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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: October 2022

October 1 – 9

Saturday, October 1

Suspicious Circumstances: Hwy 287, Several callers called and reported the gates to a business were open and the business was closed. Nothing suspicious or stolen. Owner came and locked the gate.

Family Problems: 2nd Street, a caller states ex-husband is allegedly mentally abusing her and their child. Investigation continues.

Sunday, October 2

Recovered Stolen Vehicle: CR 11 and CR 16, Driver’s door lock is punched out, ignition is punched and damaged. Kenwood stereo is stolen. A farmer who lives about 1/2 mile south of location on CR11 advised that he observed this vehicle around 8:00 this morning. A red Ford with multiple teenagers in it was seen driving on CR11 during that time but unknown if related. Battery, catalytic converter, air flow system, gas cap and gas were also stolen. I think they at least left one hubcap.

Monday, October 3

Possession of Fentanyl / Possession of Schedule II Drugs / Drug Paraphernalia: 3800 E Hwy 56 (Love’s), A man and woman were passed out in a vehicle parked in the parking lot with a license plate with no record. There was drug paraphernalia throughout the vehicle. Both subjects were awakened and removed from the vehicle. A total of 8.56 grams of meth and 83 fentanyl pills were recovered from both individuals and in the vehicle. Both booked. Confiscating 83 fentanyl pills to me are 83 lives saved from overdose.

Theft: Ranchhand Drive, a resident reported his son’s bicycle was stolen. A 15-year-old boy admitted to stealing the bicycle, but the bike is still missing. 

Tuesday, October 4

Vehicle Crash – No Injury: Mount Meeker Ave. & 13th Street, a driver had pulled over to the side of the road due to the sun glare. Another driver also had an issue with the sun glare and collided into the back of the first car. Could have been worse if he was blinded by the light from a train.

Vehicle Crash / Careless Driving: 327 Welch Avenue, a driver was eastbound on Welch Ave. when she collided into a parked car pushing it a significant distance. The driver was issued a citation. No injuries. 

Neighbor Problems / Mental Health Issue: Holmes Place, a 49-year-old man was reportedly walking around and yelling up in the sky at the planes again and playing loud music in his home. Nothing criminal yet, but the neighbors are becoming increasingly annoyed as he has been getting more obnoxious over the last few days.

Wednesday, October 5

Violation of a Protection Order: 2nd Street, a man violated a protection order after he left a mattress, headboard, and pictures on the victim’s vehicle outside her work. He left the scene but was located at Johnson’s Corner. Booked. Munchin on a cinnamon roll I’ll bet.

Thursday, October 6

Felony Warrant: Gunn Ave., a 45-year-old Berthoud woman was contacted and arrested for her warrants. Booked.

Friday, October 7

Neighbor Problem: Murrlet Street, a resident called to report his cat was tortured. His cat got loose and was trapped in a trap by the neighbor. Animal Control responded to take the cat and returned it to the resident family. Animal Control said the cat suffered minor self-inflicted injuries from the trap and the trap used was legal and the type Animal Control rents out to people. No crime was committed. I thought it was “Cat in the Hat” not “Cat in a Trap”. If Dr.

Saturday, October 8

Warrant Arrest / Possible Sex Assault: Urban Place, a young man resident reported a 15-year-old male brandished a knife while he was trying to retrieve a purse left by his 15-year-old sister at the resident’s house. However, conflicting reports were given by witnesses, no probable Cause was developed for a crime. Although the 15-year-old knife wielder had a warrant for his arrest and was booked at the HUB. 15-year-olds should not have warrants!

Sunday, October 9

Hit And Run – Property Damage: Turner Ave., a woman found her 2017 Chevy mirror was broken off sometime around 9:00 am.

Family Problems: S. CR 17, a woman and her boyfriend got into a verbal argument over infidelity. He then demanded her move out because he owned the house, but she initially refused. The woman blocked the driveway with her truck and the boyfriend moved it with a skid steer without causing damage. She claimed she was knocked over by the skid steer and her teeth were broken during the fall. However, she did not have injuries consistent with the claims. She agreed to move out, and leave. Anyone that can move a truck with a skid steer and cause no damage is a rock star.

Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft (X2) / Vehicular Eluding (X2) / Recovered Stolen Firearm / Possession Schedule II / Obstruction: Mountain Avenue / 8th Street, two trucks, a Dodge, and a Nissan, were seen following each other closely and making the same suspicious turns. The Nissan truck ran interference to prevent the deputy from getting the plate on the Dodge truck. Eventually, it was discovered the Dodge was a stolen vehicle. A stop was initiated on 287 near 19th Street SE. The Dodge ran and a pursuit was initiated. Successful spikes were deployed against the Dodge, but the pursuit was discontinued for public safety while traveling into Loveland. Shortly after deputies spotted the Nissan truck and initiated another pursuit going into Longmont where that pursuit was discontinued as it neared Longmont. A short time later Longmont found the Nissan which was an unreported steal out of Berthoud and a 23-year-old Greeley woman was arrested hiding near the vehicle. The Dodge was later found by deputies unoccupied. A stolen firearm and methamphetamine were found inside. Investigation continues.

Suspicious Activity / Racial Profiling: Wagon Bend Road, a woman was at the dog park, and she claimed she saw 2 transients in the dog park and asked them to leave. On the way to the dog park a man and woman approached the deputy stating that the Reporting Person was racially profiling the man because he is black. The man stated he lives in this neighborhood and has been asked to leave the dog park by this same woman a couple of times. Investigation continues. I though Berthoud was above racial issues. Apparently not.

October 10 -16

Monday, October 10

Theft / Vehicle Trespass: S 3rd Street, a resident had two red tool containers with approximately $1,000 worth of work tools stolen from his truck overnight. His car also had been entered, but nothing stolen.

Recovered Stolen Vehicles: Loveland, 2 stolen vehicles from Berthoud were recovered. The two tool containers with work tools from the above case were recovered from one of the recovered stolen vehicles. Multiple latent prints were lifted from the vehicles and the toolboxes. Stolen property returned to the resident.

Warrant /Domestic Violence / False Imprisonment / Harassment / Criminal Mischief / Obstruct of Phone Service / No Turn Signal: CR 14, an 18-year-old Loveland man was contacted for a traffic stop during which dispatch reported a disturbance involving this man and his girlfriend. The girlfriend alleged her boyfriend took her phone and broke it, and then prevented her from leaving the apartment by throwing her to the ground and holding her there. He was arrested on an outstanding warrant in addition to the above charges.

Burglary / Theft / Criminal Mischief: CR 14, a resident had a chainsaw and pole saw stolen from his house. Suspect is the resident’s uncle but was unable to be located at this time. Investigation continues. This case is a cut above the rest.

Tuesday, October 11

Violation of Protection Order: Singing Waters Court, a man sent an email to another person in violation of a protection order. Warrant issued and the man is expected to turn himself in on Friday.

Weapons Complaint: 3800 Hwy 56, a verbal altercation between two out of state semi-truck drivers resulted in one of the drivers displaying a pepper ball launcher type handgun. Investigation continues.

Theft / Criminal Mischief: E Michigan Ave, in the early morning hours an off-duty Longmont PD officer observed 2 subjects attempting to take a catalytic converter off a neighbor’s Prius which was up on a jack. Suspects fled the scene in a red 2-door Pontiac, Neighborhood canvas revealed another Prius had been tampered with. Crime lab notified. They left in such a hurry they left their jack, which gave us a lift in our case.

Warrant Arrest / Assist to Longmont PD: Meadowlark Drive, a 40-year-old Longmont man was arrested by Longmont Police for his warrants. Custody transferred to LCSO at Meadowlark Drive. Booked.

Wednesday, October 12

Assault: CR 14, the uncle from the earlier chainsaw theft attacked his nephew punching him multiple times and causing injury. Uncle was booked. You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your relatives.

Recovered Stolen Vehicle: CR 14, while transporting the above uncle to jail he was insinuating that his nephew “might” have dumped a stolen truck in the Campion area. Deputy went back and checked the area and located a 1988 Black Ford pickup that looked like it had been in Campion Industrial Park for a while. A clearance of the plate revealed it was stolen out of Lyons in August. Investigation continues. A scorned uncle will rat you out.

Warrant Arrest: 49th Street, a 21-year-old Loveland man was contacted in Berthoud and arrested on his warrants. Booked.

Felony Warrant Arrest: Meadowlark Drive, a 29-year-old Thornton man was contacted in Berthoud and arrested on his three warrants, booked. 

Stolen Vehicle: 6th Street, a resident’s Dodge Ram dually was stolen from the back alley of the residence. Vehicle was locked with a steering wheel club applied.

