a Milliken man called to report that he was backed into by a female driver making an unsafe U-Turn. The driver did not wish to remain on scene and left.

Possible Restraining Order Violation: 1300 block of 4th Street, a resident called to report that a neighbor violated a Restraining Order.

Saturday, October 29

Hit and Run: 900 block of Massachusetts Ave, a Loveland woman reported someone hit her vehicle while it was parked at Turner Middle School. Someone witnessed the incident and left a note on her vehicle with the run car’s plate.

Found Child: 200 block of E Colorado Avenue, a resident reported that she had found a 2-year-old wondering in the street unattended. The resident returned the child to his home.

Sunday, October 30

Vehicle Accident: Mountain & CR 17, a driver hauling junk had some of his load spill out onto the road. As he was cleaning it up another vehicle drove by running over some of the junk damaging their vehicle.

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