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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Smith is an Enthusiastic Leader

Letter to the Edtior

I have had the pleasure of working with Justin Smith, candidate for Larimer County Sheriff, on many levels in the community since 1991. As the chief executive of the sheriff’s office, the Sheriff will represent this large agency as it coordinates with the other criminal justice agencies in our county, large and small. To represent the sheriff’s office on an equal footing with other respected agencies, the sheriff must be experienced, educated, and committed to the agency and the career field. Justin Smith is the only candidate that fits that role.

No other candidate has his combination of years of service as not only a peace officer, but with years of service with responsibility for high-level supervisory and management duties. No other candidate has anywhere close to his level of education, a master’s degree in criminal justice.

Together, Justin Smith’s experience and education places him in a position on par with chief executives from peer criminal justice agencies in our county. He is hard-working, enthusiastic and a positive thinker. He puts working to improving situations and building the community as a top priority. Please join me, support Justin Smith for Larimer County Sheriff.

Laurie Klith
Fort Collins

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