Thursday, October 13

Detox Hold: CR14, a 38-year-old man was called in for a welfare check by his mother due to his alcoholism and not being able to get a hold of him since Monday. He was contacted and was highly intoxicated and unable to care for himself. He was transported for a Detox hold. 

Vehicle Crash – Property Damage: Berthoud Parkway & Mountain Avenue, a driver attempted a U-turn at this intersection and struck the traffic light pole with a ladder mounted on the roof. The driver was not injured but the ladder did not make it. We all “rung” out our tears.

Friday, October 14

Sexual Exploitation of a Child: Berthoud, a young person reported they were videotaped in an awkward video chat in March of 2021 and is now being blackmailed with the video. investigations division notified.

Vehicle Crash – Non-Injury / Failed to Yield Right of Way: 1st Street & Bunyan Avenue, a driver turned left from Bunyan onto 1st Street. He pulled in front of another vehicle and impacted the driver’s door of the other car. Minimal damage occurred and no one was injured. The left turn driver was cited.

Assault: Redwood Circle, a 20-year-old resident man punched another 20-year-old Englewood man in the face causing pain and a bloody nose. The resident was cited for assault and released.

Saturday, October 15

Failed to Yield: CR 7, a traffic stop was attempted on a spray-painted Dodge Dart. The pursuit continued south on CR 7 to Hwy 56 and terminated after entering I-25 southbound. The driver is possibly known by law enforcement. Follow-up to collect video footage and confirm the driver’s identity. 

Sunday, October 16

Criminal Mischief / Domestic Violence: CR 14, a 25-year-old Frederick man damaged a laptop computer, TV and doorbell belonging to his longtime girlfriend during an argument. The girlfriend did not cooperate after the arrest was made. The man was booked.

Warrant Arrest (Fx2 Mx4) / Drugs / Counterfeit Cash: 3800 Hwy 56, a 45-year-old transient man was contacted and arrested for 6 warrants. Vehicle search after K9 sniff yielded user amounts of meth, drug paraphernalia, one counterfeit $100 and a realistic looking Smith & Wesson M&P airsoft gun. Booked. Fake money and a fake gun, well those aren’t fake handcuffs nor a fake jail.

October 17 – 23

Monday, October 17

Revoked License / Operated a Vehicle Without Insurance: Hwy 287, a 28-year-old female was driving with a revoked license for refusal and admitted she did not have insurance. Summonsed.

Fraud: Tabor St., a resident received a collections notice from AT&T for approximately $1,100 worth of unpaid fees she did not accumulate. She also found her credit score dropped by about 200 points. Investigation is ongoing.

Warrant: Meadowlark Drive, a 34-year-old Loveland man was picked up by Longmont PD for LCSO warrants. Booked. 

Tuesday, October 18

Assault / Harassment: 3800 E. Hwy 56, Two drivers were involved in a road-rage incident. and a physical altercation ensued, where one man tried to strike a phone out of the other man’s hand and punched him in the face. The 2nd man sustained a large laceration to his lip and was evaluated by medical. The first man was booked at Weld County Jail.

Assist / Sexual Assault: Berthoud, a juvenile female had reported to an emergency room nurse at Denver Children’s Hospital that a juvenile male had pushed her up against a building and sexually assaulted her. The female said the incident occurred in 2019 near Silver Creek High School in Longmont. Case was forwarded to Longmont PD.

Wednesday, October 19

Possession of Schedule I & II (Meth 5.8g, Heroin 10.95g, 14 Fentanyl Pills): 3800 E Hwy 56, a 38-year-old man was contacted at the Loves where he admitted to possession of the above narcotics. Booked at Weld County Jail. 

DUI: Mountain Avenue, a 40-year-old man was passed out in his car on Mountain. Failed roadsides miserably! Booked. 

Vehicle Crash / Hit and Run: N. Berthoud Pkwy & Grand Market Ave, a driver was traveling north as another vehicle crashed into the passenger side of his vehicle spinning him around, then the other driver fled. Witness got suspect plate listing to address in Longmont. Investigation continues.

Thursday, October 20

Possession of Drugs / Weapons by a Previous Offender / Suspicion of Robbery: 3800 E Hwy 56, a 23-year-old man was observed during a short stop at Loves. He was followed to Loveland where he parked. Following a K9 sniff, a search revealed a small amount of meth, 10 meth pipes, 2 empty pistol magazines and a Smith & Wesson 40cal & Walther .22cal handguns. This man is a suspect in a recent armed robbery from narcotics dealers in Ft Collins.

