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Monday, May 27, 2024

Smith is In-Tune to be Sheriff

I have been looking at and listening to the candidates for Larimer County Sheriff. Each represent a different political party, but only one clearly stands out from the other. Justin Smith has nearly 20 years of current experience with our sheriff’s office. Because his experience is current, he is in tune with the current state of law enforcement and the criminal justice field. He has both a bachelor’s and a master’s in criminal justice. Justin Smith has the desire and ability to learn as much as he can about his career field.

Finally, Justin Smith has served as a supervisor, manager, and administrator over hundreds of sheriff’s office personnel and millions of budget dollars for the last several years. This means he has been called upon to serve at a level no other candidate can match.

This combination proves to me, Justin Smith clearly has my vote for Larimer County Sheriff in November.

Marsh and Norma Prince
Lyons, CO

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