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Saturday, April 18, 2015

‘Area News’ Archives

Our Natural World: The Amazing Fossils of Florissant

By Doug Nichols Berthoud Recorder The previous “Our Natural World” column covered the origin of the 34-million-year-old lake deposits at Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument and the legislative struggle to have the site preserved for the public as part of the National Park system. This column provides some details about the fossils present in this unique area. Most prominent are enormous petrified trunks of prehistoric sequoia trees, relatives of the giant redwoods of California. ... Full Story

1642 – What's Next? Bizarre Political Plots

By Ralph Trenary Berthoud Recorder Rarely does a day pass when I open that “big paper” published in Denver and not see something bizarre.  It makes me wonder if the goings-on around the state capital are in another dimension of reality. One column published on Sunday, Sept. 20, emphasizes that perception and conclusion. (more…)

Editorial: Citizens on Fire

By Jamie Folsom Managing Editor, Berthoud Recorder The title of the conference was “Saving the News: The Future of Journalism in Colorado.” Interestingly, over 200 people attended, with two-thirds of them being non-journalists. The fact that so many showed up in Denver to criticize and support a fragile industry meant one thing to me — reporters aren’t the only ones with something at stake in the news. (more…)

Around Town: The Chill, the Thrill, the Will

By Gary Wamsley Berthoud Recorder Summer is over. I know that the school age kids thought that happened a month ago, but astronomically speaking it happened on Tuesday. The weather seemed to know too, as it started changing dramatically on Monday, giving us a preview of what is to come. (more…)

Guest Editorial: The Sheriff's Office Wants You

By Major Justin Smith Larimer County Sheriff's Office Recent events, including two tanker trucks landing in the Poudre River and a forest fire approaching homes near Glen Haven, serve as a reminder of some of the hazards that exist for residents throughout Larimer County. (more…)

‘Trade’ Winds Bring New Opportunities

Craftsmanship, Mentoring and Artistry Back in Style By Jamie Folsom Berthoud Recorder     For years, craftsmen like Don Hildred gave presentations at museums and outdoor history events. Phrases like “make the anvil sing” and “strike while the iron’s hot” were quaint tidbits from America’s past, steeped in visions of aproned men covered in soot, bent carefully over glowing pieces of metal.     But more recently, Hildred, who’s been blacksmithing ... Full Story

Activities in the OUR Center Employee Wellness Program

By Megan Reece Thomas Berthoud Recorder Part one about the employee wellness program at Longmont’s OUR (Outreach United Resource) Center appeared in the Berthoud Recorder’s Sept. 17 Health and Wellness special section. The wellness program is based on a solid foundation laid by OUR Center Director Edwina Salazar and Wellness Program Coordinator Amy Kim. But the other employees help to keep the program fresh and alive. (more…)

Family 411: Town Unites for Sabados Fundraiser

By P.J. DiPentino Berthoud Recorder Recently there has been some question on Berthoud’s ability to get along; everything from Town board members bickering to a much-stressed relationship between the local newspapers. This weekend I was refreshed by the response from the community to help one of our own. Alex Sabados is a Berthoud student who is currently battling cancer. His fight has been a struggle and the family has been feeling extreme heat financially. This weekend they were able to ... Full Story

EarthSky: What Star Flashes Red and Green in

By Deborah Byrd EarthSky Communications Friday, Sept. 25, 2009 Every year around this time, we get questions from people who see a bright star twinkling with red and green flashes, low in the northeastern sky. Capella is a golden star when seen higher up in the sky. If you could travel to it in space, you’d find that it’s actually two golden stars, both with roughly the same surface temperature as our local star, the sun . . . but both larger and brighter than the sun. (more…)

Fifth Annual Northern Colorado Birding Fair Sept. 26

Crazy about birds or just curious? Join us for a FREE day of fun and learning for the entire family at the fifth annual Northern Colorado Birding Fair at Larimer County's Fossil Creek Reservoir Regional Open Space on Sept. 26. (more…)