Friday, October 21

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage: Hwy 287, the local herd of elk were completing their morning crossing of Hwy 287 and caused three accidents. Two different elk were struck by two different vehicles and ran off to the west but were not found. A third accident occurred as traffic came to a stop due to the accidents and crossing elk.

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage / Disregard Traffic Control Device: Berthoud Pkwy & Highway 287, a driver had run the red light and collided into another vehicle. Then a 3rd vehicle collided into the back of two other vehicles. 1st driver was cited for red light violation. 

Felony Warrant / Possession Schedule II (M, Meth)/ Distribution Fentanyl: 3800 Hwy 56 – a 29-year-old man was arrested on warrants. Vehicle search yielded user amount of methamphetamine, distribution amount of fentanyl pills, and drug paraphernalia. A male passenger walked from scene prior to narcotics discovery. Warrants forthcoming.

Saturday, October 22

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage / Careless Driving: E. 2nd Street / E Michigan Avenue, a driver took the turn too close and collided into a parked vehicle. The owner of the parked vehicle was contacted and both parties were provided with the proper information. The driver was cited. 

Shoplifting: Mountain Avenue, a 31-year-old woman had concealed and consumed multiple alcoholic beverages while inside of the store. She was cited into the county for shoplifting and transported by ambulance to the hospital. 

Sunday, October 23

Possession of Schedules I & II / Paraphernalia / Revoked as a Habitual Traffic Offender / and 3 Warrants: 3800 E Hwy 56, a man was contacted as a Habitual Traffic Offender at a traffic stop, with woman who had 3 warrants. A search revealed 7 Fentanyl pills, 2 large meth crystals. Both parties booked into Weld County Jail.

October 24 – 30

Monday, October 24

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: 10th St. & Mountain Ave., a driver rear ended another vehicle after turning onto 10th from Mountain Ave.

Verbal Disturbance: 2nd Street, a man and his wife were in a verbal altercation. The man left to stay with a friend.

Burglary / Theft: Bluewater Road, an unknown suspect(s) kicked in the door at a partially finished house. Initially, it appeared no items were taken. Later, several tile installation tools and tiles were found missing. A neighborhood canvas yielded footage of a truck entering the area with its lights off between 1:30 am and 2:00 am.

Sexual Assault: Berthoud, a mother reported her 13-year-old may have been sexually assaulted by 16-year-old male. Investigations responded.

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia / Speeding: Berthoud Pkwy / Wagon Bend Road, a driver was stopped for speeding 80/65 on 287, admitted to possession of drug paraphernalia.

Tuesday, October 25

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: Berthoud Pkwy. / Woodcock St., two vehicles went through the round-a-bout at the same time in different lanes. One of the drivers veered over into the other lane forcing her to strike the curb. Her vehicle was previously damaged, and it was impossible to tell if she had new damage. The other driver admitted to driving but stated he did not know he was in a crash.

Felony Warrant Arrest: Mountain Ave, a 39-year-old Loveland woman was contacted for her 3 Felony warrants. Booked uncooperative. 

Stolen Firearm: Great Basin Court, a resident had a .22 Browning pistol stolen from his residence sometime since August. He allows parolees to stay at his residence and there is frequent visitor traffic. The suspect is unknown. More follow-up to be conducted. 

Felony Warrant Arrest: 3800 E. Hwy 56, a man and a woman were contacted and found to have homicide warrants out of El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. Both were booked. 

Warrant Arrest / Obstructing a Peace Officer: Mountain Ave, a 32-year-old man was trespassed from the property and refused to identify himself. He then was physically aggressive and had to be restrained in handcuffs. A fingerprint reader was used to verify his identity. Booked.

Wednesday, October 26

Shoplifting: 3800 Hwy 56, an unidentified man wearing a red ball cap, black hoodie and black sweatpants stole several electronic items and left the store with a shopping basket. The suspect fled east on Hwy 56 in a silver early 2000s Mercedes sedan.

Thursday, October 27

DUI / Open Container / Careless Driving: CR 4 / Rapid Court, a 21-year-old man was seen driving the wrong way down Hwy 287. He admitted to alcohol and marijuana use, and open containers were found in the vehicle. He failed roadsides and refused a blood test, so he was booked. 

