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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Supporting Carl Bruning

It was great to see Carl Bruning and his wonderful supporters at the many events around Larimer County in recent weeks. They were handing out stickers to children and interacting with the public in a positive way that we all can appreciate. It will be good to have Carl Bruning leading the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office in a positive way in the years ahead. It will be good to have a sheriff bringing a breath of fresh air to the department with a renewed focus on serving “we the people” and saving aggressive law enforcement for hardened criminals. We need a sheriff who can provide better options for Larimer County than just building and filling more jail space. It will be great to have a sheriff with strong business management experience and fresh ideas for dealing with the financial issues ahead. I just can’t wait until we elect Carl Bruning for Larimer County Sheriff.

Thank you,

Dan Cochran
Windsor, Colorado

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