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury / Following too Closely: Berthoud Pkwy & Welch Ave, a driver was driving south on Berthoud Parkway and rear-ended another vehicle while she was stopped in traffic. The first driver was involved in another crash two days prior that is still under investigation. Citations will be issued. 

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury / Following too Closely: Berthoud Pkwy. / Mountain Ave., a vehicle was stopped at the red light waiting to turn right when another vehicle rear ended him. The second driver admitted she was at fault. She was cited.

Friday, October 28

Mental Health Related: Holmes Place, a 49-year-old man was called in for yelling in his backyard. The neighbors said this happens daily and up to 6 hours during the daytime

Vehicle Trespass / Theft: Woodcock St, a resident was working in his garage when the garage door opened. He exited his garage and saw a white Dodge Pickup truck lifted with large exhaust pipes next to his Ford F150. He said he saw an unknown male suspect exit out of his vehicle and into the Dodge. Multiple items stolen out of the vehicle and the credit card was used at Circle K in Loveland.

Possession of Meth / Revoked License / Warrant: CR14, a 28-year-old man was contacted on a traffic stop. Located was 3.63 grams methamphetamine and paraphernalia. Booked.

Possession of Meth / Possession of Fentanyl: 3800 E HWY 56, a man and a woman were contacted at Loves. The man admitted to meth possession and the woman was found in possession of Fentanyl pills. Booked.

Saturday, October 29

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury / Disregard Traffic Control Device: Berthoud Pkwy & Mountain Ave, a driver ran a red light and was T-boned by another vehicle. The first driver was cited. Thanks to the Berthoud Streets Dept. for responding to help with removal of the roofing nails throughout the intersection!

Harassment: 2nd St, a resident said that a man had sent her 19 text messages at 5:30 am yesterday morning. The resident said they are going through a civil issue about the man installing an air conditioner unit improperly.

Recovered Stolen Plates / Abandoned Vehicle: CR1 / CR8, an abandoned truck and trailer partially blocking the lane of traffic was equipped with stolen plates. Truck was unregistered but had “Honey Do” hand painted on the side with tools in the back. Plates seized and vehicle and trailer towed. 

Possession of a Weapon by Previous Offender / Theft of a Firearm / Possession of Fentanyl / Possession with the Intent to Distribute / Warrant: 3800 E HWY 56, a narcotics deal interrupted at the Loves with two vehicles at the gas pumps. One vehicle fled and another man was contacted and arrested on scene. A search revealed a loaded stolen firearm, Fentanyl, paraphernalia, and $3,348 in US currency. Firearm was related to a Windsor PD case. He also had an outstanding drug warrant and was booked. 

Sunday, October 30

Unlawfully Carrying Concealed Weapon / Possession of a Weapon by Previous Offender / / Distribution of Meth / Distribution of Fentanyl / Special Offender / Habitual Criminal / Tampering with Physical Evidence: Highway 56 & CR 7, a woman and a man were contacted in a vehicle with no plates. K9 sniff & search revealed narcotics, a large amount of paraphernalia, multiple large, edged weapons, ammunition, and an RF radio signal detector (used to identify surveillance devices on undercover law enforcement). The man was found in possession of a loaded handgun, a large quantity of home-pressed blue pills, presumed Fentanyl. Vehicle transport compartments contained narcotics. Both are affiliated with an outlaw motorcycle gang. Booked Weld County Jail. 

October 31

Monday, October 31

Vehicle Crash / Unsafe Backing: 3800 E Hwy 56, a driver was backing out of the gas pump area when he collided into a person who was crossing through the parking lot. The man complained of pain but declined medical treatment. The driver was cited. I think the man had Frank Azar “The Strong Arm” on speed dial.

Restraining Order Violation: 2nd St, a resident stated her husband had been verbally abusive this morning and grabbed her by her neck at one point. She was the protected party in a protection order against her husband. The man was booked. 

Vehicle Crash: Urban Place, a driver was issued a citation for careless driving and no insurance after he hit a parked vehicle.

No Insurance / Drug Paraphernalia: Berthoud Pkwy & Spartan Ave, a driver was contacted for a traffic violation and found in possession of drug paraphernalia. Cited. 

Hit and Run Crash: Mountain Ave, an owner of a car discovered damage to his parked vehicle after he got off work.

Assist to Fire Department / Structure Fire: Katmai Ct, we assisted Berthoud Fire with a structure fire at this residence. Homeowner reported she opened the interior garage door and discovered her garage was fully ablaze. Investigation continues.


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